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User-submitted reviews.
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PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 692 reviews
 by Junho
private tutor

I don't think everyone need what I needed. Private tutor with Matt helped me a lot. During the actual exam there were a lot of moment that"Oh we talked about this during the tutoring". By talking through with Matt, it got much easier to retain the contents I need to remember as much as I will be able to pass.

 by Jet
Consistency and Care

Taking the VIP has been a game changing experience. When it comes to coaches Will Crane is the John Wooden of NPTE coaching. He goes above and beyond what is expected, demonstrating excellent course content, outstanding intentionality, and amazing desire to make sure you are feeling well ready for your exam. Will does a great job following up with his students and has always made himself available in some shape or form when a student is needing some guidance/encouragement. The learning environment is set up very strategically to build yours and your peers skills through constant collaboration and support. I have tried other sources and none of them come close to providing content specific to your areas of struggle.

 by Maggie

I am forever grateful to Will and his incredible team! I was enrolled in the VIP course and it was one of my best decisions. By test date, I felt confident and prepared to crush the NPTE (and I did!! Scored 100 points more on my second attempt with the help from PFE)!! Everyone is so kind and knowledgeable. I truly felt like I had my own support team while studying for the exam. It was amazing! Will and his team made this stressful time, a great learning experience for me. For that, I am forever grateful.

 by Paul George

The journey to becoming a registered PT is time-consuming and stressful, and the NPTE exam could be quite daunting, challenging, and hard. PT Final Exam has proved to make the steps in achieving my dream to become a registered PT simple, easy and fun. The best course that is provided is the VIP(T) course which entails it all. Will, Mark, and all the PT Final Exam staffs are so courteous, helpful, and fabulous. They will guide you to create the best score possible. Their practice exams are challenging, interesting, and provocative. I don’t think I would have succeeded in the NPTE in the first attempt if I had not been a part of the team. I would highly recommend their courses, especially the VIP(T) coursework for getting a huge score. The time employed in answering small doubts that everyone has in the small group of VIP(T) is just plain brilliant. The one-on-one call with Will as a part of VIP(T) is also another feather in the cap as it enabled me to grasp a content or few contents that I had a hard time understanding. This course is amazing, fabulous, and strongly recommended and it's worth every penny spend. Thank you all. Truly an amazing journey with you all.

 by Jessica
Excellent Preparation and Tutoring!

After failing the NPTE by 13 points on my first attempt, I was looking for a new way to prepare for the board exam that went beyond a 600-page book. I needed memory aid tools and a shorthand for knowing what was most important. I passed the exam on my second attempt and improved my score by nearly 100 points! I couldn't have done it without PT Final Exam and Alex Pisanello, who helped me with a 1-on-1 tutoring session and gave me the confidence I needed to move onto licensure.

 by Mackenzie
Your future self is calling and telling you to take this course!

I am beyond grateful for PTFE! I did not pass on my first attempt and was feeling frustrated as you can imagine, but then I found this course. I took the VIP(T) class for 2 cohorts and passed! The 10 week review was insanely helpful, not only in content review, but study and test taking tips as well! Will is a God send in his patience and encouragement. He will stick with you in the highs and lows and be there to help! Not to forget the rest of the PTFE staff, Mark, Kelcey and Sara were also extremely helpful in the crash course as well! Please, if you are on the fence about taking a review course, just do it. I wish I had taken this course before my first attempt! You will not regret taking any course from PTFE! I will forever be thankful for Will and the team!

 by Claire
Take this course if you want to pass!!!

Words can’t describe how thankful I am so have found Will and this course! I am doing a residency right after graduation and needed to pass on my first try. I did the VIP(T) class for 2 cohorts and not only felt so confident going into the exam, but feel way more confident in my PT knowledge and skills. Will and his team really are the full package. The content is incredible and comprehensive, the practice tests are fabulous, and the instructors and other students are so supportive and helpful. Passed on my first try thanks to Will! Forever grateful!!!

 by Mckenna
Passed on the First Try!

