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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 517 reviews
by Sarah on PT Final Exam
Passed on first attempt with an 800

My biggest hurdle for studying for the NPTE was the overwhelming amount of content and lack of structure. PTFE gave me the organization I needed and broke down the NPTE content outline into something much more manageable. I did the independent course and loved being able to move through the content at my own pace and at my own convenience. The bonus content lectures really helped me with the tough concepts and made me feel confident going into the exam. Using PTFE as my main study source helped me score an 800 on my exam, and I don't think it was a coincidence. I have recommended PTFE to my classmates who are taking the July exam, and I recommend it to anyone reading this review as well!

by Hunter on PT Final Exam
Second time's a charm!

I unfortunately did not pass on my first attempt with the NPTE. After a few days of trying to figure out what I could do to ensure a passing score on my next attempt, I was able to join the PT Final Exam team. With their help, I was able to increase my score by 61 points in a matter of a few months and pass on my second attempt! I am forever grateful for the help that Will and his team of knowledgeable therapists have done to help me begin my career as a physical therapist. I would highly recommend PT Final Exam to anyone looking to improve on their overall score, confidence and study habits while preparing for the NPTE. Thank you all again for your help and I wish everyone that is reading this good luck on their boards coming up! You got this!

by Linda on PT Final Exam
Impressed & Grateful

Initially my studying consisted of just reading the study guide, supplemented by my own text books and notes, which limited me to the 60-70% range on practice exams. I was becoming stressed, and losing confidence in my abilities when I decided to try PT Final Exam, focusing on areas where I needed a bit more help, and everything changed for the better. It was Will Crane's calm demeanor, and to the point videos that made me adjust my approach and helped me to reorganize all of the information I have learned over the years in school in a way that relates to the exam. Each video is clear and changed the way I read, understood, and answered the practice questions, which translated into a first time PASS on the NPTE. Thank you so much Will Crane, you are awesome!

by Kelsey on PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam came to myself and cohort during the ever changing landscape of COVID-19. Many of us were displaced from our terminal clinical rotation and suddenly found ourselves with a great amount of time at home to prepare for boards. Being outside the clinic and without normal routine made studying more challenging, however, PT Final Exam filled a part of the void. Will Crane and his incredible team provided structure, discipline, and encouragement to positively influence my boards preparation. I was filled with immense joy and relief seeing 'PASSED' on my dashboard knowing it truly had been my FINAL EXAM!
Would highly recommend to help anyone pass the NPTE!

by Corey on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

Decided to sign up for this prep course and 100% am glad I invested in it. I was never a great test taker and PT Final Exam gave me the confidence and resources I needed to succeed. With live videos ontop of supplemental materials including pre recorded videos and handouts, they set me up for success. I am truly grateful for everything Will and co. did for me and am SO excited that they gave me to the tools as I can now start my career as a licensed PT. I 110% recommend and you will not be disappointed.

by Keenan on PT Final Exam

I 100% recommend PTFE for anyone looking for a program to help them study for the exam. I passed on the first attempt on the test and I know it was with help from all the instructors including Will that are involved in this program. The way they break down information, and structure each section is super helpful. It also gives you a starting point as well when deciding on what is important from certain sections of the test. And not only was the course work helpful, but the testing tips provided were also very helpful and transpired on the exam.

by Ryan on PT Final Exam
Crushed it

You'll probably see many reviews on here of people on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th attempts for this exam. I had my first crack at the NPTE in January and got a 593, just shy of a passing score. The discouragement is real and the worries cascade from that. Similar to others, I got advice to try something new and was fortunate to come across PTFE. It was a busy class the first month and I felt a little overwhelmed with all the content and assignments! The class sessions with Alana (and videos from Will, Mark and Jonathan) made me feel normal and not like the failure I'd felt from my previous score. I appreciate their stories of struggle and helping us see the big picture. THANK YOU to all the PTFE staff for making the course enjoyable, providing different learning formats and all the extra videos/office hours we had access to. The combination of all of these things helped me feel confident and at peace on my exam day (May 11th, 2020). The interaction with them really helped me hone in my focus and where to guide my study efforts in a great way. I am proud to say that I scored a 691 this time around and couldn't be happier! Thanks again guys.

by Fallon on PT Final Exam
FNL! (first and last)

