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User-submitted reviews. Plain and simple.

User-submitted reviews.
Plain and simple.

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PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 742 reviews
 by Stephanie Brown
Everything You Need To Pass

After failing the NPTE in October, I was lost but I knew I needed to find help in order to pass on my next attempt. After weeks of researching other review courses and talking to peers, I was recommended by my best friend to try PT Final Exam. I decided to enroll in the VIP(T) course, and it was exactly what I needed. From the live lectures to the one on one phone calls with Will, the practice exams, and additional content, it was well worth every penny. I have never passed a practice exam until I took this course. It showed me exactly what I needed to do to pass the NPTE and gave me that extra boost of confidence to pass the exam. I highly recommend this course!!

 by Josh Campo
Worth it!

I enrolled in the crash course leading up to the April NPTE. It was exactly what I needed to review the major content areas and refresh a lot of important information I had not reviewed in a long time. Gave me just what I needed to pass on my first attempt. If you’re feeling pretty good about your prep and you just need a little extra help, the crash course would be a good fit for you. If you feel like you need a more in depth review of everything that could potentially show up on the exam, I would opt for the VIP course. PT final exam has you covered for whatever you need! I definitely recommend!

 by Jonathan Raies
The necessary content to pass!

I am so glad I found out about this course! I enrolled in the VIP(T) course and it was extremely well organized and so helpful. They focused on topics that were most likely going to show up on the exam, the lectures are all recorded, therefore I can go back and listen to important information as many times as I needed. What was great about this course was that every week, at least 2x/week we had live lectures with Will where we completed practice questions and were able to ask questions regarding certain topics. This was particularly helpful because it held you accountable to study frequently and effectively. Also, you are able to book a phone call with Will to talk about your strengths/weaknesses, study strategies, etc. That was extremely helpful. The 6 practice exams helped tremendously since they were challenging, therefore preparing you for the exam. Finally, you also have access to the crash course which focuses on the three major subjects of the NPTE (Ortho, Neuro, Cardio) the last three weeks before the exam, that was amazing to review these subjects prior to the exam since it kept the information fresh in my head. As a foreign graduated PT, I found that this course was exactly what I needed to prepare and pass the NPTE. This course is such a great investment to officially become a licensed Physical Therapist in the United States of America!!!

 by Atra Warda
Just What You Need To Pass NPTE

I am thrilled to recommend the PT Final Exam staff who, if I had the chance, I would definitely give 10 stars. Their assistance significantly improved my scores on the practice exams and ultimately led to my passing the NPTE. I highly recommend the VIP (T) Review Course as it covers all the material that is likely to appear on the boards. The recorded lectures and PowerPoints are well-organized and structured, making studying more effective and boosting confidence, ultimately preparing you well for the NPTE. I am proud to say that I passed, thanks to the unwavering support of the PT Final Exam staff, especially Will.

 by Kendra Coleman

If you’re reading this, go all in!! I tried other programs and they didn’t work for me. One time through the VIP(T) course with Will and it was a game changer!! He focuses on the meat and potatoes and not the extra fluff that doesn’t matter for the test. It’s so organized and easy to learn. There’s a workbook to work on your weak areas and the class size is SMALL so that means everyone is getting their questions answered. If you’re hesitant, JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it! I promise this is the place to be and you will learn so much!

 by Savannah
Just the push I needed!

I felt so overwhelmed starting to study for boards. One of my classmates recommended we go in as a group on the crash course and I’m SO glad we did! The mnemonics and study strategies they went over were SO helpful and they boosted my confidence in the cardio,neuro, and musculoskeletal sections of the test. I also listened to their podcast every day getting ready for and driving to clinicals in the few months leading up to the test. Will & Mark cover so much content with their practice questions in over 100 episodes in an easy to understand manner breaking down which answers are right and why the incorrect choices are incorrect. All in all I can’t say enough about how helpful PT Final Exams content is!

 by Kiara
The Most Helpful Content and Structure

After I found PT Final Exam, my scores on quizzes and practice exams increased tremendously. I used other prep courses before but this was the first one that provided the content in a structured format that was easy for me to follow. I would highly recommend the VIP(t) courses! There is so much content on the NPTE but somehow PT Final Exam found a way to not make it seem so overwhelming and I can say that is what also helped me feel extremely confident before my passing attempt! If you are struggling and need some help getting started I would HIGHLY recommend PT Final Exam! For myself, it was all the creative ways to remember certain topics, the structure of the VIPt courses and the help of all PT Final Exam staff that definitely helped me achieve my passing score, I cannot thank them enough for everything!

 by Ain
You can do it

I wanted to thank everyone on the review who helped me get through my board preparation this past April. It really a very helpful tool to have going into exam. I would recommend it to everyone.

 by Heather Burkhardt
The right content!