I purchased the independent study course due to a busy work/family schedule. I needed guidance for the NPTE but needed the freedom of studying on my own time.
In order to graduate, we had to pass a PEAT exam. I had failed my first PEAT attempt and with the help of PTFE I not only nailed the second PEAT attempt but I passed the NPTE on my first attempt! Not only is the course content super in-depth and helpful for exam preparation, but the team provides helpful and responsive service with any questions or issues. The practice tests were also super helpful. If you are struggling with how to study or anxiety with the NPTE, I definitely recommend checking out their courses.

 by Erin
Ticket to success

After failing my boards exam 3 times, I thought there was no hope for me. After following through the crash course and reviewing every lecture that kept me involved and focus, I felt like I had learned SO MUCH more information that I previously was browsing over. All the tips and tricks helped my mind stay in tuned when there was so much information to know. Thank you again to the PT final exam family that helped me become successful this time around.

 by Emily
The Crash Course Is Worth It!

If you are a PT student or new grad getting ready to take the NPTE and are contemplating the Crash Course with PT Final Exam, do it! This course was so helpful to me in reviewing the main topics and covering some of those major ideas that were on the exam! Will, Mark, Sarah, and the rest of the team were so incredibly kind and so genuinely helpful. They always took time to answer questions during the live sessions. They have so many helpful tips and pneumonics for remembering things! This course was so helpful and I would recommended it to any PT student or new grad preparing for the NPTE!

 by Hana Turner
Passed on 1st attempt all thanks to PTFE

I am part of the class of 22' that was predominantly on Zoom for the past 2 years and as a result I felt very unprepared for the boards despite passing my comprehensive examination to graduate. I joined the VIP course throughout both the April and July cohorts to begin to study to fill this void in my confidence and knowledge. Once graduated I took a job at my last clinical site and was working part time while studying and the VIP course was the main thing keeping me afloat during my long days and fatigue. Will and all the other tutors are very knowledgeable and also very warm and welcoming, which made a huge difference for me. Ultimately, I passed on my first attempt after months of hard work but also no doubt thanks to PTFE and their structured course that held me accountable and ensured that all my questions were answered. I recommend PTFE to anyone taking their boards for sure! Will Crane fist bumps all around 🙂

 by Matt
Best investment for your future

I would highly recommend PTFE to any PT student who is preparing for the NPTE, no matter if it is your first time or fifth. The breakdown of material and schedule is easy to follow and enables excellent preparation and review for all materials NPTE. The NPTE can be a daunting task, but the support from the PTFE staff and their ability to break down and teach the material in an easy-to-learn way makes PTFE the best choice for NPTE prep courses.

 by Anna cook
Five stars all around

The crash course gave me confidence in being able to maneuver through the three big systems. It also gave me some good review before the exam. They teach very useful strategies for success on the exam! The podcast also really helped me when I needed a different form of learning. Great people, great product.

 by Aaron

I loved the PT Crash Course when I first attempted the NPTE-PT. My regret was not enrolling in the VIP(T) course sooner. I wanted to ensure that my second attempt was my last, and I am more than happy with my decision. During the live courses and power calls, Will made complex concepts very digestible so they would be readily available during the actual boards. I knew the answers without hesitation to many questions on my exam, and I couldn't have that much confidence if it wasn't for Will and his team. Thank you, Will and PT Final Exam, for helping me pass my boards!!!!

 by Erika
Overcoming the NPTE

The team at PTFinalExam was extremely helpful in providing tricks and tips to remember items on the NPTE! This class helped me overcome failing the NPTE and becoming a licensed Physical Therapist. I recommend taking a course here at PTFinalExam to overcome test anxiety, get helpful hints and structure to preparing for the NPTE

 by Joshua Elder
VIP PT Package

Will does a great job helping you to direct your time towards what you need to study for the test, which can be difficult because of the shear amount of information on the NPTE. I was pleasantly surprised how helpful the lectures were considering we were covering 3 years worth of information. He's great at giving silly ways to remember important information, which helps it all stick for test day. There were several questions on the test I instantly knew the correct answer because Will had gone over the topic directly. Not only did I pass the NPTE, but I feel like this class made me a better clinician. Highly recommend!

 by Robert
Passed on first attempt!

