Real Love from Real PT’s and PTA’s

(Not just a few testimonials)


Real Love from Real PT’s and PTA’s

(Not just a few testimonials)

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by Shruti Parmar on PT Final Exam
Path to Success

I approached Will Crane with lots of doubts. But after just 2 conversations with him I decided to join PT Final Exam for a very simple reason - Genuinity. I found his replies very honest. And I am glad I decided to join PT final exam. My score hiked from 538 to 631 after joining PTFE.PTFE uses very simplistic approach of teaching. Most complex topics are simplified to its best which helped me learn better.The association with PT final exam not only helped me reach my goal but also helped me to look at life differently. Being in touch with his team helped me create a positive outlook towards life.I highly recommend this course to Non-US candidates as it emphasizes on topics which I was not aware about.PTFE team puts in sincere efforts in individual students and addresses the every student needs differently.Heartiest Thank you to all the team members.

by Priscila on PT Final Exam
My NPTE story

PASSED!!!Cant express the importance this word has in my life.In 2016 I started studying for the NPTE but was so lost and overwhelmed with the idea! After reviewing the basics, I decided it was time to take the next step. I heard about PTFE and decided to check it out. From the start, I noticed such a good vibe from Will that encouraged me to start the course right away.I can`t imagine doing this wall it without PTFE. The course is straight to the point and the teachers are prepared and experienced! Being foreign trained it was challenging to me, but PTFE gave me encouragement as I learned to optimize my study time and focus on the good stuff.My first attempt on the NPTE was in January 2016. Although I didnt pass, it gave me experience. I was stronger and ready to do it again.One of the strong points is that PTFE lets you watch classes even though I didn't pass, so I continued studying for 3 more months and on April i finally PASSED!!!!!Such a great feeling of accomplishment!If your deciding if this is the right course or not, don`t hesitate! It helped me tremendously and I can`t thank Will and all the PTFE team for this!Thank God and PTFE! Ready to start this amazing career!



Will's response:
Yes, these are real reviews 🙂

by Chelsea on PT Final Exam
The third time was my charm!

I cannot give enough praise to the PTFE team!! After two failed attempts at the NPTE, I finally passed on my third attempt! I learned about this course from a coworker who had also failed twice before passing on her third attempt. I participated in the fall class in preparation for my second attempt on the October exam, where I unfortunately still fell short of passing. I was working part-time and studying while taking the fall class, which was too much for me in the end. After the devastation of not passing on my second attempt, I reorganized my schedule and study strategies and decided to bypass the January exam so that I could use the extra months for preparation to make my third attempt my final attempt. I passively participated in the winter class and made sure to better utilize the resources this class provides, such as the study guide and workbook. I also took full advantage of studying with the coworker who recommended this course, plus another coworker who was successful on her first attempt at the NPTE. I found that I needed the extra time and preparation adjustments to make sure I could hurdle the final barrier. And my plan paid off! My score improved by 70 points on my third attempt at the NPTE! I cannot thank the PTFE team enough. The support, motivation, and encouragement provided throughout this course is amazing! It was very motivating to have lecturers who also did not succeed on multiple attempts before finally passing. This course is most definitely worth the time and the money. Thank you PTFE!

by Lorelei on PT Final Exam
So Thankful for PT Final Exam!!

Thank you PT Final Exam for motivating me to stay positive and to not give up! Thank you for presenting me with material that was not well covered in my academic course work. Thank you for incorporating NPTE style questions throughout lectures to prepare me for the real thing!! Thank you Coaches and support staff for sharing tips on how study well and how to get material to stick! Big shout out to JB and Will Crane for helping me discover where I needed to make some test taking strategy changes! This crew is very approachable and fairly quick to respond to questions! Super helpful with topics that I struggled with in my review and previous exam attempts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me get through this time and PASS!

by Brendan McGreevy on PT Final Exam
A true gem!

After not succeeding in passing the NPTE twice I knew there had to be something up with my study tactics on my end. I had poured HUNDREDS of cumulative hours without success. I found this course and WOW. I quickly learned that my fault was trying to memorize EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING! This course really helped me master the big rocks of the NPTE as opposed to trying to decipher every last pebble of information. I wouldn't have been able to readjust my focus without the help of the PTFinalExam team!

by Danial Khan on PT Final Exam
Helped me pass

This class was a great help in organizing my notes, going over topics that are stressed on the NPTE, and setting up a study schedule. If you are having trouble passing, I highly recommend this course.

by Emily on PT Final Exam
A table can't stand without its legs!

