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There are a lot of factors as to why students don’t pass the first time around. Here’s the thing, you are not alone. 10% of NPTE attempts result in failure.

The good news: Failure is NOT final.

Typically, students fall into two primary categories as to why they didn’t pass on their initial go around. The first reason surrounds a poor match of preparing the wrong materials with the wrong test taking strategies. The second reason is probably why you are here: Failure to pass came due to a combination of life events, test taking trepidation, and potentially… reading comprehension, technological, or linguistic challenges.

  • Test anxiety.
  • Time management.
  • Inconsistent mental focus.
  • Life events.
  • Moving in or out of state.
  • Family losses.
  • Mastering a new language.
  • Becoming familiar with electronic test taking.

All these are legitimate stumbling blocks to passing the NPTE. To help you on this journey, we’d like to encourage you to listen to one of our most helpful “Test Day” podcast episodes, and, explore some of the helpful article we’ve written on these related topics.

NPTE Podcast Episode: “Test Day Strategies to DOMINATE the NPTE” — [LISTEN NOW]

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