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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 467 reviews
by Danielle on PT Final Exam
Thank you!

I just wanted to say how incredibly grateful I am that my best friend introduced me to your program! I knew there was no way that I would pass on my first attempt because every time I opened my review books I just got overwhelmed and gave up, but because of this program alone I passed with a score over 700! Thank you so much for the work that you guys do at PT Final Exam! You guys are the absolute best, and I have told so many of the current third and second year PT students at Wichita State about you because I can attest to the fact that your program works! Again, I just wanted to say “Thank you!” 🙂

by Taylor on PT Final Exam
Great for the NPTE

Awesome review course! Passed the NPTE on my first try thanks to this great program! Would recommend to anyone!

by Maddy Hemmerich on PT Final Exam
Extremely helpful!

I used PT final exam to help me study for my first attempt on the NPTE and I passed. I would say take this course if you need to be held accountable and feel uncertain about the NPTE. I lack a lot of confidence and I consider myself a poor test taker. I definitely felt more confident in myself and my test taking skills after this course. I appreciated the lower prices and the amount of material provided in this class. Personally, I signed up for the live lectures, which I never cared for. If you are the type of student you likes to ask a lot of questions and interact with the instructor, sign up for the live the lectures. However, if you are more like me and like getting through the PowerPoints fully without a lot of pauses for questions, choose the independent study. I felt the CCR were wonderfully done, and they really helped me with fun ways to remember material. I would definitely recommend this course to others, the staff really know what they are doing!!!!

by Haley on PT Final Exam
BEST NPTE Review Course

This course was amazing! I was the student in PT school that studied for hours, but would still fail tests or not do as well as I had hoped. I had taken 2 PEAT’s that my school purchased for me, and although I had made an improvement on my own, I still was not where I needed to be to attempt the NPTE. This is when I asked previous students about some additional help/guidance, which lead me to PT Final Exam. This course 100% prepared me for the test by providing live lectures, which included sample questions with reviews, and opportunities to ask questions and receive answers in real time. All of the instructors provided a very positive and uplifting environment, which really helped me to stay focus and driven throughout the 10 weeks of studying. Additionally, each of my practice exam scores increased significantly throughout the course and I passed the NPTE on the first try! If any course can help you over this major hurdle, PT Final Exam can.

by Megan on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam Helped Me Pass the NPTE!

I would recommend enrolling in PT Final Exam's Live Course because it allows you to interact with the tutor and ask questions as he/she is presenting the material. This program helped me pass the NPTE on my 3rd attempt. I went from a 551 to 585 to 626. The material that is included in this program is amazing and helped me to study smarter and not harder! All of the tutors are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to help you on your journey to passing the NPTE. Will is the creator of this wonderful program and he is also very helpful in helping you reach your goals! Will has been extremely timely in returning all emails. You can tell that Will and the tutors are invested in helping and giving you all the tools to pass the NPTE. I am incredibly grateful for PT Final Exam and would recommend this program to EVERYONE on their journey to pass the NPTE!

by Mark on PT Final Exam
Worth it!!!

PT Final Exam set me up with a great foundation to help me pass my boards. All the instructors were very supportive and went beyond amazing instruction to make sure each individual student would get the proper attention and clarification needed to pass the exam. All the tips and tricks helped me work through the exam when questions got tough. I can’t stress enough how great Will and the team were. Special shoutout to Alana and Arunima for guiding me in times of need.

by Mehmet on PT Final Exam
Stop searching!

if you are a foreign educated therapist like me , and not sure what to focus on ,where to start or what to study. Your search is done! stop searching and just do what I did, buy the independent study or live course whichever you fell like, don't spend time on the web looking for the answers, it's here. I bought the independent study because I missed the live course start , I had 7 weeks to study a full time job, that I work 5 days a week 40 hours , plus a toddler at home so my time was very , I mean very very limited! I watched the videos follow the instructions focus on where they focus and PASSED at my first attempt!! I never write reviews but it's the least I can do for Will and his team.

by Ramon on PT Final Exam
Super super worth it!