When I took the boards in January of this year I failed, by a mere 1-2 questions. I was really discouraged and worried about my next attempt in April. I went searching for classes and found PTFE. It seemed well-rounded and was also much more affordable than other options. I loved the content available to me through the live class. I used the teachable app to listen to lectures on some of my longer drives, listened to their podcast (which is free!), and reminded myself of all of the instructors positive mantras when I was feeling less than my best.
I took the exam during the COVID-19 pandemic and Will was kind enough to extend access free of charge for those registered in the April cohort. The instructors dedication to my success (any my determination to pass) were what helped me pass the April/May exam.

by Alexa on PT Final Exam
Passed on 1st attempt

I took the NPTE this May and passed, thanks to all of the resources I had at my fingertips with the PT Final Exam “Live Online Course”. For most of my studying, I was in a full time clinical internship, commuting an hour plus a day, and still managed to fit in the prep I needed. The videos, workbook, and access to all of the content were super helpful. Going through a study book alone wasn’t enough for me to retain info, so the method that PT Final Exam presented was what I needed. Not only that, this program was more affordable than any others I researched. If I were to do it again, I would purchase the independent study version, because my schedule didn’t allow me to be in the live sessions. Having the recorded content was easy to access and allowed me to repeat videos where I needed extra review.
Would highly recommend. Thanks to the whole team for helping me achieve my goal.

by Matthew McCann on PT Final Exam
Excellent Prep Course

PT Final Exam "Independent Prep Course" helped me prepare for the NTPE and improve my scores. My DPT program made us purchase a prep course to take the exam early so I initially chose this program because it was reasonably priced but quickly learned the online lectures and "Core Content Review" videos covered topics that I was A) either struggling to grasp or B) Had no idea would be covered on the exam because it wasn't a major topic in other resources prep books. The instructors are all very reliable and give amazing test taking tips that I found myself using during the exam. As much as the NPTE is about knowing your information, it's also about understanding how to approach the questions and becoming a good/effective test taker, which this course will help you with. All together this course helped improved my first practice exam scores of 56% and 65% to passing the NPTE on my first try. Will and his staff are easy to get a hold of if you have any questions and are truly worried about your succeeding on this exam. I would recommend this prep courses to anyone.

by Candice on PT Final Exam
Excellent Course!

Signed up for the Independent Study Course for the NPTE. Great course with the structure I needed to effectively study and stay motivated during my last clinical. The team is focused on helping you gain the reasoning to not only know the material but how to reason through the questions. Well worth the investment. Passed the NPTE on my first try during the COVID-19 challenges. Thank you PT Final Exam team!

by Erin on PT Final Exam
Excellent Study Tool

PT Final Exam was an amazing addition to my studies for the NPTE. I purchased the independent study course and only went over the Core Content Review videos and ~15 additional videos. There were tons of other extremely helpful videos I didn't even get to! This resource helped me find tips/tricks to remember difficult content and helped guide studying so it was not so overwhelming. PT Final Exam helped me pass the NPTE on the first try! I cannot recommend them enough!!

by Mike on PT Final Exam
A Great Review Source

PT Final Exam was one of the main sources that I utilized when preparing for the October 2019 NTPE. The advice that Will provided on how to set up an individualized study/review plan really set the tone for the 8 weeks that I had to review for the exam. While the weekly content reviews were invaluable, I also took advantage of the bonus videos and supplemental content. I knew that I was weaker in certain areas than others, and devoted extra time to reviewing the bonus content on individual topics as needed. I was fortunate enough to pass with an 800 in October, and believe that PT Final Exam Played a vital role in that result. I am very thankful for PT Final Exam and the effect that it had on my pursuit of physical therapy licensure.

by Stephanie on PT Final Exam
Excellent Summary of Content

I found PT Final Exam to be the most comprehensive and accessible version of NPTE prep that I came across throughout my preparation. It allowed me to culminate all of my current sources into a great format with really detailed information about how I would use that content knowledge on the NPTE. Also, the intro course summarized the NPTE better than any textbook or even professor's description, and I cannot believe I almost took the test without hearing that information. Highly highly recommended. Thanks PT Final Exam!

by Chris on PT Final Exam
Support content wise and emotionally too!

Of course this is just my opinion but I hope it helps anyone reading this:

After struggling with my first two attempts I was mentally strained and was looking high and low for help to get through it. There is so much content that goes into the NPTE exam and PT Final Exam helped me by keeping me on a schedule and provided a template of where I needed to be if I got confused or if I went down a rabbit hole during my studying, which was often. What was even better was when I was mentally drained or fatigued, I was able to reach out and have several of the staff personally reach out to me and talk me through the mental stress with some great support. Shout out to Jon, Will and the rest of the PTFE staff! Couldn't have done it without all of you and thank you for the support!

by Kelly Baugh on PT Final Exam
Great Source!

