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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 423 reviews
by Sarah on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I loved PT Final Exam! The live course got me my passing grade on the NPTE 🙂 It was very helpful with how to remember harder material, which is great when there is THIS much material to study. I felt like the scheduled live courses held you accountable to put that time aside and actually study. It also gave you a good gauge of where you were compared to other graduates prepping to take the NPTE, which I found motivating if I felt like I was behind the curve. I also really liked that the instructors always went over how to read and answer questions - this was my biggest challenge. Overall it just made the study process more motivating (you got good feedback) and way less lonely! I went to school far away from where I lived at the time I was studying for the NPTE so I wasn't close to any of my classmates. It was nice to have the options for study buddies, assistance, etc. I'd highly suggest this course to anyone getting ready to take the NPTE - I only wish I would have found it sooner!

by Dylan Peters on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

This program was awesome! I had no idea how to begin studying the years of information that i had learned during PT school. I started by buying the scorebuilders basecamp and the scorebuilders ACE online advantage, but i felt like these courses were not preparing me well enough for the NPTE so I kept looking and ran across Will's PT Final Exam. PT Final Exam is everything I could have asked for. I did the full online 2 month course and passed the NPTE with a 651 on my first try! The instructors in this course are approachable and fun. The workbook was gold! I printed it out and filled the entire thing out and then made a ton of flashcards for all of the different conditions. I feel like this course not only prepared me to be a better PT, but also to be a better clinician! Thanks PTFE for helping me get through the last hurdle of PT school!

by Melissa on PT Final Exam
Exactly what I needed!

After failing the NPTE two times this year already, I knew something had to change in terms of my study habits. Frustrated and embarrassed, I researched online courses and came across PT Final Exam. I was hesitant in terms of the cost after already spending so much on my previous two NPTE attempts, but took the plunge knowing it would all be worth it if I passes, and it was! This course was exactly what I needed to keep me on track to pass the NPTE on my third try. I increased my score by about 30 points thanks to this review course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interactive way to study that also keeps you accountable!

by Alex on PT Final Exam
Passed after taking this course!

I failed twice 586 then 587. Once I saw that studying on my own was doing nothing to improve my score, I decided to take this course in hopes that it would do the trick. I passed my third time with 654. The third time I took the test it actually felt harder than the first two and I didn't think that I had passed. I think that the course prepared me on a level that I wasn't even aware of. The course creates a full study guide that covers everything that you can see on the test and it makes sure you don't miss anything. It helped me stick to a studying schedule, specially when motivation was running low. It was everything that I needed when I needed it. I am so glad I made the purchase. Make the investment for yourself! Thank you PTFE!

by Grant on PT Final Exam
Comprehensive NPTE prep

My preferred learning style is listening to lectures and watching videos. PTFE allowed me to do the bulk of my studying by just wqtching the videos. A lot of the stuff i learned/reviewed did end hp on the NPTE and even if it didnt, its stuff i should know as a practicing pt anyway. Thanks PTFE!

by Elizabeth Broome on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I am so thankful to all the lecturers that contribute to PT Final Exam. I failed the NPTE on my first attempt and had no idea what I was going to do differently to try and get a passing score. One of my classmates recommended PT Final Exam. I used the independent study course for about a month and a half. I loved listening to the lectures because they give so many helpful ways to remember information. I believe these lectures not only helped me retain information, but they gave me confidence that I believe I was lacking the first time around. Thanks to PT Final Exam I have passed the NPTE and can finally start this awesome career that so many of us have worked hard for. Thank you again, I am forever grateful!

by Brian on PT Final Exam
Thank you PT Final Exam!