I can not recommend the VIP(T) course any higher. With Wills course I was able to pass the boards on my first attempt. It was a lot of hard work, but Will gives all the tips and knowledge needed to pass the exam. The course was extremely structured, and Will took out extra time after lecture to address everyone’s questions. Thank you again Will!

 by Brenna Benavidez
PTA crash course

Passed the NPTE on my first try thanks to PT final exam. Taking there crash course was a perfect compliment to my studying. The live lectures are recorded to review at your own pace with additional videos on gate, lymphatic,safety etc. At the end of each week they give practice questions and reviews of each system. I wouldn’t have passed without their crash course and would recommend to anyone who is taking the NPTE.

 by Dawn
Highly recommended!!!

Shellie and the crash course were perfect for me!!! Shellie’s constant encouragement kept me feeling like I could finish strong, and I did!!! I needed the lectures and the access to questions. Highly recommend this, especially if you suffer with memory and anxiety.
Thank you so much!!!

 by Yelitza

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up to PT final exam! This program had everything you needed for a study guide! The course was very well structured and made someone like me have a plan on where to begin with my studies! Thank you to the AWESOME instructors who were very helpful with getting each question answered. I am happy to say I have passed the NPTE on my first attempt, thanks to PT final exam!!!

 by Heather
Super helpful!

This course helped me organized what I needed to focus on! I struggled staying on track trying and organizing how I would spend my time studying, the crash course gave you a lot of great info right before the exam, definitely gave me the edge I needed!

 by Brittany
PTA Premium is a must!

I would absolutely recommend PT final exam to anyone going into taking their NPTE exam. The premium course was the best investment I could have used as a study tool under my belt. I struggled with studying on my own but all the instructors made learning fun and easy with their well explained videos and the workbook they give you to study along with. I passed my NPTE on the first time and couldn’t have done it without this program.

 by Mariama Shannon
Excellent Course

I highly recommend this course! PT Final Exam was the best investment that I made for my journey to passing the NPTE. Very structured and straight to the point.

 by Abby

I will recommend PT Final exam to anyone that is looking for a review course! The instructors are awesome. The content is exactly what I needed to review to be successful at my second attempt at the NPTAE. I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off my first go at studying alone but you won’t feel that way with PTFE. The course is guided well so if what you’re looking for is more guidance as you study for the big day this is the way to go!

 by Ryan S.
Sign Up For This Course!

I wish I had signed up for this before my first go at the exam! As someone who struggles with academics, this course helped me formulate a plan and made me feel so much more comfortable prior to my test. The coaches are all VERY knowledgeable, friendly, and make the information provided very easy to understand. Whether I pass the exam or not, I would absolutely recommend this program! I really can't thank Will, Mark, and the team enough for all they have done.

 by Shamari
Great Program !

PT Final Exam was the best investment that I made for my journey to passing the NPTE. I did not pass on my first attempt and made the ultimate decision to invest in PT Final Exam's independent study bundle. There were lectures on all different topics which were presented by amazing instructors that really helped break down the different concepts making them easier to understand and remember. This program gave me the resources and guidance I needed to pass the NPTE with a score increase of over 50 points on my second attempt! Thank you so much, Will and the PTFE team !!

 by Greg

If your needing structure and motivation to prepare for the NPTE the VIP class is a must! I was unsuccessful on my first attempt and missed the mark by 3 questions. Long story short I passed by over 50 sub scale points! Will and Mark are wonderful instructors and care about your success. If you want to guarantee an automatic pass, the VIP class is for you! Thanks again, PT final exam!!

 by Deb
Solid Content and Great Instructors

I highly recommend this course if you need solid content. As a PT returning to the field after 20+ years, I needed to review everything! However, since that's not realistic, I did the next best thing. I signed up for the VIP program and made a point to attend the classes live so that I could ask questions and be a part of the live energy. I repeated the course three times before I felt ready enough to try the NPTE. I filled in a lot of Will's workbook, made tons of flashcards, and studied for a minimum of two hours a day but up to eight hours a day on the weekends. I took all of the PT Final Exam practice exams plus the Scorebuilders exams and the PEAT exams. I worked hard. But, it was being a part of a live group with an instructor who cared that kept me accountable and focused on my goal of passing the NPTE. I passed the exam on the first attempt. Repetition, silly stick figures, and mnemonics helped a ton. Don't go it alone!

 by Richard
Great program!