PT Final Exam Review definitely helped me pass the NPTE on the first attempt. The Core Content Review videos are what helped to keep me engaged in studying. I wasn't just reading through a study book but I was listening, writing, and reviewing all the topics. My practice exam score greatly improved as I went through the PT Final Exam content. Highly recommend taking this course to smash the NPTE! Thank you Mark for helping my class out!

by Kailee Wertz on PT Final Exam

PT Final Review was a HUGE BLESSING! I had struggled all through out school and while trying to pass the test and I was so tired of not understanding and being frustrated with myself! Then I finally used PT Finally and my world flipped all for the better! I understood complex concepts better, worked through problems, and felt better about my own knowledge! The workbook was great for the way my brain learns and now it’s my refresher study guide! The instructors and curriculum were amazing! Thank you PT Final Exam!

by Michael Faykosh on PT Final Exam
Thank you PT Final Exam

I am so happy to be writing this review as a licensed physical therapist! I have always been a horrible test taker. And the NPTE was no exception. I was three weeks away from my 4th attempt when I found out about PT Final Exam. Although I failed again, I had confidence from PT Final Exam that I didn't have before. The videos and content were amazing and I gave it my all on my 5th attempt and finally PASSED the NPTE with the help from Will and his staff! Thanks again guys!

by Margaret on PT Final Exam
Passed !

I purchased this to use before taking the PeAT exam that I was required to pass before I could graduate and used it again to study for the actual exam a few months later. I could not have passed this on my own without the direction and the videos. They are what got me through both tests and to a licensed DPT right now!

by MusclePT on PT Final Exam

PT final exam helped me in many ways that i could not fathom. I had failed the NPTE twice before i bought the independent study and it totally was worth the investment because I passed on my third attempt! It was comforting to know many of your instructors faced the same situations as we did. I loved the variability of topics included as well. I have recommended this course to many current students. You all are amazing! Thank you!

by Natalie on PT Final Exam

Will Crane and PT Final Exam are the absolute best! They work tirelessly to help you pass the NPTE as painlessly as possible. Their organization of the material alone saved me tons of time and grief. Will treats you like a real person, and is always willing to help if you have problems. Top shelf skills from a great team of professionals!

by Careyann Morris on PT Final Exam
Thank you Will!

I passed the National PT Exam in 1993 for the first time - back when scores were mailed out on a hand-typed letter! Now, after 17 years of taking a break from work to raise kids, I passed the NPTE again (on the first attempt) in October 2019 in order to apply for a CA license. PTFinalExam was a tremendous help during my exam preparation After so many years, I needed to review topics I had not thought about since working in rehab, and some topics I had not thought about since my PT school days. Also, I had to learn new material that has been added to the PT curriculum. PTFinalExam was the primary source I used to know on which resources and on what topics to focus my attention on. Awesome program! Excellent instructors, lectures and study materials!

by Saqi on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

This was a great decision I made for myself. The entire staff especially Alana went above and beyond to help me pass. The weeks I felt anxious or uncertain Alana took the extra effort to help calm me down and get back on track. They were all easily accessible via email and overall the structure of the course was very beneficial. The workbook was effective to really help y ou understand what you knew well and what you had to improve on. Overall it was a great study course and just a very positive support staff to work with.

by Ruel Lucas on PT Final Exam
review for the review

My PTFE review experience is more than awesome. The lecturers are so nice and I can feel their sincerity that they really wanna help us crush the exam. I like that they always give encouraging words to really motivate and push us to do more. It’s my third time taking the NPTE and I can say that I never had that confidence in me taking that FNL. It’s all because of you guys. I already recommended PTFE to my friends who will take this year’s exam as my way of thanking you guys.

by Jay on PT Final Exam
Good, but limited

For the most part, I really liked this class. This class is very good at tackling all the material on the NPTE and the weekly live sessions/core content reviews are extremely helpful. All of the instructors go above and beyond to help you understand the information that is presented. However, I would caution using this class as the sole study material for the NPTE. While this class does cover a lot of topics, there are topics that are on the NPTE and are NOT included in this class's material. I did not pass the NPTE on my first attempt when using only this class as my study source. However, I did pass on my second attempt when I used this class AND other study materials to supplement for the information I was not getting from this class. Overall, I would recommend to recent PT graduates, but I would also suggest using other sources in your studies as well.

by Casey on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

Great recourses on tricky topics. All team members had helpful tips when it came to remembering the small details. Would highly recommend.

by Pat on PT Final Exam
Thank you, Thank you!!