When I finally sat for the exam, I was very relieved to see that the content that was reviewed in the PTA Premium and PTA Crash Course was what was on the actual exam. With such a comprehensive exam, it was overwhelming trying to figure out what to study. The courses also helped keep me accountable to put in study time, partly because of the investment in the course, but mostly because the content was clearing up little misunderstandings I had from my coursework. I began to get a better handle on a number of subjects and wished I had been taught all those great mnemonics when learning anatomy, pathologies and special tests. In school, I always protested the rote memorization type tasks, but with the mnemonics and gulp, repetition, I began to realize that I can actually memorize things. I also really benefited from the advice I received as I got closer to exam date on what exactly to focus on, with the time I had left, to be most efficient. I ended up with a score I was happy with. Thank you to the whole team at PT Final Exam, I can't recommend them enough.

 by Kristine
From A Non-Traditional Student Perspective...

I came across PT Final Exam a little over one month out from taking the NPTAE. The PTA Crash Course exceeded my expectations, between the amount of material covered and how it was presented through charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, pictures, videos, mnemonics, practice questions, etc. All of the instructors were incredibly helpful. They do an excellent job at summarizing the major content areas and key concepts. I enjoyed the live sessions. It was a nice break from independent studying! I also recommend the PTA Practice Exams, and then taking the time to study the questions, responses, and rationales.

I passed the NPTAE on my first attempt despite my circumstances, and I link my success to the helpful experts and resources at PT Final Exam! To put things in perspective, prior to becoming a PTA, I earned my B.S. Degree in Resort and Hospitality Management, and I was employed in the Hospitality/Resort Industry for 14 Years. The Covid-19 Pandemic heavily influenced my decision to return to college to become a PTA. I achieved this in my 30’s, and as a single parent-caregiver to my disabled child, who is non-verbal, has intellectual disabilities, and is 100% dependent with all ADLs. I knew that I really couldn’t afford to take the NPTAE more than once, and I was struggling with my attention span and knowledge retention due to my situation. PT Final Exam was a game changer for me!

 by Julia
Very Helpful

This course was extremely helpful! So much of what we were taught was on the exam and we were given many easy ways to remember certain topics which was very helpful! I would highly recommend the crash course!

 by Haylie L
Great resource!!!

Took the exam in July and missed it by 5 points. Found PT Final Exam and utilized the independent study course through January and then also used the crash course right before the exam. The videos were very helpful. The instructors helped greatly with the information. I also learned a lot of mnemonics to help with remembering nerve innervations and cranial nerve origins and fiber types. Overall both courses helped immensely to take pressure off and better prepare me for the exam the second time.

 by Erica N
Worth it!

I did the 3 week long crash course and it was SO worth it! High value especially for what you’re paying. Those last 3 weeks are stressful and are crunch time to solidify all those concepts, PTFE helps guide you through and condense the billions of things to know with PowerPoint lectures, practice questions, silly (but useful) mnemonics, and ample time to ask questions. This is the only source I used outside from my own independent study and I can confidently say they were part of helping me score 752 on the exam!

 by Liz Calkins

The VIP(T) and crash courses were such great tools, also Dr. Will is very invested in the success of his students and he takes the time to answer your questions. The team is amazing! I’m very thankful for their efforts.

 by Adrian Aqujio
Great tool!

Pt final exam is a great resource for those getting ready for the NPTE

 by Nicole Sheridan
Crash Course was Amazing!

Before I found the crash course I struggled to focus on the material and often got lost in my text books. The PT Final Exam crash course helped me to narrow my focus on common topics and the most pertinent information. The practice questions, mnemonics, and all the tips and tricks provide were invaluable. I truly believe this course is the reason I went into the NPTE feeling prepared and helped me to pass on my first attempt. I cannot thank the instructors enough. I highly recommend this course!

 by Payton
The crash course was the best!