I normally never review products but I'm so appreciative of this course. I failed the NPTE my first attempt with a 593. After signing up for the independent study course for my second attempt I improved my score to a 664. I would highly recommend PT Final Exam to anyone preparing for the NPTE whether it's their first time or after multiple attempts. It is definitely worth it!

by Melissa Spitzer on PT Final Exam
Second Attempt Success

HELLO! I have been waiting MONTHS to write this review! After failing my first attempt in July 2018 with a 597... I am very proud to say that (thanks to PT Final Exam) I increased my score 71 points to a 668!!! I was always a good student, never had test anxiety, and was absolutely devastated after finding out that I failed my first NPTE. I could not believe it and did not know how/where to start studying again. I was ~thankfully~ recommended PTFE, read Will's "Letter to Those Who Failed," and chose to use the one-month independent study course. It was GREAT. All of my other classmates had passed the exam, so I had no one left to study with. Watching the videos (Core Content Reviews) made me feel like I was not alone anymore. They touched on so many key topics and helped guide my studying much better than I could have myself. The lectures were light and non-intimidating-- yet interesting, engaging, and efficiently covered VERY important reoccurring topics. They continually gave me great resources, pictures, and triggered me to look up topics that I did not fully understand. Not to mention, they were always available by email for questions when I had no one else to ask! Quick responses too. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for PTFE, you changed my life. *Sighs of relief after 5 months of studying." I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who will be taking it in July. Perfect place to start your studying if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content. If you're reading this trying to decide whether to purchase (like I was 3 months ago).. I'm telling you, the independent study course is WELL worth the money! Good luck everyone!

by Steve on PT Final Exam
A Huge Part of a Successful Second Attempt

After a heartbreaking failed first attempt, I knew I had to change my strategy the second time around. I decided to go with PT final exam and the independent study bundle. The independent bundle allowed me to access everything on my own time, and was a very refreshing change to an active study style as opposed to passively reading the study books. The teachers in the program make everything very easy to understand, and share a ton of tips and tricks on hard topics. I can't recommend enough how much this program helped me, and it is absolutely worth the investment.

by Amy on PT Final Exam
Passed the NPTE!

I passed the NPTE on my second attempt. I am an older student and was very close the first time. I used the live course the first time as a supplement primarily to Therapy Ed, and then used the independent course the second time. I especially found the gait videos and the videos on mobilization of the cervical/thoracic spine helpful, as well as reviewing the core lectures. The advantage to the live course is the interaction with the classes and the TAs. Even with the independent course, because you are listening to a lecture/actual class, it still gave me a sense of community which is important, because studying for the NTPE can be very isolating. The practice questions included within the lectures also force you to be in test mode for a few minutes every day you study which is really helpful when the big day comes. Also, filling out your own study guide forces you to write down what are the most important aspects of each topic .
Thanks, Will and NPTE staff!! Couldn't have done it without you!

by Kara on PT Final Exam
Finding Success!

I was very hesitant about joining an online review course, not knowing what to expect. After failing the exam on my first attempt I knew I needed to make a change in my study habits. I talked to Will before committing and he was very helpful in both. Calming down my anxiety but ensuring me that this course would be a good fit. I truly enjoyed attending every class, and was given new knowledge for my second attempt that I had overlooked prior. In addition I was able to find a study partner to help review and talk over course material. I am so grateful for PT FINAL EXAM and helping me become a liscend physical therapist. The time and investment is truly one of the best decisions I could have made!

by John on PT Final Exam
The Key to Success

The PT Final Exam provided me with exactly what I needed to pass the NPTE. When I took the NPTE the first time, I strictly studied from one of the big exam prep books. I failed and realized I needed more than just a book to read from. Using PT Final Exam made me realize the many mistakes I made in studying the first time. The content and study structure provided exactly what I needed to be successful and pass the second time.

by Kelcii on PT Final Exam
The reason I passed!

I can't say enough about Will and the instructors with PTfinalexam. I did not pass my first attempt at the NPTE and it was devastating because I had a job waiting for me. I needed a structured method of studying that covered the most important topics. I'm a visual and kinesthetic learner, so the purely academic method of studying did not work well for me. The live lectures, interaction with instructors, and PDFs were exactly what I needed. They truly have a passion for helping people pass the NPTE. I took the October exam and PASSED! Could not have done it without this review course. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting the extra push to conquer the NPTE. Thank you PTfinalexam.

by Kylie on PT Final Exam
Great Course

PT Final Exam provides a great combination of content and strategy to help you conquer the NPTE! If you learn best visually through videos and an interactive class this is the course for you. It helped me to pass on my second attempt.

by Veronica on PT Final Exam

I heard about PTFE from a friend a little over a month out from the NPTE, I was panicking because I had no idea how to start studying and I already felt behind. I signed up for the independent study course and it was great to follow along with the videos that touched on a bunch of important topics in one session. I didn’t realize how necessary it was to stay positive when studying. PTFE also taught test taking and study strategies which helped me feel more confident going in to the exam. I passed on my first attempt thanks to PTFE!

by Binni Khatri on PT Final Exam
Do yourself a favor and enroll in PTFE!

