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User-submitted reviews. Plain and simple.

User-submitted reviews.
Plain and simple.

We’ve been in the business for years now, and we know how important it is to be able to see what other students are saying about a course before signing up.

How I PASSED on my 6th Attempt! Dr. Christian Korner DPT

Dr. Wesley Wang DPT

Cindy's 800/800 PTA Score!

Dr. Abbey Malamut

Dr. Hannah Hubbard

Dr. Angelika Pel

Dr. Karrie Stephens DPT

Marjorie Bourgeois PT

Dr. Abbey Malamut

Dr. Hannah Hubbard

Dr. Angelika Pel

PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 794 reviews
 by Yogesh
Passed NPTE at first attempt

I qualified overseas and did not have much awareness about US health system at the beginning but PT final has helped me a lot and I would recommend VIP course. I would suggest to keep listening and repeating online lectures. Best thing for me is online availability of all lectures as I do travel a lot and always in a different time zone. Thank you Will.

 by Ashley
A Game Changer for Board Exam Prep!

I am thrilled to share my experience with PT Final Exam, which played an instrumental role in my success on the board exams. Thanks to their practice tests, and unparalleled support, I passed my exams on the very first attempt. I recommend the VIP(T) course!

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Will, the owner, whose dedication and availability were truly remarkable. Will consistently went the extra mile, always ready to hop on a call to address any concerns or provide guidance. His commitment to my success instilled me with confidence and reassurance throughout my preparation journey.

Furthermore, I had the privilege of working with Alex, whose teaching prowess was nothing short of exceptional. Alex's ability to simplify complex topics and tailor his approach to my learning style was invaluable. With his guidance, I was able to navigate challenging concepts with ease.

Thanks to the exceptional support and expertise of the entire PT Final Exam team, I not only passed my board exams but did so on the very first try. I wholeheartedly recommend PT Final Exam to anyone seeking comprehensive and effective exam preparation. Thank you for helping me achieve this significant milestone!

 by Cian
Passed after studying with PT Final Exam for 1 year

I can't recommend PT Final Exam enough! I have been studying with them for about a year. After failing in January with a 598, I knew that if I continued studying and taking practice exams I would be able to pass in April and I did! Will and everyone at PT Final Exam do a phenomenal job at preparing students to sit the NPTE.

 by Dr. Christian Korner
How I passed the NPTE on the 6th attempt

Alex Pisanello is the tutoring man. He’s so detail oriented, extremely thorough, and very knowledgeable with the material. His nickname is the “Walking encyclopedia”. Any random question you have, 95% of the time, he’ll know it and can break it down to such a level that is easily digestible. The other 5%, you’ll see him looking through his library of books to get an answer.
I can’t thank Alex and the PT final exam VIP course enough for the videos, material, explanation, encouragement, and direction for getting through the beast that is the NPTE.

 by Ashley
PT Final Exam: The Ultimate Prep Program for Board Success!

I can't recommend PT Final Exam highly enough for anyone preparing to tackle their physical therapy boards. This program truly exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

From the comprehensive study materials to the expert guidance provided by the instructors, PT Final Exam left no stone unturned in preparing me for success.

One of the standout features of PT Final Exam is the personalized support offered throughout the program. Will was always available to answer questions and provide additional clarification whenever needed, which was invaluable during those moments of uncertainty.

The practice exams and quizzes were instrumental in gauging my progress and identifying areas where I needed to focus more attention.

Thanks to PT Final Exam, I not only passed my boards with flying colors but also felt well-prepared and confident throughout the entire process. If you're serious about acing your physical therapy boards, look no further than PT Final Exam. It's hands down the best investment you can make in your future career.

 by Rachel B.
1000% recommend

Purchase the VIP course and learned so much. Took boards for first time in April and Passed! Would recommend this course a million times over.

 by Norman Lin
Great service

Will has been very patient with me thru far. Great services. Thank you

 by Bailey
Sign up!!!

This review course is SO helpful. They over prepare you so you are sure to pass. Couldn’t recommend them enough!!! Invest in this course so you aren’t like me and end up taking the NPTE multiple times.

 by Kenna Sadler
Soooo Helpful!!!