I did the 3 week crash course leading up to my exam and it was SO helpful! I used a study book independently then did the zoom course in the evenings. It was the perfect course to keep me on track and it prioritized the most common topics (with great instructors that had the best tips and tricks for remembering things). I passed on my first exam 👍🏼 Highly recommend the crash course!

 by Logan Smith

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I purchased the individual study course and it was an absolute game changer! It holds you accountable and theirs is soooo much amazing content! Mark and Will are top notch and above ANY other NPTE study programs. 100000% recommend.

 by Nick Calderaro
The best guidance one could ask for

I began studying for the NPTE probably three weeks prior to purchasing the premium package and lets just say it was a mess. I didn't even know where to start when it came to studying and when I began looking at one topic, it just led to stress because I discovered more information that I had to study. After purchasing PT Final Exam I had help with the one thing that I believe was the hardest part when beginning studying for boards, and that was guidance. Every single week throughout this whole program I knew exactly what I was studying. The recorded lecture that Will and his team have put together was filled with information that has helpful mnemonics, and in depth explanation to certain topics, some that were not even covered in school. I not only found it to be helpful, but I actually learned a lot of new information going through this program as well! I really believe if it wasn't for PTFE I would have been a lot less confident and not had the same knowledge bank or testing strategies that I had when I sat for boards. It really is worth every penny!!

 by Abby Carpenter
Very helpful

It was more a review for me except for learning EKG and Serum levels. Could have touched more on lymphatics and positioning and what not, but other than that it was VERY helpful. The way they explain things along with giving visuals is extremely helpful! My issue was not reading the question correctly and overthinking it. I watched a YouTube video by Will that helped with that! I ended up passing my 3rd try! Definitely worth the investment. I never had to touch my board book again with this course!

 by Jacee
The best course!

I 1000% recommend this course. The whole staff is amazing and so kind. I never knew I could learn so much in 3 weeks but I’m so thankful I did. The amount of tips and tricks given to me in this program I feel like truly made such a difference in my exam success. It was also nice to be able to communicate with other students who were in the course for engorgement! Definitely worth the money, time, and hard work!

 by Pheba
Worth it

I took independent study course with pt final exam after being away from PT career for 15 years. I took exam once but didn’t pass but after doing independent study course I passed the exam second time. Will crane and his team are amazing and I also thank god who pointed me to them. I don’t think I would have passed without gods help but the course helped immensely so I recommend PT final exam to all

 by Lisa B.
Distracted student, great score!

Literally, the best $1,000 I ever spent on my PT education—and that includes my DPT tuition. I knew that I would need external structure in order to successfully prepare for the NPTE. I am hugely distractible, and when I can focus for a few hours, I tend to go down rabbit holes and get bogged down in details. I love learning, but I knew that there wasn’t time to learn everything in 3 months. I needed someone to tell me what to focus on.

ALL I ended up doing was attending all of the live VIP(T) courses, watching some of the recordings, taking a couple practice tests, and looking up a few additional things here or there. I bought all the review books—barely cracked them. I surrounded myself with my DPT textbooks—opened one…maybe once a week. I did not review my practice tests like I was supposed to. I felt guilty for not doing enough and was not in a great headspace. But I insisted on faithfully attending the VIP(T) course. Oh, and I tried to go for a walk every day.

And that was enough. I scored FAR higher than I expected. PT Final Exam has great instructors who select the most relevant material and make it digestible. I can’t recommend them enough.

 by Kyle
Passed On 6th Attempt!