Coming out of school, I knew I needed some form of interactive studying rather than just reading Scorebuilders each day. The staff at PTFE were brilliant and they cover the material in a way that it is easy to understand. I took the live online course, and having those scheduled lectures and assignments were a good way to keep up with my studying. I will have to say that there is a ton of work that you have to put in during the first few weeks, since that's when the bulk of your studying will be. The last few weeks are pretty much for review and fine-tuning, and I thought the way the course was structured was brilliant. I passed the NPTE on my first attempt, so big thanks to Will and everyone else for their time and dedication. They really go far and beyond to answer your questions in a timely and friendly manner. 100% I would recommend this course, and would probably say it's one of the best investments I've made. Thanks again PTFE!

by Esther on PT Final Exam
Independent study

I signed up for the independent study course after taking a practice exam and not performing well on it. PTFE was exactly what I needed. My score increased with each practice exam I took after buying the course. This, in turn, increased my confidence, which is just as important as the test itself. I highly recommend this course.

by Andrea on PT Final Exam

This is a very valuable resource for people who need a little more structure and guidance with studying. I signed up for the live course, and in retrospect I probably should have gone with the independent study. The timing and format of the weekly live sessions weren't really for me and I ended up not participating as much as I had planned, though I definitely see the value in the live sessions. With that said, I would 100% do it again. The manual was extremely helpful, and the prerecorded videos on different topics that are part of the course were amazing and made a huge different in my understanding of a lot of different topics. I would end many long days of studying just watching videos while doing cardio at the gym, and it was nice to end the day feeling like I had learned something new presented in a way that I could retain. I passed with my first attempt! definitely recommend doing this course!

by Naoki on PT Final Exam
Best Study Materials

I have been a licensed physical therapist in Japan since 1999. I transferred my credits to the U.S., and I was qualified to sit the NPTE about 12 weeks before the exam in July 2019.
At first, I did not know where to begin studying for it, so I just bought TherapyEd, a review book with about 1,000 pages. However, it was too much information to review in about 12 weeks, and its content was a little boring to me, so I only took the practice exams with it. At the same time, I found PT Final Exam, and its study guide is very simplified, only 270 pages, so it's very easy and helpful to review!! The same goes for the online lectures where the instructors focus on important parts and give us useful tips on how to strategies the NPTE. Because of this, I passed it at my first attempt!! I strongly recommend taking PT Final Exam!!

by AB on PT Final Exam
worth every penny

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I failed my first attempt. Days after that, I sent an email to Will to get a heads up on what is the best type of review for me. I took the independent study course and it was so so so so worth it. You handle your own time and you can do it in your own pace, you just have to be disciplined in handling your time. Thank you to everyone in the PTFE team, I finally passed my NPTE!!! FNL Wahooo WCFB!!!! The lecturers were very good and were very creative in delivering their topics, that's why after taking this course, you'll feel very confident. Aside from that, all of the lecturers motivated everyone to do their best and to give hope to those who are already burnout or tired. Thank you PTFE!! Big shoutout to Nirja and Alana!!

by Matthew on PT Final Exam
Best Course

This course was the best course that I have taken. I have taken Scrobuilders and OS prep courses which only last two days and this course is much better. The live chat rooms and the ability to ask random questions to Will and the staff was extremely helpful. They cover all the material needed to pass the exam. The one practice test they offer is ok, but still beneficial to take to gain further knowledge. I took the exam 6 times and was able to pass with the help of PT final exam. The live chat tutors are helpful, upbeat and positive. I purchased the "till you pass" as I was uncertain with how I was going to do and I struggled on the practice exams. Wills approach to studying for the exam is spot on with guidance on how structure your study and maintain control of your studying which decreases stress. Furthermore, the team helps those who have learning disabilities and assist students on how to get accommodations which played a major factor in passing.

by Kaylee on PT Final Exam
Overall worth it

Overall I am very grateful for PT Final Exam. I purchased the independent study option about six weeks prior to taking the NPTE. I was overwhelmed with the amount of content on the test and struggling to make a good study plan and stay focused. The assignments and videos gave me direction and the practice questions helped me think about the material in a way that would be useful for the exam. And I passed on my first attempt! My only concerns are that there are quite a few discrepancies between the videos and the study guide/workbook answer key. There were also a few things taught that were just plain incorrect. And lots of typos in all of the materials which sometimes made things difficult to understand. I would recommend an edit of all the content to fix errors, typos, and discrepancies. However, when I emailed instructors with questions I did get a quick response, which is great! There are real live people here to help you. Despite a few qualms, I would still recommend this program because it really did help me to pass the NPTE.

by Kai on PT Final Exam
Very good program! PT Final Exam!