After failing the NPTE on my first try back in July with a 590, I wanted utilize the most effective resources to ensure a passing score for the October NPTE. I decided to use the Independent Study Program and The PT Final Exam (PTFE) team truly makes the information more digestible, while giving you a great foundation for high yield topics on the NPTE. Not only did I feel more prepared and confident to crush the NPTE, but I also knew I was going to be a better healthcare provider after going through PTFE's study materials. I used this course in conjunction with the Scorebuilder's book and Scorebuilder's Basecamp to ensure a solid grasp of the material which worked out because I PASSED the October 2018 NPTE! Do yourself a favor and invest in your NPTE success through PTFE. You will be much better equipped to tackle this final hurdle before becoming a licensed PT!

by Darryl on PT Final Exam

Super helpful course! The online lectures were definitely helpful to have on the background when I wasn't feeling like reading and all the acronyms given were super helpful too to remember boring stuff. Workbook makes you stay on top of your stuff and the study guide also is good to look at. The staff was super helpful with questions and are available to emails, makes it seem much more personable and interactive.

by Cade on PT Final Exam
Passed October 2018 NPTE

Highly recommend for new grads and those re-taking the exam! I wish I knew about this course review before I took the exam the first time. Unfortunately I failed on that attempt. I quickly researched and put together a game plan for my second try and PT final exam was a key part of my preparation. I passed on my second attempt and this course played a MAJOR role! I used the individual study course. It is WELL WORTH IT. Don't sleep, utilize this great resource. It is such a relief to know that I am a licensed PT now!

by Neha on PT Final Exam
Best course for the NPTE!

This was my 2nd attempt taking the NPTE (my 1st attempt was in July). I was not ready during my first attempt and scored a 545. I was so nervous after not passing the first time and immediately started looking into what the best course was for tackling the NPTE. Fortunately, I came across PT Final exam and so happy I did! I took the NPTE independent study course and it could not have been more helpful! Any topics I had been confused about earlier made sense after watching the videos. I'm so excited to announce that i'm officially a licensed physical therapist thanks to PT Final exam!

by Andrew on PT Final Exam
Passed on my first try

Long story short, PT Final Exam gave me everything I needed to prepare. The content is very precise and clearly presented, and greatly improved my understanding of areas that I previously had trouble understanding. Highly recommended.

by S.A on PT Final Exam
Wonderfull, Comprehensive Course! ( live sessions)

I think this course is a wonderful comprehensive tool to prepare students for the daunting task of passing the NPTE! I passed on my second attempt thanks to it. This course can be described as active, rather than passive reviewing. There are assignments with due dates, ( which are pretty intense but it makes you look things up which helps you retain the information) which keeps you accountable for the information, and those assignments are basically your study guide when they are all complete. I cant express enough how comprehensive this course is, its basically everything you learned in PT school jam packed in an 8 wk course. Also, all the instructors are very knowledgeable, understanding and so very kind; they are super easy to contact and respond in a timely manner. They can definitely be described as mentors of sorts. Mr. crane also has a wonderful, easy to understand lecture on gait which I found really helpful. I learned so much, and the way that the concepts were taught and addressed cleared up somethings that were confusing to me in PT school. I really believe that this course was a blessing and that I will be a better practicing physical therapist because of it.
Thank you PT Final Exam Team!

by Alicia on PT Final Exam
Passed on my 1st try while pregnant w/ twins thanks to PTFE!