To all of you I want to say thank you!!! You were part of my life for 9 months and I will miss you. I woke up with you and I went to bed with you. I had you in my ears, brain...
Your body motions Alana and Jonathan helped me tons as well your advise in every core session. Kelsey and Arunima you are incredible teachers. Kelsey everything felt on place for my in neuro, you are Awesome!! Matt your tip questions are very good. Shrutti, the love you have for been a PT is great, Mark you involved you whole family and that is an amazing example; I can't believe that now I don't mind to work with amputees and is because of you. Phil you have so much to share and is great.
All of you THANK YOU!!! The feeling I had when the blue screen showed in my phone at 12:10am was of incredulity. It was to early and I just wanted to test my link in my phone. Seriously, results don't come that early, but it was. I am still enjoy that feeling and you were a big part of that and forever I will be grateful.
You have a home whenever you come to Houston!!

by Krys on PT Final Exam
Worth it

I'm an American who chose to study and earn my degree abroad. PTFE was an absolutely invaluable tool in helping me prioritize, and organize my studying. As a foreign university, my school did not have the end goal of training students to pass the NPTE, so it was initially intimidating when starting to prepare after graduation. Without the help of Will and all the other tutors at PTFE, I would have been overwhelmed in trying to study for the exam. Not only did they provide excellent material guidelines and assignments, but they also help you prepare for how to approach and break down the questions to identify what are they really asking. I took the exam after trying to prepare on my own first, and wasn't quite where I needed to be. After following the outline and doing the work provided in this course, my scores on practice exams and the PEAT increased dramatically (PEAT 65% first attempt; 83% on the 2nd attempt taken about 1 year later after this course!). Having these resources and instructors available to me really helped me zero in on my weaknesses and make the adjustments I needed to finally pass and become a licensed PT! This course was by far the best investment I made in preparing for the NPTE. Thanks again to the whole PTFE team!

by Cassie on PT Final Exam
100+ Increase

I was nervous after my first attempt, looking at all the prep courses that promoted a 40 point increase for most of their course users as I needed 70+ to reach a passing score. That beings said I took a leap of faith with PT Final Exam and I am so glad I did. PTFE it was a game changer for my NPTE prep. Not only did I get my 70 points I needed but I scored over 100 points more than my first attempt. I was way more confident through the exam both with the content and just walking through the door. I knew I had worked smarter and harder with my prep this round, and as I was taking the test I knew I was getting a majority of the answers correct. I've recommended it to everyone I know taking the NPTE and would recommend it for anyone who enjoys visual, auditory, and interactive learning.

by Anthony O. on PT Final Exam

Dr. Will’s youtube videos on ABGs, PNF and postural drainage are an example of guidance and quick revision resources this prep. course offers.
The regular instructors do their best to make classes engaging and enlightening on important concepts for the NPTE. All in all, the prog. is useful.

by Roneil on PT Final Exam
All Done!

I want to give a shout out to the PTFE staff for making great content in preparation for the boards. I've learned that preparing for the boards is no easy task, especially when tackling the feat studying independently. I found that the videos were extremely helpful in calming my anxiety and nervousness. My favorite quality about the PTFE instructors is their encouragement and words of support to help you get through the process and pass the test. WAHOO, I'm all done and am extremely grateful for the opportunity learning from this group of individuals.

by Alyssa on PT Final Exam
First and Last

I just want to thank the team at PT final exam for being a major part of my journey to passing the NPTE on my first attempt. The hours of core content reviews, practice questions, podcasts, and availability of Will to answer my questions truly gave me the confidence to make this January attempt my first and last! Thank you so much!

by Anu on PT Final Exam
Thank you PTFE!

I am so grateful to PTFE team! This was my second attempt at NPTE- PT exam. The last time I was so disorganized and did not know where to start from, I did work hard but failed in the end. I was super miserable and decided to go for PTFE online classes. They are worth every penny. They put in the hard work of creating an organized syllabus, guide you through most of the topics and the online lectures are simply the best! This time around they got me excited for the exam and I passed! Thank you Will and team for helping so many like me out there! I will highly recommend this course to everyone who is taking their exam second, third or even first time! You guys are the best!