I highly recommend this program. I purchased the independent study course. It worked very well for me. I had 12-week plans and I was just using Scorebuilders/basecamp for the 7 weeks. I studied for 2 weeks for musculoskeletal and 2 weeks for neuromuscular, and 2 weeks for Cardioplumonary. This study method didn't help me to improve my scores. At this point, I only had 5 weeks left. I was very nervous if I was able to pass the boards. I searched and found PT final exam. I was not sure how good it would be but I believed the reviews and purchaed it. It was the best investment. I passed for my 1st attempt. Almost all the classmates said that NPTE was the hardest test they ever took, and harder than any of the practice exams they took. However, PT Final Exam prepared me very well for the NPTE so I felt very confident when I left the testing center. It is going to require a lot of study; however, it will prepare you very well to pass the boards. The program is set for 8 weeks; however, I went through the materials in 5 weeks. It can be possible but you need to work really hard.

by Daniel on PT Final Exam
Saved My Skin!

In the weeks leading up to my first NPTE attempt, I tried to read through the O'Sullivan and Scorebuilders books and re-familiarize myself with the material I had learned the last three years of school. No matter how much I focused and read through the book, I felt my retention wasn't where I wanted it to be. With just 18 days left until Test Day, I enrolled in the 30-Day Access Independent Study Course. The substantial amount of videos were so helpful. They met my personal learning style better, and I could put them on 2x speed to more quickly make my way through the content. The various instructors had different styles that each contributed to my learning in unique ways. They gave challenging practice questions with detailed explanations. My one critique would be that some of the bonus videos sound quality is a little difficult to understand, especially compared to the exceptional sound quality in the core content videos. Overall I was very pleased with my PT Final Exam experience, and I found myself recalling specific material Will and the rest of the gang taught me during the test. When I got the notification that I had passed, I knew I could not have done it without PT Final Exam's absolutely vital role in those crucial final few weeks. I would absolutely recommend PT Final Exam to anyone who's not satisfied with their current study method.

by Sam on PT Final Exam
Just what I needed

I am so excited to be writing this review. After 2 failed attempts, I had no idea what to do. I am not the best test taker and I used up all my practice exams. I was recommended PT final exam and I started to consider it. After emailing with Will, I concluded I would give it a try. I got the independent study course and it was great. I was able to watch all the videos on my own time, which was beyond helpful. I went from 590 to 579 to 605. I am so happy I decided to go with this course. It was the best money I ever spent. The instructors were motivating and they made topics easier to understand. The most important part for me was that they had practice questions and they broke down how to answer them. Thank you PT final exam crew!

by Bill on PT Final Exam
Refresher 20 years later

When I was approved to write the NPTE, I only had 4 weeks to prepare. The last time I wrote a PT licencing exam was 1998 in Canada. I had no idea where to start and so much had been added to the PT curriculum since my graduation. I purchased the independent study program. Had I not had the guidance from this program, passing the NPTE would have been impossible. The program is so well organized, I was able to settle my nerves, study methodically and absorb most of the material in time for the NPTE.

by Brian on PT Final Exam
Live Course

After 2 failed attempts with the NPTE, I managed to finally pass on my third attempt with the help of PT Final Exam. The content of this course was very thorough and really helped to guide my studying, and the coaches are all incredibly friendly, helpful, and willing to listen!

