Founded in 2012, PT Final Exam is a dedicated resource to helping you PASS the PT boards!

Here’s a little info about us and how we approach the material.

Will Crane PT, DPT, OCS | Founder, PT Final Exam
Teaching is my passion!

When I started PT Final Exam in 2012, I wanted to create a learning environment that was as much fun as it was awesome.  Thus was born the PT Final Exam program.

Since the beginning, we’ve always worked like crazy to take material required for the NPTE and NPTAE and make it easy to study and understand.  I believe that the true key to all of our success has been this passion for finding new and innovative ways to approach the material.

I place a huge emphasis on customer service in this program.  I answer all of my emails personally, and do my very best to get your questions answered!

I love teaching, and I feel that I have really made a difference in the world by helping thousands and thousands of students approach the NPTE with confidence and PASS the board exam.


Jonathan Brown, DPT | PT Final Exam Coach
“What can you do differently?”

I am a proud Tennessee Volunteer who resides in the state’s capital of Nashville, Music City USA! I graduated in 2011 from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Education concentration in Kinesiology and obtained a DPT from Tennessee State University in 2014. I have been a practicing physical therapist in Tennessee since 2014 where I have chosen the PRN path getting my feet wet in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, home health, neuro pediatrics, and skilled nursing.

I am a functional learner and realist to the ‘T’. I give out a lot of ‘Wahoos’ and often wear Hawaiian shirts. I am a rugby enthusiast and have played for 14 years. I’m an advocate of studying differently than the old way in order to obtain better results. I discovered PT Final Exam after being unsuccessful at the NPTE, and it set me up for my future.

I could not be any more excited to share what I have come to realize over the past couple years! Failure is not fatal, and the journey is the reward.

Alana Carusotto, PT, DPT, CLT | PT Final Exam Coach
The past is the past…let’s make this test the FIRST and the LAST!”

I joined the PT Final Exam Team in July of 2016. I am from a small Pennsylvania town northeast of Hershey, a city that is known as the “sweetest place on earth!”

I am a graduate of Misericordia University, and I currently work in an outpatient orthopedic facility. My background includes experience in orthopedics, pediatrics, and sports medicine. My goal is to provide you, the student, with a fun and positive learning environment that enables you to easily ask questions, obtain and retain knowledge, grow more confident with physical therapy concepts and practices, and above all, PASS the NPTE.

I treat all students as if they were a part of my own family. I encourage a friendly and supportive environment because I personally understand the stress and anxiety associated with the NPTE. That is why I take your success personally. I design and deliver my training to address different student learning styles and strive to reduce the pressure associated with this test.

Your success is my success.

Mark Stevens, PT | PT Final Exam Coach
“Ohh, I get it now!”

I am a foreign trained PT who graduated from the University of Liverpool, England in 2012. I began my therapy journey as a PTA in 2006 before returning to school to become a licensed Physical Therapist. I currently work as an Orthopedic and Trauma PT at a level 1 trauma center in Grand Rapids, MI. My passion is trauma, being on the team that is the initial influence after a life changing accident brings me great joy. I find it very rewarding to not only physically move, but be the emotional support patients needs at this time in their life.

When you tune into my lectures you will see that I am a visual learner. I am dyslexic and find “normal” study very difficult to grasp. I have tried to develop ways to learn and remember difficult topics and put a different spin on it, with videos, pneumonic and tables.

Being a foreign trained PT, I have been through the long frustrating process that goes with transferring a license to the USA. I worked as a PT in England then had to take a break for two and a half years while I gained additional credits and fulfilled everything I needed to sit for this exam. I had multiple attempts at this exam where I came close, but I just could not get that PASS score. I finally saw PASS and obtained my license after completing a term with PT Final Exam in 2015. I have been working with PT final exam ever since to give students the same incredible experience I had.

My aim is to give you as many “Ohh, I get it now” moments as I can and help you understand topics you may not have understood in the past, so when you sit for the exam you can be confident you will see PASS.