This course was excelent in helping me prepare and pass the PT board exam! It provided me with valuable resources to help me stay on track and gave me guidance throughout my studying. Additionally, it provided me with many useful tricks to help me remember difficult topics.

 by Mary
My score improved 67 points!

I had failed the PTA board exam 2 times and was feeling really down and didn’t know what else to do. I ended up emailing Shellie and she recommended I take the PTA premium course. And I’m so glad I did because I PASSED on my 3rd attempt. Shellie as well as all the the instructors do a great job at preparing you for material that is on the test as well as providing really great study tips and tons of encouragement. I am so grateful for this course.

 by Regan
Perfect score!

I got an 800 on my PTA exam on the first attempt after taking the PT Final Exam course! I can’t recommend it enough. I seriously learned more in the course than I did in my program! It is well organized and you’re given so many tips and tricks to remember things! Thank you so much PTFE! ♥️

Congrats on the 800/800!!! That is fabulous!

 by Brooke Lehman
Best Exam Prep Course!

The material and the instructors from PT final are incredible! I wish I had these lectures during my first year of the PTA program. The practice exams were challenging. I passed my exam on the first try!

 by Adriana
Struggle with passing and then PASSED!!

I had troubles passing my NPTAE. Then I decided to take the premium course/crash course together. I ended up passing and I’m so glad ptfinalexam helped out a lot. I also wanted to give a big shoutout to Shellie, she was a great instructor and gave awesome tips on how to pass. I’m glad I made ptfinalexam the program to turn to to pass my exam!

 by Sarah
Best Program Ever

I took the NPTE in October 2021 and got a score of a 515. I was completely devastated. I passed the next testing cycle in January 2022 with a 682. I almost cried I was so happy! I tried other prep courses, but I didnt see results until I started studying with PT Final Exam. It was hands-down the best program for me and I recommend it to everyone!

 by Nana
Great prep cours

Our school signed us up with PT final exam. This course was very helpful and helped me pass the NPTAE. I would recommend PT final exam to anyone taking the PTA exam

 by Bianca Gaden
Essential tool for the NPTE

This company is the best!!! Im currently in the PTA premium live class and will be joining the crash course, so far I’ve learned and retained so much thanks to all the tips and tricks that they provide to help me study. Thank you PT final exam for helping me learn and retain all the essential info to be successful on test day!

 by Kanth

PT final is the excellent review course.. which helped me to study and guided me to pass this NPTE

 by Dr Landon Sackett
First Time Pass

Our school (UMHB) had signed us up for the prep course. I was excited since it would be more structured than trying to study by myself. I found some instructors more helpful/better at teaching than others but the content was still good so after finding out who I liked I’d watch theirs live and then do the others on my own. It was a great resource Will and Mark seemed to have really nailed it down (Check out their podcast too for some easy on the go studying!!!) overall would recommend as I was able to pass on my first attempt! Will Crane cost pumps all around!

 by Amanda
HUGE score increase!

I am pleased to say I PASSED the NPTE with a huge score increase! My score went up over 60 points! I could not believe it! I previously scored a 597 and was pretty devastated to miss it by less than a question. I knew I didn't want to take that chance again. I signed up for the VIP course and absolutely loved it! I know for a fact that I would not have passed it if it was not for this awesome class. I cannot thank Will and the rest of the team enough! I am finally ready to hit the ground running and start practicing as a clinician. WCFP!!!

 by Elise
Finally got it!!

You are not alone! Studying the NPTE is hard, stressful and take a lot of energy. Here, you will have support and help! You will have access to a lot of amazing content, to help to schedule your study, to many tips on how to prepare for the test, to answer questions and face anxiety and with the chat group, you will be part of a community of people who live the same situation.
I am a foreign trained PT and I thought I could study by myself, I was wrong! I took the VIP course and it was the best choice! Will and his team helped me along this journey and I will always be grateful for it.

 by Sheryll
All worth it!!!