by Cristiane on PT Final Exam
PT Independent Study Course

I am so happy! I would like to thank Will Crane and his team for all. I decided to prepare for the NPTE in early December, 2018. I purchased the Independent Study Course to PT. I was amazed at the quality and organization of the material. Whenever I needed I was very well attended by Will Crane himself, a very attentive and dedicated colleague. As a result I got my approval on the first try. I am so greatful to Will Crane and his team. I highly recommend the course.
Thank you for all!

by Krista on PT Final Exam
PT Independent Study Course

My university required us to take this course during our last clinical in order to improve the first time pass rate. I will be honest and say I should have paid more attention during that class and ensured that I got the most out of the experience but I didn't. I failed on my first attempt and feeling disappointed I contacted Will Crane to see if I could complete the independent study course. I absolutely loved this course! The instructors motivated me to improve my self confidence and broke down topics that were difficult to understand! It was great to be able to communicate with people who had been in the same experience as I was. I even posted all the motivational and inspirational quotes that they had above my desk in order to not get defeated! This course taught me so many valuable lessons that I can use not only for passing the boards but to implement into my practice! I passed on the second attempt and I am so grateful that PT Final Exam was able to help me accomplish that! The instructors make this program worth while and exciting to attend the courses!

by Teresa on PT Final Exam
Foreign Educated PT

After getting my PT degree in the UK, I moved back to my home in California began the difficult process of getting credentialed in the US. I was dismayed to find that the NPTE pass rate for foreign educated PTs was 43% and even further disheartened when I found that the content of my UK degree was lacking in many areas that are covered on the test. I read the O’Sullivan book which seemed to rattle off content that I wasn’t absorbing and didn’t fully understand. It was too much to memorize and I needed help. I took a practice test and got 52% and wanted to cry. I thought all my hard work up until this point was useless and felt helpless because a single board exam was going to put an end to my dreams.

Then I found PT Final Exam online. Over two months I watched every recorded lecture, read the study guide and did the workbook. Right before I took the NPTE I took the PEATs and got 80%. I can’t say enough how the lectures especially gave me the context and the understanding of the material that I needed, and some of it was brand new to me. I passed the NPTE on my first attempt. I strongly feel that anyone, no matter their educational background or the quality of the institution they graduated from, can pass the NPTE if they use PT Final Exam. All the tools you need are there to pass, as long as you do your part investing your time, energy and effort to study them. It may seem like a lot when you first get started, but it covers all the possible bases and you go into that test armed to the teeth and unstoppable. You might pass if you study on your own, but I know I wouldn’t have, and for $90 a month over two months, it was a bargain of an insurance policy for me. Thank you Will Crane and PT Final Exam! I would not have succeeded without you.

by Jordan on PT Final Exam
Personalized Education at a Great Cost

I originally purchased the Independent Study Course to fill a requirement of my program to sit for the NPTE prior to graduating because it was a great price. The first day I was attempting to access the course, I had a question and decided to call the "contact us" number, expecting a telemarketer response. I was shocked when the man on the other end of the phone was Will Crane himself, and he was extremely helpful and personable. I got my results back yesterday and I passed the NPTE first round before even graduating! Highly recommend this product.

by Lauren on PT Final Exam
A worthwhile investment into your career!

There is not enough I can say about PT Final Exam to truly express how wonderful this program was for me! I had unfortunately failed the NPTE twice which left me frustrated, confused, and unsure of how to approach my third attempt. I will forever be grateful that a friend of mine suggested PT Final Exam after she successfully took the course and passed the NPTE. I utilized the live course in addition to the independent lectures which was a perfect mix to cover the exam content. The live course did a wonderful job of keeping me on top of my study schedule and held me accountable. Through PT Final Exam I was able to improve my exam score by 83 points and successfully pass the NPTE on my third attempt! I am extremely grateful for PT Final Exam and can confidently say I would not have passed without it!

by Leah on PT Final Exam
29 years after graduation and 19 years out of the profession, and I passed the NPTE on the FIRST attempt! Thank You, Jesus and PT Final Exam!