I am a recent grad who initially had to withdraw and reschedule the NPTE when I found out I was pregnant with twins and had a very difficult 1st trimester. There was no way I could study and take the exam in July. Will Crane was so understanding and was kind enough to extend the independent study course until October. PTFE was pretty much my sole source I used for studying- so much better than reading out of text books!! Will is an amazing teacher and has a great team of lecturers that keep things concise and interesting. I highly highly recommend this course! If I can do it with preggo brain, you can too! 🙂

by Connor Brown on PT Final Exam

I failed the NPTE the first time I took it and it defeated me. I was wondering how I would be able to take it again, shaken by the fact that when I took it the first time that I felt lost and all my friends had passed. After some online searching I found PTFE. I browsed through and decided it was worth a shot to do anything to help me to pass. After taking the Independent Study Course, I could not believe how many gaps in my knowledge I had prior to taking the first test. This course was formatted and outlined perfectly, the content was in-depth and up-to-date with what is on the NPTE, and is organized to where you can knock it all out in one month! Easy to follow lectures, plenty of resources and notes to help, and most importantly the instructors are easy to email and respond to you! When you take the practice test at the end, DO NOT GET DEFEATED! It is intended to be harder than the NPTE and is super helpful. I am happy to announce that I did pass the NPTE this time which was huge. I thank everyone at PTFE for putting this together. It is a tool everyone should use if they are unsure of or have failed the NPTE!!

by Gladys on PT Final Exam
Best NPTE Online Review Course

After failing my last exam, I never thought I will pass the NPTE. When I was reading all the reviews from PTFE website, I was skeptical at first. Then, I check Mr. Crane’s YouTube videos. The PT Independent Study Course truly helped me. All the videos and tips from you and your team were really helpful. It made studying easier for me, considering I graduated almost 16 years ago. How I wished I didn’t wasted my time enrolling to [other online review course] last year, and endure failing the NPTE. I still can’t believed that I finally PASSED the NPTE! Thanks Mr. Will Crane, and to your team. I hope that you will be able to help more foreign PT graduates (like me),to pass the NPTE. PTFE is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

by Priyanka Villanassery on PT Final Exam
Pass the NPTE

I did the online live review course to take the exam in Oct 2018. Will Crane was awesome and let me sign into the system earlier than the 3 months as I knew I wanted to do this program for a while to ensure my success on the NPTE. The mentors, advice, and class was amazing for me. I had a hard time on focusing my study to the most important topics rather than studying everything and this class really helped me to do that. The live session were great, even if you weren't able to make all of them you could watch them later on at your own pace (slower or faster). I really attribute my passing score to this program and working hard in it. I feel that I learned so much along the way, little tricks to help me remember things I didnt even remember in PT school. I felt better being in a group that understood the hardships of passing this test, it made me feel less alone in taking such a huge exam. Thank you to the entire team for helping me get a passing score and finally be able to work with patients as a PT! 🙂

by Abbey on PT Final Exam
Great Resource!

I did the online live course and it was a great decision! All of the classes went over key topics for the NPTE. The teachers made the classes enjoyable and easy to follow. They included helpful ways to remember things, charts and videos which is how I learn best. You can tell that the teachers are passionate about helping others prepare. This class provided me with better test taking strategies and gave me more confidence. The only negative was that some of the teachers were not as easy to get ahold of as others when you had a question. Thanks PTFE!!

by Katie on PT Final Exam

I participated in the individual study review course and it really helped me pass the NPTE. I loved the workbooks, illustrated pictures, and the practice test. Thanks for the help!

by Estella R. on PT Final Exam
Big help

Thanks for your help. I registered for the Independent PTA review. You helped and guided me with my review. I needed it ‘coz it had been 10 years since I did my last exam. And thank God and thank you, I passed the PTA exam.

by Anthony Datu on PT Final Exam
For PTAs as well

This is not just for PTs, its also for PTAs! The first time I took the NPTAE, I got the scorebuilder's book/basecamp program, and the O'Sullivan book. Both have great content, but both were still missing something. I ended up scoring a 597. I was devastated. I did my google searches and found PT Final. I initially did the independent program, but decided to switch to the live program and I do not regret a thing. The instructors, the presentations, and the whole program is what I needed. You still need to work hard during the program, but it is worth it. I passed my NPTAE with a 685. Thank you PT final exam!

