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Frequently Asked Questions

The VIP(T) course is a robust NPTE review course covering the entire FSBPT content outline.  Live sessions covering practice questions are combined with asynchronous videos to create a comprehensive study plan for students.  Live sessions are recorded for your future viewing pleasure.  This plan includes 6 full practice exams and access to instructors to get your questions answered.  Coaching, live sessions, practice exams–your complete NPTE prep package.    

The Independent Study Course contains a video library of previous study sessions that are completed independently. It contains about 50% of the quantity of content as the VIP(T) Live Course.  This plan includes 3 full practice exams.

The requirements include:

  • Stable internet
  • Updated web browser (Mac and PC)
  • Updated Adobe Flash Player

Absolutely.  With a good-faith effort to participate in the live online course, you can get a certificate of completion upon request.

Note:  This is only available for the live online review courses.


I’m glad you asked!  No other test-prep provider likes to talk about this one.  To summarize:

Full participators have a >90% pass rate.  These students are the ones who honestly work hard to complete the assignments and attend the live classes.

This is an amazing pass rate when you consider a few things:

  • Many students who take my review courses do so after 1 failed attempt.  You could say that these are high-risk test takers.
  • Many students who take my course are seeking to renew their license after letting it lapse.  I’ve had many, many students who are 3,5,10, and even 25 years out of school who take this course and successfully pass the exam.
  • Many of my students are foreign-trained (which has an industry pass rate of 30%)

When you take that all together, a pass rate of 90% is awesome!

For those who are interested in my global numbers, the pass rate is ~70%.  This includes individuals who do not fully participate or who choose not to complete the assignments as indicated.

This is still pretty awesome when you consider the number of high-risk students I work with on a daily basis.

This stuff really work!  Read the reviews–you’ll love what you see!

Related to the previous question, most students see a score increase of ~50 points from previous attempts.

My record holders increased their score >120 points!