Here are some of the key resources you need as you prepare for the board exam! Most of these are links to external sites where you can download or purchase the content.

Review Textbooks & Practice Exams

O’Sullivan NPTE Review Guide


Of all the study guides, O’Sullivan’s is by far the most detailed.  This guide includes 3 practice exams and has tons of information in bullet point format.  While it is the most detailed, it can be tedious to read.  Great content!

Scorebuilders Study Guide


Scorebuilders is one of the most common review guides used, primarily because of its ease of reading. This is due to the multiple colors and visual formats used to catch the reader’s eye and keep their attention. 3 practice exams included.

PT Final Exam Study Guide, Workbook, and Practice Exam


The most economical option of the review guides, the PT Final Exam Study Guide, Workbook, and Practice exam contains over 1000 pages of useful NPTE Content all at a very economical price.

FSBPT Practice Examination and Assessment Tool


The PEAT is the authoritative practice exam available. This practice examination has the same statistical data as the NPTE when taken in a similar environment. The PEAT is only changed every 3-5 years, so if you’ve taken it recently, it is not likely to have changed.

Core PT Textbooks

It’s no secret–the NPTE is written directly from core PT textbooks.  If you have forgotten anything from the core books, then it is a good idea to go back and review the material that you’ve forgotten.  I love review books, but nothing takes the place of the true source of the material for the board exam.

O’Sullivan Physical Rehabilitation

Magee Orthopedic Physical Assessment

Kisner & Colby Therapeutic Exercise

Goodman Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists

Other Resources

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