by Dalton on PT Final Exam
Great experience

Ive always been a skeptic with online prepatory courses because the content is so broad, but this course does a great job narrowing down the essentials and necessities. With the help of this course I was able to pass on my second attempt. I should have enrolled to prep for the first exam. I felt more confident and like I had a MUCH broader knowledge of the content going into the exam after completing all of the course work (work book and webinars). Highly recommended

by Winn on PT Final Exam

IF I HAD TO CHOOSE AGAIN, I WOULD CHOOSE PT FINAL EXAM IN A HEARTBEAT! I can’t say thank you enough for helping me pass my PT boards.
I have struggled in school my whole life, starting with being on an IEP in Elementary, Jr High and High School. In college I had to start with the lowest possible classes that didn’t even count towards my college degree. Instead of PT school being three years, my program put me to part time and it took me five years to complete. Not that this level of schooling would be easy for anyone but it was extremely hard for me! With my learning disability, written tests were something I did not look forward to. Put me in a clinic and I am just fine, but give me a written test and I struggle.
During my first attempt at studying for the boards, I read the Scorebuilders book on my own but failed and got a 501. I then did Scorebuilders again but instead of the book, I did their program which is called basecamp. I did improve my board score to 532, but I was still far from the 600 I needed. I then spent a lot of money and joined a course called Therapy Prep Exam, but I actually got worse with this course and got a 492. After feeling like I would never pass the PT boards and losing all self-confidence, something happened that changed everything. I met Will Crane. After I talked on the phone with him for over 30 minutes, I could tell he really cared about my success in passing the boards! All of a sudden, my confidence had increased and I knew that this was going to be a different course.
At first I was really worried about how fast the 8 week course would be for me because it takes time for me to process things and to fully understand the concept. Week 1 started and I felt like someone had hit me with a ton of bricks. Then week 2 began and once again I felt like more bricks were falling. When everybody was feeling better with the assignments by week 3, I still felt like I was drowning and would never be able to stay on top of everything. I couldn’t keep up with all of the assignments and actually got discouraged that I wasn’t going to pass again! However, the PT final exam instructors were amazing and listening to their lectures actually got me excited about studying for the first time ever. Every time I would finish a lecture, I became more confident with myself and PT knowledge. I would even re-watch each lecture because they were interesting to me and I enjoyed them. I also watched all of the independent videos from the April course to see if they worded things differently. I just kept trying to work on the assignments as best as I could each day while continuing to read from text books and Scorebuiders Monday through Saturday. Weekly, my brain needed a break and Sunday was that break for me where I would spend time with my wife and three children while attending church.
One thing that I personally disliked about the course was taking a practice test every week. But that ended up being the best possible thing for me to do! Let me just say, I didn’t do very good on all of the other practice exams such as Scorebuilders, Ptfinalexam test, Osuillvan test, and my first PEAT. I was in the 65% and below category. I finally passed the last PEAT exam but only by a hair! I got a 600. I was really nervous going in for my fourth attempt, but overall felt more confident than any of my previous attempts. I improved my score by 131 points and scored a 623, a passing score! My best score ever and that is counting all of my practice exams. Taking a practice test every week was rough but it got me in a routine and allowed me to be comfortable with taking long tests. Also, because I took a test every week, it was like second nature when taking the national boards, it was like going in for the “weekly test”.
I am living proof that it is possible to pass the boards even though all of my practice test scores were low and I was not able to finish every single assignment. I am not saying don’t do the assignments, because I did work on them every day while also reviewing my old assignments. But if you don’t finish them it is ok. I just kept doing my best on them and tried not to get discouraged. Every time I had questions, I would write them down on a piece of paper and once I had about 10 or so, I would either call or email Will and he would take the time to walk me through the questions until I fully understood. I emailed many of the instructors and they were just as amazing in their responses. I OWE so much to PTfinalexam! Thank you Will and all of the other instructors!!! This course was completely life changing and my family will forever be grateful to you all!

by Joe Booker on PT Final Exam
Great supplement

This course helped me pass the NPTE on my first attempt. It was very difficult to to keep up with those that we not working in the clinic for the first 3 weeks when the asssignments are very dense. I was able to catch up later but even after I had finished all the content I was still performing around the average on the practice exams. For the last few weeks I was able to memorize most of the topics that PTFE really emphasizes and did really well on the last two practice exams. I ended up passing the NPTE by almost 100 points and definitely feel PTFE had a contributing role to that. This course covers topics thoroughly that are often glazed over in our programs and that the NPTE seems to emphasize. I think the Live Courses helped me stay on task more than anything, as I am a habitual procrastinator.