I graduated from PT school in 1989 and worked for 10 years. I had 4 babies in those 10 years and decided to stay home full-time to raise our children and homeschool them after the 4th child was born in 1999. A decision I will never regret! 19 years later, after our last child graduated from high school and a diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cancer, I was ready to get back to work. I never thought I would be able to pass the NPTE. My husband encouraged me to at least try. I purchased a rival study course because I had 5 months to study before the January 29th NPTE. That study course had a 6 month option and I bought it. HUGE waste of money! But it did give me the advantage of seeing that PT Final Exam is unequaled. PT Final Exam has excellent quality information and exceptional lecturers that actually teach you and give great study tips and ways to remember difficult subject matter. On October 31, just 3 months short of the NPTE, I purchased the Independent Study Until You Pass course. I guess I hadn't realized this option before and thought a 3 month course wouldn't be long enough. I had come across one of Will's lectures on YouTube and knew I needed that type and quality of instruction. So I spent MORE money to study and I am so thankful I did. So thankful for your outstanding course! Money well spent! I highly praise and recommend PT Final Exam as the premier NPTE preparation course!!! Thanks, Will and the rest of you!

by Chris on PT Final Exam
PT Independent Study Course

I had failed my first attempt of the NPTE and I did not know what to do or how to study after I had failed the first time. I researched around and had read good reviews on this program so I decided to enroll in the independent study course. I figured with a wife, baby, and new job working as a PT with a temp license that this would be a good fit as I could do it on my own time at my pace and focus on certain areas. I purchased the program and was all in. I enjoyed the videos, slide shows, and the fantastic explanations from the instructors. Mark's awesome video of he basketball free throw to remember the myotomes, Alana's parking lot ideals, and Nirja's SCI explanations and mnemonics were all so helpful. I knew I had the knowledge to pass, but this course taught me tricks and tips to remember information in a fun way. I can't forget Will's gait slides/videos as well which were broken down in a simplified way which I loved. I ended up retaking the exam and I actually had my score withheld. I had to submit a questionnaire explaining what I did differently this time around and I had described this tremendous course. My score was released a day or two later as I was nervously waiting each day and refreshing my web browser; I ended up increasing my score from a 558 (First attempt) to a 663 (Second attempt). My score had been withheld as I jumped 105 points! I cannot thank you guys enough. This course was the difference maker in my success. I just thought I would let you guys know that you are doing a great job and I can't thank you enough!

by Karly on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam Live Online Review Course

If you are looking for a course to prepare you for the NPTE, I highly suggest enrolling in PT final exams active online course. I am dyslexic and have always struggled with standardized testing or multiple choice tests. I did well in DPT school but I always had nightmares about the NPTE and not being able to pass. The first time I took the NPTE I failed with a score of 593. I then decided to take a course to help prepare for my second attempt with a different program and still failed the exam. For my third attempt I was very anxious and at this point I thought I would never be able to pass the NPTE and never make my dreams of being a licensed/practicing PT come true. I heard about Will Crane and PT final exam through a friend in the class above me. After emailing Will and speaking with him I decided to sign up for this course and I am so glad I did! I ended up passing the NPTE on my third attempt and improved my score by 129 points! I believe without the help of Will and his team there is a very slight chance I would have passed this exam. The course is amazing. It helps you stay accountable, apply the information to actual patient scenarios, gives you a study plan, and allows you to learn through multiple learning styles. Now just because you sign up for the course it does not grantee you a passing grade. You really need to put in the work. By this I mean do the assignments they give you, take their advice and feedback, attended the live webinars or watch the recordings, make charts or note cards to get repetitions in on specific material, and do NOT be afraid to ask questions. If you take an active role in studying and enroll in this course you too can pass the hurdle of the NPTE. If you do decided to go with PT final exam, after the test if you get an email saying your score was withheld, DO NOT PANIC. This happened to me because my score significantly increased (by 129 points). I am forever grateful of the support of Will and his entire team, without them I probably would still be trying to pass the NPTE!!

by Jamie on PT Final Exam
Best decision I EVER made!