I had failed my exam the first time, and I was pretty far off from passing. I struggled with not knowing where to even start and just being so overwhelmed with all of the information. The Crash Course I took helped so much with these two things. It follows a good schedule, and everyone is so helpful when it comes to coming up with different ways to remember everything.Just found out yesterday that I passed my exam, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without everybody who was involved in the Crash Course. Thank you ALL!!

 by Angeliza Arciaga
thanks so much

I couldn't have done it without PTFinalExam's help...kudos to Dr. Will Crane and the entire team. I passed today(PTA) and gained my confidence to push further. Thanks so much!

 by Tyra R. Pugh, PT, DPT
Will Crane Fist Pump!!!!!

First of all I must thank Will and his staff for all they have done for me throughout this process, without them I would not have been as prepared as I was. This was my sixth time taking the NPTE, so nervous is an understatement for how I was feeling about this exam. But Will was very patient and encouraging through the entire process. I felt that he truly cared for me as a person, and not just in it for the money. I appreciated his knowledge, from answering my questions about the material (new and old) to getting me fully prepared for the changes to the NPTE. I can not say enough about this course, coming from someone who took a different course, I didn't not get nearly as much one on one time with the professor or the amount of material that I received from PT Final Exam. I would recommend this program 10 times over to ANY and EVERYONE!!!! Especially if you are someone who has test anxiety or someone who struggles with standardized tests, PT Final Exam, more specifically PT Final Exam VIP(T) is the program that you need. (and if you couldn't tell, well worth the money)

 by Meagan Ruhl
Can't Beat the Passed Feeling!

I graduated in May of 2022 and struggled with passing boards. I did other programs and study books that were recommended but nothing was working. I signed up for Will's VIP(T) course and let me tell you, I DO NOT REGRET IT AT ALL. After seeing failed time and time again, getting to finally see passed was the best feeling! I have no words. The course is small enough that all questions get answered. The material is organized in a way that is so easy to follow and understand. I was fortunate enough to find a group of others who wanted to meet as a little study group a couple times a week outside of Will's meetings and that helped tremendously! I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I emailed Will or talked on the phone with him to ease my anxiety throughout this whole process. I promise, this program and the relationships built throughout it are so worth it and you will NOT regret it!

 by Dr. Kaylee Parfait PT, DPT
I feel like a VIP(T) after passing boards!

I cannot recommend the PT Final Exam- VIP(T) bundle enough. Although it is certainly an investment, Will Crane guided me individually and through our small group class to pass the NPTE on my second attempt. On my first attempt, I used a different prep course, but I had no strategy, I was just overwhelemed by the amount of busy work and had no one to steer me in the correct direction. Will's program was recommended to me by a Co-worker that also did not pass the NPTE on their first attempt, and they were able to pass their second attempt using him. The VIP course starts with videos on strategy and understanding the exam, this was perfect at the start of studying for my second attempt and was an extremely helpful for me to have a better understanding of the approach I needed to take this time around. In each of the 10 weeks following, twice a week, as a small group we went over practice questions pertaining to the topic of that week. During sessions Will made sure each session that every person's question was answered and that the topic at hand was understood.

Aside from the small group tutoring, power calls, and support, the VIP(T) course also comes with hundreads of practice questions and 6 practice tests. These practice questions and tests were extremely helpful in gaining endurance for the exam, testing my knowledge, and reviewing topics I didn't quite understand.

Will Crane helped me pass this exam, and he can help you too!!

 by Sophie Lee

After 4 unsuccessful attempts I finally did it!!!!
I am a 45 year old foreign trained PT, a mom and a full time PTA.
Six years ago I received eligibility to sit for NPTE from FCCPT.
I failed the test three times in almost two years without taking any classes just independently studying.
Too much concepts and a lot of things I didn’t know.
Totally disappointed, I decided to take PTA test instead and I passed the test right away.
After another 2 years of studying by myself and taking some prep courses I took the test again and I failed with the score of 576.
Though it was close but I was sad and depressed about the results.
Then I found PT Final Exam and decided to buy the VIP program.
I can’t tell how amazing this course is.
Will, the instructor, is knowledgeable, funny and so patient with the students.
There are amazing in depth courses about all PT concepts specially MSK and Neuro which are the most important parts of exam.
I was able to answer almost 90% of neuro and MSK questions just by studying his courses.
Using VIP program and taking part in live classes plus several sample tests included in this course improved my level to the point that I passed the test.
I’m so thankful to Will and his crew for their knowledge, proficiency and support for the last 3 months.
This is such a valuable achievement wouldn’t be possible without PT Final Exam.
I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the valuable lessons and education to Will and his crew.
And to those who are struggling to pass the test I would say never give up.
If I could pass the test you can do too.