by Kelsey Howland on PT Final Exam
Perfect for an active visual learner

This program was a perfect supplement to break up studying in O'sullivan's and scorebuilders. It allowed an active learning environment as compared to staring books for days on end. They explain things in a way that helps you docus your energy in the most effective way!

by BM on PT Final Exam
Live Course

For those of you that have either failed the NPTE prior or are taking it for the first time, let me tell you that PTFE is the best prep course for you! After failing the NPTE on my first time, I was broken and didn’t know what to do. I thought I had studied everything I could but I was wrong. The exam is more than just studying review books and that’s what PTFE is all about. It’s an all encompassing course that will assure you all the material you need to pass the exam. The workbook is challenging in the beginning however, well worth it at the end as it becomes your own personal study guide. Throughout the course I noticed steady improvement in my practice exam scores which assured me that I was on the right track this time! Along with the live lectures, study guides, practice exams, study partners, and lots of hard work and determination, I was able to PASS on my second attempt thanks to PTFE! I’m officially now a licensed PT! Thank you Will and the team!

by Karinda Polk on PT Final Exam

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this course is! I did the “live” review and it truly was worth every penny! Will and the other instructors taught me how to study and helped with pointing out the highlights of the main topics which needed to be known for the test. On the PEAT I made a 608 and pulled off 713 on my first attempt on the NPTE! Do yourself a huge favor and enroll into this course! You won’t regret it!!!!

by Ann on PT Final Exam
Independent Study

Truly the best prep course for NPTE on the market. Worth the investment!
I highly recommend this course to anyone; especially to foreign students, anyone who has trouble with studying, or test anxiety, or anyone with failed motivation post several attempts.
Will Crane, the most knowledgeable and absolutely honest person to take the NPTE prep course with. Awesome group of educator/ coaches: Alana, Mark, Jonathan. “The past is the past, this time my attempt was the FIRST and the LAST ” Thank you all.

by Marcelo Knapik on PT Final Exam
Wahoo!!!!!! Awesome Course!!!!

the end of a long journey, and beginning of another one!!!!!!! With dedication, perseverance, hard work, and focus, I was able to raise my score from 589 to 709 and get an well deserved PASSED!!!!!!
After 18 years of my graduation, not being fresh out of the school, I finally did it!!!!! My secret????? "There is no secret", There is studying hard (5 hours a day while working full time), watching all PTFE the lectures, taking notes, studying the major text books used in PT school (Magee, O'Sullivan, Kisner, Goodman, Neumann, among others), going over content with study buddies, doing Will Crane's homework (hard one, but worthy), PTFE practice test, and not leaving one single rock unturned, digging deep to the content, questioning myself how and why things work.
PTFE (Will Crane, and his top team), has guided me to my success, and finally, since I have moved to the States, I am who I meant to be, a Physical Therapist!!!!

Thanks Will Crane, for being always there!!!!!!

by TC on PT Final Exam
PTFE Live Course

PTFE is simply the best prep course available to any graduated/ing PT student nervous about the NPTE! After failing the NPTE on my 1st attempt, I was discouraged and didn't know how to change my study tactics or approach because I thought I did everything I could during the 1st go-round to be successful however I learned very quickly that I was wrong! I didn't nearly put in as much time and effort that I needed too in order to pass this test. PTFE helped me realize that within the 1st week! The assignment that is to be completed during this course keeps you focused and on track while also ensuring that you put in quality time and effort! The intense yet motivational and friendly live course is beneficial and definitely worth it as you are able to communicate with the coaches during webinars or via-email. PTFE boosted my confidence and provided a steady studying habit that I was able to stay committed too throughout the course! On my 2nd attempt, after completing PTFE, I passed! and improved my score by 113 points!!! I highly recommend this course to anyone who has trouble with studying, test taking skills, staying motivated, feeling defeated due to previous failed attempts or even 1st time test takers!!! This course will prepare you for success and help you in ways you didn't think could be possible! Thank you Will and all of the PTFE coaches for your encouraging words and wealth of knowledge! I am now a licensed PT!!!

by Alex on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam Independent Study Course