by Sharena on PT Final Exam
I passed

This course has truly been a blessing. I failed the exam three times (scoring in the 580s everytime) and had given up on getting my PTA two years ago! After getting my masters in exercise science, I decided to face my fear of retaking this exam. The instructors were super supportive and gave great advice on how to best prep for the exam. I took the practice test here , purchased the peat, studied from the "red PT bible," went through the study guides, made sure to attend all live courses and reviewed the bonus sessions. I am proud to say I , passed the exam with a 686 and am officially a PTA! Many Thanks!!!

by maribel on PT Final Exam

some people are for the money and some are for educated others. I only could afford the monthly subscription ( the independent study) when I realized my time was expired but my state board was 3 days ahead , and I really needed more time to be able to see again the videos however I didn't have money to extend my subscription, them I emailed to Will and explained my case with few words, a minute later I received his email wishing me good luck and gave a free time. The next 48 hours after his email , I went back to review his videos until I felt ready to pass my test. PT Final exam gave me a sense of certainty, clarify in simple terms and common sense some info that before I couldn't understand because all the technically in the terminology . I would like to say Thanks to Will for answer my email so quick, for being there when I needed extra help.

by Austin on PT Final Exam
PT final exam

Highly recommend this program after failing my PTA boards twice I started to get discouraged and then I found this program and passed no problem this time. This program helped make my weaknesses into my strengthens.

by Margaret on PT Final Exam

My goal was to be able to write a review and here I am! I took the January 2020 NPTAE and it was my third time around. I failed my second test with a 597, and my confidence was blown to pieces. PT final exam helped me go back to the basics and rebuild my knowledge and confidence. When I walked out of the test, I couldn’t wait for my results! I can’t thank all of those at PT final exam enough, now I can pursue my dreams.

by Amy on PT Final Exam
Thank you PT Final Exam!

After fail my first exam in July, my professor told me to look into PT final exam. I’m not a type of student who can read and pick up the “important ”points because everything for me was important. This program helped me know what would be the important points to studying or memorizing. I loved the tips and tricks to remember things I had trouble with. With PTfinal exam I improved 33 points and passed October exam. I enjoyed and learned from each lecture and it was the most helpful exam prep class I took. Thank you PT final exam!

by Tish M. on PT Final Exam
Thanks PTFE Team!

After failing the NPTE on my first attempt I wasn’t sure what to do as far as preparing for round two. A couple classmates told me about PTFE’s independent course so I decided to check it out. I’m more of an active learner so I registered for the online live course which was the best choice for me! I really enjoyed the live and recorded lectures and each instructors special study tips and tricks to remember concepts. The study guide helped me keep things organized and if you stick to the calendar things will roll along smoothly. I felt that I’ve learned so much in the months of using PTFE! The communication was great and I stayed in contact with Will during my journey. There was nothing but positivity and encouragement from the team! My first attempt I earned a 563, and on my second and final attempt I earned a 680! My score was even withheld for a few days due to such a significant increase in points! I’m now licensed and it feels great!

by Raquel on PT Final Exam
Thank you, PTFE!

I graduated from a PT college in Brazil in 2001, and I didn’t know what else to do differently in order to pass the NPTE after previous failed attempts. Fortunately, I found out about PTFE, and decided to enroll in the Independent Study Course. The combination of multiple lectures and guided study materials helped increase my level of confidence and understanding on unfamiliar and complex topics. PTFE was definitely a valuable tool that guided me on my path to success. I highly recommend PTFE, especially to those educated outside the U.S.A.

by Paul D on PT Final Exam
Thank you PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam is a wonderful stand-alone resource for NPTE preparation or it can be used to complement additional study material. I was able to successfully pass the NPTE in Oct with a score of 663 after failing the NPTE in July with a 590. The study strategies suggested by staff provided guidance with how to direct my focus and energy. Will Crane provides excellent resources that breakdown STEM questions and highlights how to manage your time while taking the test. The staff provided challenging practice questions in their lectures that forced me to gain deeper understanding of course content and helped me identify topics of weak understanding. Each instructor condenses vast amounts of information in to very helpful mnemonics, tables or video series that are extremely helpful for recall. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and supportive. Most importantly the instructors were extremely motivating and encouraging regarding improving mindset. I felt devastated after failing my first NPTE but the personal stories shared by the staff regarding their NPTE journey helped sooth my worried mind. They were extremely positive and reassuring which helped me focus on the upcoming NPTE and stop fretting over the previous NPTE attempt. I would highly encourage PT Final Exam for anyone preparing for the NPTE.

by Caitlin on PT Final Exam
Thanks PTFE !