This is a review from someone who finally passed the NPTE on the 6th attempt. No words can truly explain how much gratitude I feel for Physical Therapy Final Exam. When I first signed up for the program, I was a bit skeptical and doubtful that this program was going to help me out. I had already signed up for other known NPTE programs, and while they improved my score and helped me with testing strategies, it just wasn’t enough to get me past the finish line.
My family recommended that I should try PTFE since this would be my last time attempting to take the exam. So, I gave it a shot. Adding myself to the previous cohort group chat was a godsend because as the test results came out for the previous cohort, there was one student that gave me an inspiring message after she had passed on her 6th attempt. This gave me some hope because it gave me the mindset that if she can pass on her 6th attempt, why can’t I?
Weeks pass and I’m getting into my study groove again, and out of nowhere I get diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. When this happened, my mentality went out the window. I had lost all hope and just wanted to quit. My family and I believed this happened because of all the stress from the exam and past failed attempts. It has been almost 2 years since I graduated from PT school, and I still haven’t passed the NPTE yet. My family advised me that I should stop studying, relax, and focus on improving my mental and physical health in the meantime so that I can treat my Bell’s Palsy.
1-2 months go by and my face is almost 100% healed, and due to my Bell’s Palsy I decided to postpone the exam until the next date. This gave me 4 solid months of studying. Reaching out to Will and telling him my story was almost therapeutic in a sense. He was very supportive and understood where I was coming from because he’s had other students in the same position as me.
The PTFE program is the best program out of all 3 programs I used. Will’s communication style and patience really resonated with me. His analogies and examples to teach complex concepts are so well explained, that I wish he was one of my professors in DPT school. And if I was still confused on certain topics, I always asked him directly during the VIP video lectures or through the Telegram app. This goes without saying though that the PTFE program is what you make out of it. If you’re unsure about certain topics, make sure to ask questions to clear them up!
All in all, if I could do this exam process all over again (and I hope I never will), I wish I would have started with PTFE from the start. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and my mental health. Because of this program I can finally start my dream career as a licensed DPT and continue to progress on in my life. I feel like a new man again. Thank you so much Will and PTFE!!!
A special message for those who have not passed from previous attempts: Never quit and never give up! There were so many times I wanted to quit and felt depressed for days, weeks, months. But it’s how you bounce back and react to that negative cloud over your head. Find the balance in your life where you’re studying but also spend time with friends and family. Also get plenty of exercise, sunlight, and rest! The mind works better when it’s fresh, positive, and rejuvenated rather than negative, depressed, and constantly absorbing information. You can do this, and you will pass!

 by Corey Dole
PT Final Exam helped me pass the NPTE

After struggling to find a good study program and failing my first attempt on the NPTE, I found PT Final Exam. The lectures were presented in a relaxed enough environment to allow for natural consumption of the material but rigorous and methodical enough to drive home the important topics that will be seen on test day. With the VIP(T) course and the Crash Course, I was able to increase my score by over 50 points and pass the NPTE on my second attempt. Thank you to everyone on the PT Final Exam Team!

 by Olukemi Audu

Grieving and still very sore from the pain of the demise my husband after 15 years of married life, settling down in USA after arriving here about a year ago from Nigeria after the demise of my husband, battling with paying bills, taking care of my 3 kids , working , and confused not knowing where to begin studying for the after about 22 years of Graduating with a BSc degree in Physical therapy from Nigeria, and 7 years after my DPT program from the University of Michigan Flint. NPTE - these were my state of being when I first enrolled for the NPTE exam for the 2nd time and also in the PTFinal review course in the March of 2022. I must say I had to do the VIP program because I knew there was no way I could do the review by myself with the independent program. I took my 2nd attempt of the August 2022 of the NPTE and had 45 points above my first attempt even though didn’t pass the exam! I immediately put in for the October NPTE because I had no choice but to pass so I can better take care of my kids and also I was encouraged by the improvement in my mark.
Believe me the studying amidst the aforementioned situation was an uphill task to say the least. But God helped me found a way out, one of which is attending the VIP PT Final live courses because I am able to listen and ask questions directly in real time- Most of the time I do not have time to go over the recorded lectures again. I passed with over 100 points above my second attempt!!!!
I had to struggle to write this review because I want to thank Will and his crew of PT Final exam but more so to encourage others who may be in need of it on their journey to passing the NPTE. If I can pass the NPTE believe me you can!!! Do not just give up! If you are confused , speak to people like Will and any of the crew members . They are very willing to help. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

 by Jason L

Used PT final exam crash course for comprehensive exams (we must past comps which is an academic peat) before we can start our last 2 clinicals

Then independent study course for the NPTE! And i passed on my first and final time !

 by Dr. Sara
HUGE score increase after the Premium Course

I signed up for the Crash Course prior to my first attempt in July 2022, but due to a lot of extraneous factors, missed passing with a score of 574. For my second attempt, I decided to upgrade to the Premium Course, and utilized the content mostly independently. I was only able to participate in the live sections intermittently due to my schedule, but I was able to utilize the material at my own pace. I went into the test this time around more confident and prepared, and ended up with a 682! I cannot recommend Will and his team more. They present information in a logical, concise way, that really leaves you feeling prepared to crush the NPTE. The course also utilizes the Telegram app where you can be in touch with fellow classmates and instructors to ask questions throughout, which is extremely helpful. You will not regret choosing PT Final Exam to give you that extra push to pass.

 by Gia
Premium and Crash Course Review

I failed my first NPTE in July 2022. I used review books to study the first time around. The review books have lots of good information but it was just alot for me to focus on what was most important. I was very hopeless after the first attempt, but PTFE really changed that for me. They were undoubtfully the reason I passed my 2nd time in October 2022. I took their premium and the crash course. They really emphasize the main points so I didn’t have to try to memorize 100s of pages of a review book. I would highly recommend PTFE to anyone taking the boards whether it’s your first attempt or sixth.

 by Ashley
VIP Course

I would like to thank PT final exam! On my first attempt, I lacked structure and a clear road map for success and missed it by just a few questions. On my second attempt, I decided to try the VIP course and I am glad I did. At first, I was hesitant about the investment amount but in the end it was all worth it!!