I failed the NPTE twice and was at a total loss of how to approach my third attempt. I had looked into other courses, but decided to go with PTFE because of my initial conversation with Will, who instantly made me feel like I had an actual chance this time around. I am happy to say I PASSED on my third attempt! THIS IS THE COURSE YOU WANT TO TAKE! The live course was extremely helpful to answer any questions I had during the class. All lectures and bonus sections were recorded so I could go back and use them as a refresher while studying, as well. The workbook was also helpful to make sure I hit all of the necessary information I may have not thought was as "relevant" or "important" as it actually was. If you are an AWFUL TEST TAKER (like me), they will give you all the tips and tricks you need to help you with any difficult questions you face. If I was able to work 40+ hours a week at 3 different jobs, stay active in classes and assignments, AND pass the NPTE, then you can too! If I could go back in time, I would have taken this course before my first attempt. I cannot thank Will and his team enough for all of their help! I truly could not have become a LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST without them!!!

by Bri on PT Final Exam
Without a doubt, INVEST in PT FINAL EXAM!!

After two failed attempts (scoring 586 on both), I signed up for this course based on a friend’s recommendation. The live course is as interactive as you make it. The scheduled online lectures kept me accountable for taking notes, asking questions in real-time and reviewing the material weekly. Great study tips are provided by each teacher which I definitely utilized during my third attempt. I scored a 659 and honestly walked out of the testing center knowing I passed this time around. Thanks for both the confidence and knowledge boost. PT Final Exam is the way to go.. you won’t regret it, just do it!!

by Daisy on PT Final Exam
3 time's a charm thanks to PTFE

This program seriously helped me to finally pass the NPTE on my third try. After graduating in May, failing exams in both July and then again in October, I was really not feeling very confident about being able to pass this test. I did 3 months of the independent study course and seriously- if you feel lost and just can't figure out how how to organize your thoughts and topics for the NPTE- subscribe to this. Even if it's just for one month of the independent study, you'll be hooked and will want to continue the course until your exam. I'm a visual learner- so all of the videos- from Will, Jonathan, Mark, Alana, and Nirja- every single video had content that finally clicked for me. Those topics that never clicked for me even during grad school finally made sense- and in a way that made me remember it during the exam. The weight lifted off your shoulders when you pass this test is amazing, and you can finally move on to the next chapter of your life as a licensed PT. If you're thinking about it- do it. Thank you so much PTFE!

by Danielle on PT Final Exam
Highly recommend

I cannot say enough good things about PT Final Exam! It took me multiple attempts. I went from a 582 to a 650 after taking this course. I loved that the course had a fun way of reviewing topics and really helped to keep you on track. You never felt alone and the instructors did everything in their power to continue making you feel positive. Anyone who is questioning whether or not to take this course need to go ahead and DO IT!

by Vincent on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I was very discouraged after failing my first NPTE. A friend told me about PT Final Exam and decided to try out the independent study course since I was working full time and needed the flexibility. The core review content lectures and workbook really helped me recognize and understand information much easier than trying to study the content straight from a textbook. Although I had a lot of anxiety going into my second attempt, I felt much more comfortable going through the questions and answering them with more confidence than my first attempt. I improved my score by 92 points and passed on my next attempt! The instructors got back to my emails in a very timely manner with all my questions as well. I highly recommend PT Final Exam!

by Justina on PT Final Exam
Worth every penny!!!

PT final exam was an amazing program which made studying is fun! I am so grateful for the creation this amazing course and their team. I felt so prepared after the course and supported by the team. The course kept me organized, made me look at subjects at different points a view and gave me wonderful ways to memorize all the information. I was able to pass my NPTE the first time!

by John on PT Final Exam
UK trained Physical Therapist! PTFinal Exam got me through the NPTE

I am a foreign trained physical therapist based in the UK. I had previously sat the NPTE after completing a Masters degree in physiotherapy in 2016 and failed on two occasions. Not being used to MCQ’s, being used to essay type questions and having dyslexia I decided I needed to change my approach. After reading reviews online, I signed up to PT final exam and got all the great content and lectures from the instructors and Will. Unfortunately my dedication was hampered by problems in my life and I was unable to follow Wills study material or lectures to anywhere near the full potential. As a result I failed again! Fast forward a year and I dedicated 2-3 hours a night, Monday to Friday and solely concentrated on the course content that Will had given me and I aced both PEATS prior to the exam. I sat the NPTE this January, and I PASSED!! I stayed committed to the PT final exams Master mind study guide and flew through the NPTE in my 4th attempt!
I couldn’t recommend this course more highly to anyone, especially foreign trained physical therapists!

by Melanie Low on PT Final Exam
Heaven Sent ...