I used this course in conjunction with Scorebuilders and found it VERY helpful. The pre recorded videos and live lectures were great. Each video covers several different topics which I really enjoyed. Will was available to answer any questions I had through email. Definitely recommend this course for anyone taking the NPTE!!

by Alison on PT Final Exam
So grateful for PTFE!

I wanted to write all of those at PTFE for their help in getting to the finish line with the NPTE. I graduated in 1998, received my Pedi specialty certificate five years later and loved what I did. I had my own kiddos, took a break and during a time of total chaos in our home, let my license lapse without even realizing it! (long story short)

Not having a true classroom setting and having never stepped into a clinical setting OTHER than peds since 1998, taking the NPTE was truly overwhelming. I couldn't have gotten through the mountain of information without your workbook, seminars, test questions, facebook/discussion board questions, and support. You had great tips for preparing for an exam which was huge since the last big test I had taken was in 2003 for my specialty certificate. Excited for the next step!
Thanks to your team! Keep up the good work!

by Hannah on PT Final Exam
Choose PTFE!

I failed on my first attempt with a 597 (one question away!) and knew I needed a more structured study schedule. PTFE is affordable and the instructors are not only great at delivering important content, but also super encouraging and built up my confidence to go into my second attempt with no anxiety. I ended up scoring a 703! I am so thankful to Will and the whole team at PTFE

by Makenzie Grevelding on PT Final Exam
Absolute necessity for me!

I failed my first attempt in July and was looking for something to more appropriately guide my studying this time. This course was exactly what I needed. It helped me get organize and focus on the critical information necessary to pass. I used their workbook and supplemented with other study guides and textbooks to get a better understanding. The live and recorded review courses were SO helpful in keeping me accountable while giving me better ways to synthesize information. I will recommend this course to anyone who asks and especially for anyone on repeat attempts. The support this course gave me was just great!

UPDATE: After getting my score report this morning I am ecstatic to tell you I scored a 689 on my successful second attempt! That was a 148 point increase from my failure at 541 this first go around. Thank you to you and the whole PT Final Exam crew for the part you all played in getting me here!!

I think there were a few factors that were really helpful this go around. Having the workbook assignments was pretty significant right off the bat, I really needed that structure to help me focus. Last time I just tried to read through O’Sullivan and I think I got bogged down and didn’t retain the information appropriately. It kept me accountable to have the live sessions and to have the review videos each week. I made Quizlet flashcards based on the workbook assignments and made sure to regularly review topics instead of trying to say I’d learn neuro(for example) for one week and then move on to the next topic. I had pretty bad test anxiety last time and making a point to take a practice test each Thursday at the same time as my NPTE was, was helpful with building endurance and lessening the anxiety. Overall it was just a huge confidence boost!

I’m so grateful to PT Final Exam, it made this second go around a lot less scary and I honestly feel more confident to go forward as a clinician with all this great review!

by Nick on PT Final Exam
Big Time Help

Failed on my first attempt and was looking for an affordable study option. PT Final exam keeps you accountable with multiple study sessions a week and covered a lot of material that was key for the NPTE. Can't thank them enough!

by Anthony Terrou on PT Final Exam

I purchased the Live online course session and it was great and easy to use. I added supplemental material as well, such as the Therapy Ed book in addition to textbooks used during PT school. The staff here at PT Final Exam was awesome and super friendly. The website was easy to use and was very user friendly. Don't get me wrong it takes more then just this tool to pass the NPTE, but it is a necessary tool if you are a multiple attempter and want to pass the NPTE. Thank you again Will and staff for the push and directing me to finally pass the NPTE.

by Qandeel Sardar on PT Final Exam

It was my 5th attempt and I made it!!! Thank you PTFE.

by Megan on PT Final Exam
Definitely Recommend!

I purchased the Independent Study Course to help me prepare for the October NPTE. PT Final Exam helped me gain a better understanding of several complex concepts on the NPTE. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the videos are extremely helpful. This course helped increase my confidence level prior to taking the NPTE.

by Kaitlyn Lawrence on PT Final Exam
Pick PT Final Exam

I failed my NPTE the first time and was completely devastated. I didn't know what to do so I started researching study classes. I am so happy I picked PT Final Exam. ALL of the instructors are amazing and break everything down in a way you will remember it. I love the format of the class and how it is a structured plan but it still worked with my crazy schedule. I feel like I learned so much more with PTFE than with just self-study. If you are reading this and thinking about PTFE "DO IT"! It is worth every penny to see the PASSED flash across the screen. You will not regret it!! You can pass this test and PT final exam will help you get there!

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