 by Cameron M
Best NPTE prep course out there

After struggling with the NPTE, being full of doubt and frustrated to no end one of my classmates recommended the VIP program through PT Final Exam. I was definitely skeptical at first as it is fairly expensive. With that being said, after completing the course and passing the NPTE, I believe this was worth every cent. Will and his team provide unmatched quality from any other company I have tried. They make things so easy to understand and even go into detail on study strategies prior to the start of the class to help you grasp and retain the information no matter how you study. They provide so many practice questions that get you to think so you never forget the material. They provide creative ways to study that include reading, listening, writing and other forms of studying to really help you. Will also makes sure to address your questions and slow things down if needed so every student that uses his program will understand a concept by the end of it. I could write all day about all of the good things this program has but the bottom line is you see the RESULTS. This program backs up what it says it will do. My scores improved almost immediately which ended with me passing my NPTE. I truly cannot thank will enough as he takes the time to get to know you and work with you. You WILL NOT regret enrolling in this class.

 by Kishan
3rd Time is the Charm

Will and team created an incredible VIP course to help me on my way to passing my NPTE after two failed attempts. The big key with him are the small group study sessions, where he make sure you leave with no doubts about any concept or question you have. The small group structure lends itself to making sure you hit every topic you need for test day.

 by Shevi Cooper
Alex P!!!!

Words cannot begin to express the appreciation I have for Alex. He started working with me after I failed 2x and was onto my third attempt. I had completely lost hope and was juggling with a lot of things at home. Rather than ignoring those struggles, he worked them into the sessions and helped me turn my struggles into my strengths. He was always very organized and had so much to offer such as practice questions and personal experience which made topics easier to retain. Even though I knew he was working with many other students, he gave me such individualized care and support and would always remember what my weaknesses were. He always had faith in me which helped me have more faith in myself. He was always honest and down to earth which made him very easy to talk to. I can’t thank him enough!!

 by Bridget Stevens
Alex P is awesome!

I was one of the candidates that struggled a lot passing the NPTE. It took me 4 failures to finally pass the damn thing and I truly have to give it to my tutor Alex P. We both discovered that - yes it was some material issues however it was mainly breaking down the question and dominating it. Thinking like the devils who helps create the test (: I have a lot of anxiety, was just recently diagnosed with ADHD in my later adult life, so medications were being changed and seeing what works. However, alex was just truly my save and grace for this time around. He gave me the confidence I NEEDED to pass. He was honest, blunt, caring, sympathetic and more with whatever is going on in your life. He doesn’t just show up to tutor you, he shows up to be in your corner and support you in anyway he can with giving you the best knowledge he has. I was going for my PTA exam but alex pushed me so much that by the end of my time tutoring I was answering PT questions, and boy did he challenge me. But this made it all the better come test time because I truly experienced no “surprise” come test day. If you were like me and struggling - GO TO ALEX!!! or if you don’t even want to go down the path I did (and I don’t blame you) still go to alex.

 by Brandan Hostar
The BEST PTA exam program!

I love this PT Final Exam preparation program (for PTAs). It is superior within every area compared to any other programs. Videos that have been recorded, live Q and A sessions, and Telegram App were all coordinated in a way to simplify complicated subject matter.
They put a lot of time into preparing for board exams, as a I am a disabled military veteran, to include some TBI issues...after failing the board 2 time previously, I was determined to use the PTFinalExam tools to enhance my treatment skills. I was able to improve my exam score by 78 points. I would love the opportunity to present PTFianalExam.com material to schools within the South Carolina area.
Thanks! Brandan H

 by Onaysia Martinez

At first, when I came across PT Final Exam I was hesitant to move forward with another test prep course after failing my first attempt with another company. Once I joined the VIP course, I knew it was exactly what I needed. The weekly classes, the accessibility to Will who is a phenomenal professor, small class sizes, and the extensive library of resources provided. With PT Final Exam, my score went up OVER 150 POINTS!!!!! I cannot thank Will and the team at PT Final exam enough. Definitely worth the investment as I am now a practicing clinician!