I cannot say enough great things about the PTfinal exam course. I came upon this on a blog by a fellow Australian PT and realized straight away that this was the course for me. The prep was intensive and the lectures well organized and thorough. There are also many tips on exam taking and how to properly interpret questions on the NPTE, such as not over analyzing or assuming things that are not stated. Thanks to God and the excellent team at PTfinal exam, I went into my first attempt with confidence and peace (and passed). Can't overemphasize how great all the lecturers are and their full commitment to this course (even though they have other work and family commitments elsewhere). Super duper course, amazeballs!!! Take this course, do the work and you will pass!!

by Shannon Manning on PT Final Exam
Highly Recommend

This course was a miracle worker for me in my understanding, and successfull passing of the NPTE!! It is well organized, and a wealth of knowledge!

by Wallace on PT Final Exam

I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE preparing for the NPTE. Dr. Will Crane and all of the instructors working with him are passionate, kind and highly educated professionals with a unique and effective approach to help students prepare for this exam. Instructors are available 7 days a week with questions or concerns and their mission is to ensure our success. I wish I would have known about this resource prior to my first attempt. Thank you all again!!!

by Mijeong Kim on PT Final Exam
Awesome Course

Thank you very much, PT Final Exam. I was introduced to PT final Exam after I failed twice. I was told that Dr. Will Crane is a person who is very passionate about what he does. The whole crew was very helpful for reviewing materials. During my third time prep for NPTE, I was studying alone. However, Dr. Crane and the coaches have been encouraging and motivating me. I recommend this course to people who want to have a structured preparation course.

by Ryan yabg on PT Final Exam
Thank you for ptfe team

Thank you ptfe team will crane fist pump
Wahoo f&l Gstq

Because of your help i finally passed npte.

Thank you for your help

윌 감사합니다

by Keri on PT Final Exam
After 11 years away from PT, passed on the 1st try

I was first licensed as a PT 20 years ago and worked for 9 years. But between family and military moves, I let my license lapse and never thought I would be able to take and pass the NPTE again. But then I found PT Final Exam and thought I would give it a try after reading the reviews. After doing the independent study course and following through on the suggestions made by the instructors, I'm happy to say I passed the NPTE on my first attempt! Thank you to PT Final Exam for giving me my career back.

by Maya on PT Final Exam
Great Way To Bring 3 Years of Material Together!

Passed on my first attempt with thanks to PTFE! Excellent preparation and a great community to be a part of! Highly recommend whether this is your first attempt or not!

by Sarah on PT Final Exam

I got a 586 on my first attempt and I was devastated. I had no clue where I went wrong or how to begin studying again. I always did well in school so it came as a huge shock to me. I researched some review courses and thought that PT Final Exam was the best fit for me (based on what I read in the reviews and reaching out to Will prior). I am SO glad I did the live course! I was skeptical at first because I have always been a solo studier, but I knew that I needed structure and something to tune into a few times a week to keep me on track. This course filled in gaps in knowledge and study skills that I didn't know that I had! I am thankful for their time and effort that all instructors put in to making this course informative and fun! I can proudly say with hard work and dedication I have PASSED on my second attempt with the help of PT Final Exam!!

by Dana Moorer on PT Final Exam
Very helpful course

I had already taken the NPTE twice prior to signing up for PT final exam. By the time I heard of PT final exam I was angry, bitter and ready to give up. I was very skeptical about taking the live course and spending that money because I thought nothing in the world could help me pass. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. PT final exam helped not only helped me improve my test taking skills but strengthen the areas that I was weak in. PT final exam has taught me a whole new way of studying. I am so grateful because I am finally licensed.

by Jonathan Perez on PT Final Exam
BEST Review Course for the test on the web, period!