I increased my score by 85 POINTS!!! On my second attempt, I was able to PASS the July NPTE! After failing in April, I felt lost and looked for review courses to help with passing the NPTE. Then, I came across Will Crane’s PT Final Exam. I signed up for the independent study course due to my part time working schedule and I cannot believe the quantity and quality of information, tools, and guidance I received. I was able to playback videos at various speeds as well as stopping at my own pace to take notes. Will’s videos helped my learning style immensely. On my first attempt, I read through the O’Sullivan review textbook several times and took 4 practice exams. Using PT Final Exam, I quickly learned that reading something several times wasn’t the best way for me to process content. With PT Final Exam, I learned to read, listen, write, teach, and master information. Will and his team gave me such helpful tips to prepare for my second attempt and I couldn’t be more thankful. I felt so much more confident going into my second attempt and I utilized anxiety management strategies that Will’s course addressed. I highly recommend subscribing to PT Final Exam to help in preparation for passing the NPTE! Stay Positive! You can do it!!

by Ade on PT Final Exam
Independent Study

I recently took the NPTE July 2018. I PASSED. I started off studying my O'sullivan book ( I also had Scorebuilders, but did not really use the book to study just the exams) and when I was finished with the set amount of pages per day I then turned to the first video that was available on Independent PT final study followed by the 2nd video. The videos are pretty long so it took me 2 days to finish 1 video due to the other studying I had to complete. PT final taught me a gross amount of new topics that I would not have come acrossed otherwise. I feel this was worth the money, at the time I was going crazy due to the amount of money I have spent to pass the exam (it was worth it). The independent course is more beneficial (obviously opinionated) for individuals that are organized but just need a readily available resource. The videos are extremely helpful especially gait!! (I did not do this but I wish I would have, watch the gait video once a week so it could be ingrained in your brain). I did not get to all the bonus videos but for those videos I just listened. I took notes while watching the videos so I know that is why it took me longer to watch one video. I recommend taking notes, when I remembered stuff out of nowhere I would open my PT final notebook and say "oh now I see how to answer this question"". It may feel tedious to write but the notebook was the best thing I could have done. The NPTE is not an easy test, no matter how much you study walking out of that exam you will feel like you failed (majority of my classmates including myself felt this way). So if anything, remember that you probably did NOT fail. Final say, you know yourself, you know what subjects you lack knowledge and you know how much you need to study in order to pass an exam. I studied probably 13 hours per day and I worked 2 days out of the week. I really wish I did not have to work but come on Im not rich. My scores were not where it should have been to feel confident in my ability to pass but I continued to study. SO just study!!!!!!!!!

by Sarah on PT Final Exam
Simply the Best

This team is amazing (to say the least). I increased my score by 66 points on my second attempt to get me a PASSING score! PT Final Exam is easy to follow and they provide you with the tools and knowledge to CRUSH the NPTE. I love the "no-judgement" feel of the community, and how everyone lifts one another up! HIGHLY recommend to PT students about to take on the NPTE. Thanks for your help, PTFE team!!

by JD on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam (Live Course)

I'm 42 years old, too stubborn to ask for directions and too proud to run from the rain. While this innate independence and tenacity has served me well in many capacities over the years, my reluctance to seek help ultimately cost me 3 failed attempts at the NPTE. Only after swallowing my pride and admitting I needed some direction was I able to pass this exam. Enter Will Crane, his program, and all the wonderful folks at PT Final Exam. Typically I've been very inefficient at independent study. I tend to try to study and memorize EVERYTHING related to an exam, not willing to leave anything out. I attacked material slowly and methodically, working through the Score Builders and Therapy-ed texts, attempting to cram every nugget of information into my brain. This would ultimately prove to be tedious, inefficient, and impractical, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. As a result, I'd dread attempting to study, and already being an accomplished procrastinator, I perfected my craft. With PTFE I was able to funnel my efforts into first mastering the big ticket items, and then expanding on that knowledge and integrating the related topics. My study time became exponentially more efficient as I was able to get significantly more "bang for the buck," by not wasting so much energy on relatively obscure information. Suddenly, studying for the NPTE became manageable, less overwhelming. The single biggest help to me ended up being the webinars. While I only watched a handful live, I reviewed all of them, taking notes in what would turn out to be my go-to NPTE study guide. Will, Jonathan, Mark, Alana, and the rest of the team presented information in clever and thoughtful ways, offering easy to grasp explanations on frequently challenging material. Bottom line: with the guidance I received from PTFE I was able to top my previous best attempt on the NPTE by 65 points. I highly recommend!