 by Tyler B
Effective, Relevant, Fun, and Directed Way to PASS the NPTE

This course was the difference between me not passing the NPTE in July 2023 to PASSING in October 2023. The NPTE is an intimidating and challenging exam. I struggled with balancing what to really focus on, how to remember everything, and how to take the exam. This course provided me with a clear roadmap of what to study when, had dozens and dozens of memory aids to remember the immense amount of information, and helped me feel like my answers were the BEST answer for each question during the NPTE. Will's teaching methods and ability to present and explain dense and complex information was invaluable. Both his live lectures and pre-recorded videos made the content so accessible, relevant to our PT practice, and in digestible bits of information so that we can remember the information easier. The library of content on PT Final Exam is endless and it was so enjoyable to go through it with Will as our guide. PT Final Exam can helped me cross the finish line to get the NPTE PASS and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants an effective and engaging curriculum to learn, retain, apply the content of the NPTE so that they can confidently PASS and SUCCEED on the NPTE.

 by Erin Brown
Multiple Attempts for the NPTE Finally Passed!!

Alex made a HUGE difference in my understanding of both the content I learned throughout my program and the skills needed to be able to PASS this exam. I jumped up OVER 100 points thanks to his help and guidance. He gave me a foundation of knowledge that I allowed me to be successful in my test taking abilities AND that I now use in the clinic on a daily basis. I am very grateful for his mentorship and HIGHLY RECOMMEND his tutoring services to anyone looking for guidance to not only dominate the NPTE but also gain skills that you will utilize when you start practicing!!!

 by Zarine
PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam provided me with an abundance of resources. Between the Premium course, study guide, workbook and Brain Dump session, I was extremely pleased with the instructors guidance, strategies, and willingness to help their students understand the material. This was my second attempt taking the NPTE and I not only passed, but I went from a score of 598 to 691. I want to give a big shoutout to Dr. Will Crane, Dr. Mark Stevens, and Dr. Isabel Reinisch. I am truly grateful for PT Final Exam and cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend their courses and to utilize their resources (i.e. podcasts, bonus lectures, and study guide).

 by Claire
5th attempt pass for foreign trained PT

Alex was the difference for me passing the NPTE on my 5th attempt. As a foreign trained PT, I was finding this style of testing and exam difficult. I had taken PT final exams Individual and VIP courses for my previous attempts which was AWESOME for building a foundation of content and got me somewhat close to passing, but I wasn’t able to get that passed on my screen. Working with Alex, I enjoyed the question style, and when a weakness was identified he was able to explain it to how I understood it so I could then apply the knowledge. Alex is super approachable with questions and trust me no question is a daft question. He is very understanding of the stress of this test but his knowledge and understanding helps build your confidence of how to apply not only to the test but for future practice. The PT Final Exam courses gave me the foundation of content I needed, but if you need help with specific topics Alex will know it or know where to find it and help you understand it. If you are considering the PT final exam courses or tutoring, it’s worth every dollar, the content is explained so well, where if you need more help with areas Alex’s knowledge and support is worth it to have him working alongside you and finally getting the test behind you to start your career.

 by Kelly
128 point score increase with VIP(T) PT course

So thankful for Will and the PT FINAL EXAM team! After failing on my first attempt with self studying using common study workbooks from other brands, i knew on my second attempt i needed more structure and guidance. The VIP(T) PT course is tailored to hit the important content areas on the exam and gives you lots of practice questions to make sure you not only understand the concepts but can apply them to exam like questions correctly. I loved the live classes in which Will went over practice questions in detail and answered questions. The VIP(T) course also has a huge library of prerecorded lectures to review content for the exam, i found these were similarly structured to my school's class lectures and included a lot of mnemonics which helped refresh content areas for me. Seeing the pass screen was a huge relief and im so thankful for the work Will and the team put into the course. I improved 128 points from my first to second passing attempt and know that the large score improvement was due to the VIP(T) course! The course is well worth the money and i will recommend it to anyone who needs guidance on how to succeed on the NPTE.

 by Ashley
It's Never too Late to Pass!