I am so glad I bought this study program! Will Crane and his team were instrumental in my passing the NPTE exam on my first try. His explanations were right to the point. He is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and being able to listen to the videos made me feel like I was really in class again. There is a lot of material that is included in the test and as a newly wed working full-time and dedicating 70 hours a month to community service I was really worried about how I would cover all the material for the test. However, the way they summarized all the subjects for the test really helped me to spend my energy and my time on what I really needed to. I could not recommend this program more highly. Thank you so much PT Final Exam!

by Sarah on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I loved PT Final Exam! The live course got me my passing grade on the NPTE 🙂 It was very helpful with how to remember harder material, which is great when there is THIS much material to study. I felt like the scheduled live courses held you accountable to put that time aside and actually study. It also gave you a good gauge of where you were compared to other graduates prepping to take the NPTE, which I found motivating if I felt like I was behind the curve. I also really liked that the instructors always went over how to read and answer questions - this was my biggest challenge. Overall it just made the study process more motivating (you got good feedback) and way less lonely! I went to school far away from where I lived at the time I was studying for the NPTE so I wasn't close to any of my classmates. It was nice to have the options for study buddies, assistance, etc. I'd highly suggest this course to anyone getting ready to take the NPTE - I only wish I would have found it sooner!

by Dylan Peters on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

This program was awesome! I had no idea how to begin studying the years of information that i had learned during PT school. I started by buying the scorebuilders basecamp and the scorebuilders ACE online advantage, but i felt like these courses were not preparing me well enough for the NPTE so I kept looking and ran across Will's PT Final Exam. PT Final Exam is everything I could have asked for. I did the full online 2 month course and passed the NPTE with a 651 on my first try! The instructors in this course are approachable and fun. The workbook was gold! I printed it out and filled the entire thing out and then made a ton of flashcards for all of the different conditions. I feel like this course not only prepared me to be a better PT, but also to be a better clinician! Thanks PTFE for helping me get through the last hurdle of PT school!

by Melissa on PT Final Exam
Exactly what I needed!

After failing the NPTE two times this year already, I knew something had to change in terms of my study habits. Frustrated and embarrassed, I researched online courses and came across PT Final Exam. I was hesitant in terms of the cost after already spending so much on my previous two NPTE attempts, but took the plunge knowing it would all be worth it if I passes, and it was! This course was exactly what I needed to keep me on track to pass the NPTE on my third try. I increased my score by about 30 points thanks to this review course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interactive way to study that also keeps you accountable!

by Alex on PT Final Exam
Passed after taking this course!

I failed twice 586 then 587. Once I saw that studying on my own was doing nothing to improve my score, I decided to take this course in hopes that it would do the trick. I passed my third time with 654. The third time I took the test it actually felt harder than the first two and I didn't think that I had passed. I think that the course prepared me on a level that I wasn't even aware of. The course creates a full study guide that covers everything that you can see on the test and it makes sure you don't miss anything. It helped me stick to a studying schedule, specially when motivation was running low. It was everything that I needed when I needed it. I am so glad I made the purchase. Make the investment for yourself! Thank you PTFE!

by Grant on PT Final Exam
Comprehensive NPTE prep

My preferred learning style is listening to lectures and watching videos. PTFE allowed me to do the bulk of my studying by just wqtching the videos. A lot of the stuff i learned/reviewed did end hp on the NPTE and even if it didnt, its stuff i should know as a practicing pt anyway. Thanks PTFE!

by Elizabeth Broome on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I am so thankful to all the lecturers that contribute to PT Final Exam. I failed the NPTE on my first attempt and had no idea what I was going to do differently to try and get a passing score. One of my classmates recommended PT Final Exam. I used the independent study course for about a month and a half. I loved listening to the lectures because they give so many helpful ways to remember information. I believe these lectures not only helped me retain information, but they gave me confidence that I believe I was lacking the first time around. Thanks to PT Final Exam I have passed the NPTE and can finally start this awesome career that so many of us have worked hard for. Thank you again, I am forever grateful!

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