This class covers material in depth and allows for you to see most material on numerous occasions. I decided to purchase their workbook for improved structure. This allowed me to follow along in the class and create notes that I would understand. The workbook later became my study guide. I would highly recommend the VIP course! Will takes his time to answer any questions that you have, he gives mnemonics and even the powercall was helpful! In addition, I also enjoyed having peers that I could communicate with through the telegram app to ask any questions that I had. I am so glad I decided to choose PT Final Exam! With much prayer and PT final exam I was able to pass! Thank you so much Will and the team!

 by Victoria
The Resource you need

I am so happy i used PT final exam with my cohort for Oct Boards. The materials provided me with a helpful strucutre of where to focus my studying and refresh my memory. Lectures were easy to understand and helped me gain greater knowledge. Also the practice tests are amazing to provide helpful understandings behind answers, and helped me strengthen my weak points. This was the main resource I used in my studies and I so happy I did!

 by Adabelle
So grateful!

2 months before the exam I felt lost as far as what to study and how to study. I often felt like things where not sticking and I didn't have the motivation to study on my own. I felt very overwhelmed attempting to tackle all the different areas, so I decided to sign up for the PT Final Exam crash course and the review really helped build confidence in the big 3 ultimately setting me up for success. I felt like they truly focused on getting us well prepared in very common topics/diagnoses that come up in the NPTE. They are all fantastic and have great tips and tricks to pass the test and to best remember things. I was terrified of not passing the test on the first attempt but personally this crash course helped me not second guess myself and prepared me to have great test taking strategies. You will not regret signing up for their courses! Gracias PT Final Exam!!!!

 by Monaé S.
After 2 failed attempts I passed with PT FINAL EXAM Indepent Course

As a recent graduate from DPT school I started studying for the NPTE exam during my last semester of my program. After 2 back to back failed attempts at the NPTE I passed the exam with flying colors!! What did I do differently? Much prayer and PT FINAL EXAM! I went through the independent course plan and supplemental videos then everything started to make sense. I found that I really benefited from the structure and explanations given to help me understand and retain concepts that I previously struggled with. I alsobreally enjoyed the feedback from the practice exams becuase it steered me in the right direction on what to work on. Only thing is I wish I had more contact with the instructors during my process especially when I first started. Since the videos were pre-recorded and I didn’t recieve any emails with the team, so I felt a little out of the loop and did not feel like I could ask for help if I needed it. But overall I love what you guys do and will recommend my DPT friends to your programs in the future!

 by Adriana R
VIP Course

I graduated from PT school in Brazil in 2004, when I started studying by myself with a review book, I felt very discouraged, it was a lot to remember, to learn. I read about someone recommending PT Final Exam, but at first I didn’t want to spend the money, I regret that, it was a waste of time. After months I found out I wasn’t going anywhere, so I decided to give PT Final Exam a try.
The VIP course is so worth it, the power calls, all the lectures, lots of mnemonics, lots of content, but in a fun way to learn. Will and his team are amazing!!! Always so helpful, always answering our questions, and giving all the support we need.
Being part of the VIP was the best decision I made, I passed the NPTE on my first attempt, thank you Will and PT Final Exam!!

 by Bill

PT Premium and Crash course provided the structure, knowledge, tips, and mnemonics to pass the NPTE after two failed attempts. A friend recommended the course to me after my second attempt and thank goodness he did. I gained a ton of confidence throughout this course. After taking my third NPTE, it was the first time I did not feel terrible right after the test. The practice tests had great rationale and mimicked the actual NPTE compared to some other products. If you are lacking confidence and had failed the NPTE before, I definitely recommend this course! Thank you PTFE!

 by Cammilah
VIP and Crash Course

I have no words to say thank the PT Final Exam!
It's not easy being a foreign student who graduated 10 years ago, but with the VIP classes and Crash Course my goal was achieved. I love this course because it teaches not only the content but also how succeed on the exam. All the mnemonics, the fun and simple way to learn and the telegram group make all the difference. Thank you Dr. Will for always answering our questions and explaining the content as many times as necessary.
I highly recommend the VIP and the Crash Course! Worth every penny!