After many (4) failed attempts, and a variety of different NPTE prep courses/books/materials, I chose PT Final Exam. I had always been 5-10 questions away from passing and thanks to PT Final Exam, I can finally start my career and begin to make a change in patient's lives. Between the PT Premium Course and Crash Course, they break down what you need to know into manageable chunks and makes it feel less overwhelming. I couldn't be more thankful for PT Final Exam for helping me get that PASS screen this time around!

 by Austin
PT Final Exam Works

Used all the podcasts, the YouTube videos, and crash course. These all were effective in helping me pass the NPTE on my first attempt. I could not have done it without these tools and information

 by Clay
Alex Pisanello

I have been studying for 3-4 years however, found it difficult to pass. I had private tutoring with alex, who was very willing and able to be flexible with times (when possible) as well as continued desire to find the knowledge that was yearned for, beyond the session. He went above and beyond. Also, realizing the test taking aspect versus content; I thought was great. Initially going into it, most feel leery, but it’s helpful as he can pick out what the main issue is regarding the test taking. I passed on my 6th test and realized it was certain information and skills that haven’t been looked at. The whole system is great and if you want to hone in on an issue that may be at hand, Alex either knows it or will find out.

 by Ashlyn
Passed On My Third Attempt! BEYOND GRATEFUL!

I am beyond grateful for PT Final Exam! I absolutely loved the VIP course as it included a variety of study resources, weekly live webinars, and most importantly the guidance and support I needed. I had struggled with other prep materials with large textbooks and a significant amount of information. To say the least, I was overwhelmed. Then, I found PT Final Exam! Will does an amazing job at outlining the core content that the NPTE covers and provides helpful ways to remember the information. I have never really absorbed content very well by simply reading, but this course presents itself like a class. It provides the right amount of structure and resources to prepare you for test day! I went from not passing to PASSING my PEAT exams, which I believe was the game changer for me! I could not be HAPPIER or more GRATEFUL for Will and this amazing course. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

 by Shadi
PT Final Exam

I purchased the VIP program. I loved that I was able to interact and ask questions directly to Will, but also exchange ideas with other students. The workbook was a great resource for me in order to identify areas where I need to review more. Grateful for this program that allowed me to improve my score and pass!

 by Onaysia
Definitely worth the money

This course was everything I needed and then some. I went with the VIP package and at first was a little overwhelmed with the amount of content provided. There are endless amounts of recorded videos for any topic you can think of as well as live recorded classes where Will does an amazing job walking you through questions and going over key concepts. I took another popular course before this one and it was completely different. This course provides a personalized touch where you feel like you’re truly in class with a professor that cares and tends to your every concern. Will is the BEST instructor and I am so happy to have been able to work with him to get that PASSED sign on the 2nd try and walk into that exam with full CONFIDENCE!

 by Caitlyn
PT Final Exam Program

Will was awesome. He is so helpful. I really enjoyed the lectures & the live classes & telegram app were a huge help in my studying. Telegram allows you to ask questions anytime to peers around the country. Everyone was super helpful and kind. The live classes are a great opportunity to get more clarification on material you’re not sure about.

 by Marlene

I did the VIP option and he answers all questions you may have. The material is clear. I learned a lot and felt prepared for the NPTE, and was able to pass it using Final Exam. Thank you Will for being part of the journey!

 by Chylyn Fox

I took the PTA final premium & crash course for the NPTAE and have hyped it up to literally every other PT/PTA student that I know that will be taking the board exam. I truly don’t know what I would have done without the course. I would’ve never been able to cover everything on my own, much less comprehend all the material needed to pass the board exam. They have a study plan developed for you, so you don’t have to stress about making sure you have the perfect study plan, as they have already aced that. The study guide/work book they provide can also be very beneficial. I used the study guide key a lot when I was out and about and had some free time, and that helped me SO much. The lecture videos are top tier, and it’s very obvious the instructors put a lot of time and effort in to make sure they’re giving you all the knowledge they possibly can. They provide useful material with wonderful explanations and sayings to help you remember the material. The crash course was also a nice review, and I recommend it to people who don’t have the time to successfully complete the entire PTA premium course. This course is 100% what allowed me to successfully pass the NPTAE. Well worth the price!!

 by Anthony Kutchmanich
Excellent course

I enrolled in this course in mid July for the October board exam, and looking back, am so glad I did. All the content was very helpful and easy to understand and review, and the staff were very helpful and quick to respond to any questions, concerns, etc. via email or telegram. I truly believe that if I had not taken this course, I would not have gotten an 800 on my board exam. I highly recommend this course to any and all NPTE-PTA candidates.

 by Jen
Take the Premium course!