If you are still having second thoughts to enroll in this course, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to ace the exam! Being a repeat test offender, I have lost my self-confidence and my test anxieties run HIGH! In addition to that, I have been off-track for 20+ years which added more pressure on where and how will I get back again. PT final exam has showed me every step of the way, not only with the academic part but also on how to boost my confidence. Will and the whole team have created an excellent program to assist all the aspiring PT's to succeed. The contents provided during live session or recorded / bonus session were all outstanding. One of the things I like about this class is that they have FUN ways to remember and distinguish one condition from the other. You will also have the opportunities to share your own tricks and as the same time learn from others too during the live session and telegram app. It is definitely an open communication and NOT just you listening on the other side of the screen trying to stay awake! What I really like the most is that, you'll feel that you are valued and not just a person who spends bucks to be in the class. If you want to know what I mean, it's all worth it to enroll in this program!
To Will and the whole team, I am forever grateful for all the time, effort, hard work and dedication you have given. You will always be in my heart! May you continue to be a blessing to others. God bless you all.

 by Lauren
Do yourself a favor!

I had failed the first attempt by 3 points and was absolutely devastated because I had worked so hard for months trying to study for the NPTE. One of my friends told me about PT final exam and how she wanted to take the crash course before she took her exam but never got the chance to. Let me tell you: if you're struggling to study on your own and you just can't seem to remember, or even understand, some things, I HIGHLY recommend you do yourself the favor and take their course! I passed my second attempt and my score went up 30 points! During the live lectures, I learned so many new ways to remember some things I was struggling with. The bonus videos in addition to being able to communicate with other students on the telegram app was extremely helpful because they also had their own tips and tricks to remember or make sense of things. I personally needed the structured learning the crash course had to offer, and it worked wonders! Thank you SO much Will, Mark, and Shellie for helping me become an official licensed PTA!

 by Payton
3rd Times the Charm

I took the VIP course after taking the NPTE twice and failing both times. I found that the structure of having class at a certain time and having a study guide helped a lot. I tried to study on my own for the first two attempts and I was not disciplined enough to actually sit down and study. I also have a history of test anxiety which Will helped give me tips to try to control during a phone call with him. The teaching style was helpful, because you get to learn from a lot of different people and you get the information you need rather than the information that you don't really need to know for the test. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program to get you to pass the NPTE. I took the test for the third time in January 2022 and passed with the help of the PT FINAL EXAM crew and I cannot be more thankful for them.

 by Annie
PT Crash Course and Independent Course

Highly recommend!! Provided structure, support, and tips & tricks to pass the NPTE. Can’t thank the PT final exam team enough for their help!

 by Jen

This class was the key to me passing the exam! Studying for the NPTE can be so overwhelming and PT Final exam helped me to hone in on critical subjects to pass the exam. Will and the rest of the PT Final exam crew have awesome pneumonics and tips to help you remember essential information to dominate on test day. Highly recommend this class to anyone looking to pass the exam.

 by Dr. Cody Caraway, PT, DPT
The name says it all

First-time-go with the help of PTFE. I used all their practice exams, their book helped consolidate the tons of information into a concise format. Dr. Crane was very knowledgeable and willing to help in literally any way he could.

 by Trevor
3rd times the charm

Will and the team really are incredible and knowledgeable on what will be on there. I thought I could figure it out on my own but I needed them to understand not only the information, but how it would be presenting. Thanks for the help guys

 by Fabie Joseph

I was on my 3rd attempt for the exam and lost with & a high anxiety. PTfinalExam helped me boost my score by 50 points and it was worth all my money and time. Mark and his team are wonderful at what they do. They focus on whats tested most, they give you real life examples to help you with memorization and understanding, and they RECORD the sessions which you can view over and over and over and over again as you please. you will have so much material at your disposal to use to succeed, books, videos, prep-exams, podcast, & a group chat with others in your shoes. Don't pay attention to the prices (which are fair) IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.! what you get in return is so much more than what you're paying for. Invest in your future and be sure the next time time you seat for the exam ITS YOUR LAST. Thank you is an understatement to show my gratitude. I will forever be grateful for this group of people.

 by Jonathan Gesner
PTA Crash Course and Independent Course

Love the resources they provide to help prep and prepare for the exam. I joined the site after failing on my third attempt, now after my fourth I passed. I highly recommend any PTA student prepping for the exam to sign up for these courses!

 by Jonnae
PTA Crashcourse

Loved. Teachers are awesome. The group chat is helpful and fun. The extra videos that are included saved me!!! Definitely recommend 🙂

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