by Quintez on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I must admit I thought it was too good to be true when I heard about this program. I started out very afraid when I knew the time was coming closer for taking the NPTE. I've seen a lot of different review courses but none like this. PT Final Exam is fun, engaging, structural, and organized. For me, the course was like insurance to me. I took NPTE for the first time and improved my score by 29 points relative to the PEAT practice exam. I highly recommend this review course for anyone who wants to take it to the next level!

by Amy Gelert on PT Final Exam
PT Live Course

I graduated from PT school a year ago and had a child a few months after. So after a year of clinicals and 10 months post partum, it's been a good two years since my didactic portion of PT school. My school cohort all took the NPTE long ago and so starting the studying process on my own was a struggle.

Enter PT Final Exam. The live content review classes kept me anchored to a study schedule and material that covered all the main topics on the NPTE. The live courses and online group chat also helped me feel a lot less alone while putting in the numerous hours of study this test required. In the last two weeks before the exam, I was still unsure if I was ready. However, the live support offered by PT Final Exam coach, Jonathan, and talking to Zen Master Will Crane himself, gave me the refocused confidence and game plan to take the NPTE in July... and I passed first time taking it! 🙂

I am incredibly grateful to have found this course. The content and format of this online review course breaks the info down into easily learnable bites, with tricks to make it stick for audio, visual, and kinetic learners. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to any future NPTE candidates!

by Nicole on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam Live Course

Thanks to the help of Will and his amazing team I passed the NPTE on my first attempt. I was hesitant to purchase the course because I was a broke DPT student BUT I would much rather pay the money for this course and invest and only have to go through this process once. This test is a marathon and studying for this exam is daunting. I bought both Therapy Ed and Scorebuilders review books but the amount of information can become very overwhelming (especially because these books sometimes have conflicting information). The core content review lectures that Will and his team held helped me focus my studies and really help me learn the topics. I tend to be a person who gets caught in the details and this course helped me avoid this. Will and his team are here for you to answer emails and any questions you have. After graduating, I felt alone while studying for this exam. Joining PTFE created a community where other members asked questions that you may not have thought of and we are all in this together. I am so thankful I decided to sign up for this class!

by Robert on PT Final Exam

This is an absoutley great course. I passed my board exam on my first attempt and PT final exam was my main focus of study. I used other study books mainly for the practice tests that were included. Everyone here is very friendly and will go out of their way to assist you. Will Crane talked to me on the phone because I was concerned that I was starting the course 2 weeks late and he assured me that I would be able to catch up. I was hesitant on spending the money and he told me to try it for a week and let him know if I was not satisfied and he would take care of it for me. It was worth every penny.

by Karen Williams on PT Final Exam
The best

I am a foreign educated PT who enrolled in PTFE. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I joined the course very late but was able to watch the prevoiusly recorded sessions and joined in the remaining live sessions. This course helped me to truly appreciate how to approach the questions on the NPTE. I passed the NPTE on my first attempt with the tremendous resource at NPTE. The live session is the BEST value for money you will spend and the team members genuinely care about your sucess. Simply awesome!!!!!

by Nick on PT Final Exam
Independent Study Course

PT Final Exam is well worth the investment! It really helped me think in a way that allowed me to succeed on the NPTE. I would highly recommend this product!

by Rebecca on PT Final Exam
Self study course

PT Final Exam was a great additional resource to self study which helped me pass the NPTE on my first attempt!. Videos averaged 1.5-2 hours in length, which included practice questions and great discussions to help you understand the content. I highly recommend using PT Final Exam as a resource as we reviewed topics that I would have totally forgot to study!
Thank you!

by Chandler on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

I found this course helpful in organizing the daunting task of studying for boards. It provides interactive videos, worksheets and reading materials to benefit all of the learning styles. It also broke down more complex concepts and made them easier to understand and remember! This course helped me pass the NPTE on my first attempt! Thank you!

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