Will and his amazing team have put together an amazing set of videos, workbooks and practice tests which are effective at helping one pass the monumental NPTE. I had written the Canadian national written exam in 2010 and needed to study from scratch for the NPTE which I took in July 2023. I dedicated a month of full time study (and about 3 weeks prior to that 2-3 hours per day) of the PT Final Exam Premium and Crash course materials as well as going through practice tests prior to passing the NPTE on the first attempt! It was a stressful period, but attending the live webinars and asking questions in the group chat made it much more manageable. I can’t thank everyone at PT Final Exam enough for their dedication to the course participants and their amazing lectures and memorization strategies that they taught. Moreover, they focused on helping you to understand the content on a deeper level, in order to retain it and reason through complex, multi-layered exam questions. I highly recommend the Premium course to everyone studying for the NPTE! Thanks so much Will & team!

 by Victoria Boling

I did the independent study course and it was so helpful with getting me prepared to pass my board exam and keeping me on track! Thank you PT Final Exam!

 by Nate Roberts, PT, DPT

I am thrilled to share my experience with PT Final Exam, and VIP course that played a pivotal role in helping me ace the NPTE! This course is an absolute game-changer. The comprehensive content coverage, strategic study materials, and expert guidance provided me with the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed. The instructors are undoubtedly masters in their field, offering clear explanations and valuable insights into complex concepts. The practice questions and mock exams were instrumental in gauging my progress and refining my test-taking skills. What truly stands out is the personalized support I received throughout my journey. The course not only imparted the necessary knowledge but also instilled a sense of discipline and effective study techniques. I cannot thank this course enough for being an indispensable part of my success story. If you're preparing for the NPTE, this prep course is an absolute must-have!

 by Mary

Will and his team are the reason I was able to get over my testing anxiety and pass the NPTE. I am so grateful for the abundance of knowledge they provided and can not thank them enough!! Do not hesitate to purchase the VIP course, it will get you to where you need to be!!

 by Krystal
Thank You!

Our school purchased a cohort package for my class in preparation for the July exam and it was exactly what I needed to keep me engaged in my studying and a great improvement over just using books to study. I could not recommend PT Final Exam enough!

 by Xavier
Absolutely Worth It

I’m a foreign trained PT. I tried reviewing the NPTE content on my own and failed at my first two attempts. After signing up for PT Final Exam I realized that I was spending too much time on topics that weren’t relevant and not enough time on strongly tested topics. Their videos make it fun to summarize study areas and their exam simulator is phenomenal. Shoutout to Will, Mark and the rest of the team for making fun videos full of mneumonics and memory aids. Passed on my third attempt and couldn’t be happier.

 by Brittany Johnson
Passed on the second attempt thanks to PT Final Exam!

I had previously used a popular study program recommended by my classmates and wasn’t successful on my first attempt. I left my test feeling defeated and not knowing what to do. I had someone tell me to look into PT final exam and am so grateful for them. Without Will and all the other members of the I would’ve been lost and probably wouldn’t have seen a passed screen. PT final exam is amazing and is worth every penny!

 by Courtney
Thank you PT Final Exam!

PT Final Exam transformed my prep for the NPTE. I was originally using a different company's prep book and study guide, but I struggled to get the information to "stick". I was bored with the way information was presented. After failing my first practice exam, I purchased the PT Final Exam Premium Course. The course provided me with the structure I needed to prepare not only for the NPTE but for my career. It helped me to pass my second two practice exams (I increased my score by 17 points between practice exams 1 and 2, and by 7 points between practice exams 2 and 3). Ultimately, it helped me to PASS the NPTE on my first attempt!