 by Caroline P
Crash course/ podcast

After needing to repeat clinical and graduate behind my class, I felt immense pressure to pass the first time and ‘catch up’. I enrolled in the crash course per suggestion of my classmates. I loved the structure it gave me and ultimately I think that the mnemonics provided are the reason I passed on my first try! I listened to the podcast every chance I could. I loved the resource of the telegram app to be able to ask questions to peers, given that all my friends are done and working already. Thank you so much PTFE!!!

 by Alex Williams
PTfinalexam VIP class

I had failed the NPTE by only 7 questions my first time around. I took the PTfinalexam VIP course and passed! They give you a complete 10 week course and comprehensive study guide to give you structure and focus to pass the NPTE! Do yourself a favor and take this course the first time so you won’t have to take it a second time! It is 100% worth it!

 by Dena
Crash Course/Independent Bundle/ Tutoring

I would not have passed without the help of Alex and the rest of the PT FINAL EXAM team. After failing in July, I didn't know how to move forward but with the guidance from the team, I finally got the PASS sign. Alex was a great help. Not only was he very knowledgeable, but he made learning the information fun. I would highly recommend any of the three course I used: Crash Course/Independent Bundle/ Private Tutoring.

Great prices as well.

 by Hope
The best course!!!

PT Final Exam is the BEST review course to prepare for the NPTE! I was able to pass my exam first try with the hell from this course. Their crash course was incredibly helpful and really prepared me for the exam. I also utilized their podcasts to review material each day on my commute to and from work. Will and Mark are amazing and go above and beyond to explain everything to you, and know their stuff! If you’re looking for a course to feel confident for the NPTE, I can’t recommend them enough. Invest in your future!

 by Andrea
the odds were not in my favor.

I had so many things working against me, learning disabilities English as a second language, terrible test taking skills, incredible amounts of self doubt and I stuck with it. I truly feel that if you through the VI(PT) course you will pass with confidence

 by Raina T
Crash Course

PT Final Exam is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone! I listened to all of the podcasts 2 times over before taking my board exam - and participated in the October crash course. Mark is amazing and provided my cohort with a discount code and is very quick to respond to emails- he listened to my cohorts concerns and took all of the feedback seriously and made changes immediately to ensure we had the best experience! The crash course was a perfect review in the last weeks leading up to the exam and provided a scheduled/structured study time with extensive review of the top 3 systems! You guys are amazing, thank you so much for everything! If you needed a sign to enroll in PT Final Exams courses... this is your sign!!

 by Kelly

I 110% recommend this class to anyone who feels like they may be struggling and need extra help. I had taken my exam 2xs and failed and finally but and bullet and signed up for the Premium courses. There was a lot of material I never had even learned in my PTA course, and lots of fun ways to remember things. Shellie and Mark are AMAZING teachers ! I also recommend the pod casts and following them Instagram for extra study material !

To end this on an even higher note, I scored 63 points over my last exam and PASSED !!

 by Devon

I purchased the independent study course and the PTA crash course, and I couldn't be more thankful! This was my third attempt, and my score increased over 50 points! All the instructors explain things in depth, and touch on everything you need to know to pass.

 by Graziela
Best class ever with all the great mnemonic

This class was so helpful I learned so much from the sample easiest way. Can thanks you guys enough for everything you guys did for us

 by Sandra

You want to Pass your boards? Then you need to sign up with PTfinalexam! Awesome group of professionals that are knowledgeable and caring. The best investment you could make towards your dream career! Thanks PTfinalexam, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

 by Jeanna Morgan
I wouldn’t have passed without PT Final Exam!

I am so thankful for PT final exam! I don’t think that I would’ve passed on the first time without them! This was the greatest investment, and I would recommend it to anybody going for their first test, or for a retest. Will and his team are just the best!

 by Mackenzie
5+ stars

I could not recommend this review course enough! I am so glad i did it! They go over information you don't really think about reviewing but will be glad they did when it comes exam time! After i took this course i was telling everyone about it. So helpful, would highly recommend!

 by Hannah Reedy

I passed my second attempt because of these folks!! They are awesome and very helpful!! Wish I knew about them for my first attempt.

 by Dan Braun

Nothing but good things to say about Will and his team!

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