The content provided in this course is incredible, and I feel like I learned many of the key topics better than I did in school. The combination of pre-recorded lectures, live sessions, crash course sessions, podcasts, telegram, and practice questions kept me engaged and enthusiastic about my studies. I could access my portal anywhere, which allowed me to re-listen to lectures while driving, working out, etc. Each instructor demonstrated a passion for teaching and truly wanted to help us succeed. I highly recommend this course. THANK YOU to the incredible team of instructors and PTs for making my journey prepping for the NPTE such a positive one!

 by Sonia
So Grateful

I am so grateful to Will and his positive energy, guidance, and support. I am a single Mom to a child with a disability trying to get myself through school. It took me 7 years to finish PT school with all of life's challenges that were thrown my way, including taking a year off to battle cancer in the middle of PT school. A week after graduating, I also had surgery and was in the hospital for 4 days and was trying to study in the middle of all this. It was so great hearing Will's voice on the podcast every morning, keeping me on track. It was like having my best friend keeping me on track in the midsts of life's pressures and distractions. It was great having the structure of the schedule and pre-recorded lectures. My limited time was used very wisely. He was like a shepherd leading me through this journey. Will really knows how to help you pin-point your weaknesses so that you use your time to your greatest advantage. The Exam Simulator was a great tool in gearing what areas to focus on during the last weeks and learning what I did not know. Thank you, Will. I am so grateful!

 by Rachel
VIP PT Crash Course

I could not be happier with how much the VIP crash course helped me prepare for and pass the NPTE. After not passing my first attempt, I enrolled in the crash course to help me narrow my focus, gain good study tips, and many helpful tips and acronyms to remember key knowledge on the test. It was a good way to stay focused and on track with the live sessions, tons of practice questions, and workbook. I would definitely recommend!

 by Rosa
Score boost!

Passed on July 2023 with a score increase of 64 points compared to my prior attempt! I love that this course focuses on what we need to know for the exam. They provide so many great ways of memorizing difficult concepts. Prior to this course I had enrolled with a different company & comparing the two I have to say this was by far the best option & totally worth my time & money. I am forever grateful for this team!

 by Kat
July 2023 PTA Crash Course

I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about PT FINAL EXAM. I took the July 2023 PTA Crash course because I was lost studying with my scorebuilders textbook. I randomly stumbled upon this and immediately did not regret paying for the 3 week course. The tips and tricks I learned were most definitely ingrained in my brain and helped me get my passing score the first and only time that I took the NPTE!!! I was shocked as I had literally signed up for this exactly 3 weeks before the exam. The instructors and review sessions helped clear up tough concepts and the YouTube channel/podcast is great (it gives you practice questions!) I truly can’t thank y’all enough and for anyone thinking about getting this course…DO IT!!!! IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT and Is WORTH IT 🙂 Good luck!

 by James Abbington
Very helpful!!

I just want say this program definitely helps when studying for the board. I appreciate all the instructors that put the whole course together. I finally passed the NPTE board and I'm totally excited to start my career as an PTA!! Once again, thank you for all your help!

 by Megan Boroski
PTA course

The PTA courses gave me the structure and guidance to help me pass on the first try. Without this course I would have been spending too much time on things that aren’t as important on the exam. This course helps you focus on the important aspects so you can pass the exam!! Cannot say enough great things about this course and instructors!!

 by Methuzl
2 weeks before the exam

Took my first exam, didn’t make it! I am working 8-5 / 5 days a week! I have weekend trainings for my tournaments. I can’t afford to stop working i have bills to pay! I was desperate to pass, i enquired about the one on one review. Then i messaged shellie asking for an advice, she told me to enroll the crash course (im 2 weeks before the exam) i watched the videos 2-3x morning and afternoon ( one video in a day) if i don’t understand the video i watched it the next day. All lectures was on point, no flowery words to confuse me.. i reviewed during down time of my work. Thank you to all the lecturers specially nirja your mnemonics was awesome. Mark your explanations and mnemonics stuck in my head. Wil for the detailed explanations and shellie for leading me to the right program. Guys my gratitude to your team. I didn’t practice my profession for more than 20 years but i was able to pull it off! Btw, im a foreign graduate. Worth the investment for myself. Forever grateful here!

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