An enormous hug of appreciation goes out to Will Crane, Alana, Mark, JB, Moira, Lyke, Arunima, Manvi, Shruti, Nirja, and the rest of the PT Final Exam team! (I believe I got you all!) The struggle, embarrassment, and difficulty of failing my first exam was made easy with the support of all of you! Your course was honestly a highlight of my day. The "lightbulb" moments, the team-orientedness, the silly jokes, the ENCOURAGEMENT, the one-to-one personal connection, the resources, and I can go on and ON! I truly feel that the studying became fun and made me EXCITED for the exam. Your course built my confidence and ultimately helped me reach my goal...PASSING THE NPTE! All of you were apart of my journey. I will never forget the time that you gave. Thank you, PT FINAL EXAM!!!

by Joyce on PT Final Exam
Terrific course!

I had an excellent experience, and wanted to thank you guys. I am foreign-trained (a decade ago!), and honestly believe that I would not have passed on my first try if it was not for this course. Thank you so much!!!

by Danielle on PT Final Exam

I took the NPTE in April as this was my 3rd attempt. Prior to the exam I purchased Will Crane's PTFE along with the usuage of my personal studies and unfortunately I did not pass. However, I am not upset (anymore) because I'm grateful and proud to say my score has increased 45 points from my last score report and I honestly don't think a drastic increase would have occured had I not purchsed PTFE. I am confident that I will pass the next time if my score continues to increase. I have to figure out a better strategy on how I can personally study and retain everything I learn, but then again I think my issue is test taking skills. Thankfully, my subscription is still active so that I can continue to get assistance as I tackle the next NPTE.

by Claire on PT Final Exam
Excellent Course

So grateful to Will and the PTFE team! I went from a painful 598 score studying alone to a glorious 728 with the help of PTFE. The team not only cover the content excellently but they go the extra mile to ensure each student has the correct mindset and test taking skills prior to test day. Each tutor is of super high quality! I can't say enough good things! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

by Kelsey on PT Final Exam
amazing review course part 2!

I already wrote a review about how amazing this course was and how confident I felt walking into my exam. I just got my score report and I am amazed to say my score went up over 100 points from my first attempt! I went from 560 to 663 between my two attempts. I am just amazed and I know I could not have done this without the help of PTFE. Thanks again!!!

by Lauren on PT Final Exam
6th time's a charm!

I passed!!! It took 6 attempts but finally I passed and I couldn't have done it without PTFE! I got pregnant after graduating 2015 and tried to juggle taking the boards, clinicals and pregnancy in order to get a job and start paying my loans off right away. After I had my daughter I stayed home with my daughter and studied while my husband worked. That's when I found PTFE I loved the classes and learned so much better seeing and doing. I learned great ways to remember topics I struggled with through the videos. I found PTFE after my 3rd attempt but due to having a newborn I just struggled with studying and when I skipped test dates my score would drop. My 5th attempt I was 9 points away from passing...I felt so good about this exam and to miss passing by 9 points was so devastating. I felt like an idiot that I didn't pass and I tried so many times when I knew I shouldn't have tried 4/5 of those times. I just was really stressed about a baby and my student loans so that night I cried myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up and decided I will pass the next time and I won't take time off studying and began studying hardcore again. I continued taking the PTFE rewatching all the videos, I redid the hw using the core textbooks, studied with a teacher and studied with a friend I went to school with that was also taking PTFE. After all the hard work and giving up a lot of time with my husband and daughter including Easter to study I finally passed the April 2017 exam with a score of 663! I had scores that ranged from 530 and 570's before my 5th and 6th attempt which means my score improved by about 133 from my lowest to highest score. My study buddy who was taking PTFE also passed by a lot more than what was needed. It takes a lot of dedication, but never give up! If you have taken the exam multiple times take PTFE it is worth it. I actually paid extra to extend my subscription but I would have never passed without it. They provide you with so many resources and tips on how best to study for this exam and everyone is so willing to help I wouldn't chose any other test prep course! Make sure you take the time to do the homework using the core textbooks don't just copy the workbook. It really takes reading the core books and doing the hw as well as the 50 day study plan Will has posted. If I would have had time to do that on other attempts I probably would have passed a lot sooner but it was hard juggling a newborn and studying while worrying about student loans. Good luck and don't waste attempts like I did start pass the first time or the next time by taking PTFE NOW don't waste a single day of studying! You can learn so much in just one day even though I passed I am still going over things Will and the other teachers posted that way I can be a great and confident physical therapist. Thank you again to everyone at PTFE I couldn't have passed without you! Sorry my review is long I just want to give others in my position some hope that they can pass and not to give up never ever give up!

by Sara on PT Final Exam
Overcoming All!

I graduated PT school in December 2016 thinking that I would be prepared for the NPTE like the rest of my classmates. Our school provided one renowned "Prep Course" which only consisted of a few half days of review and helpful test taking tips. I remember taking practice tests (getting better but never passing one over the 70% mark) and feeling like I was hitting a wall & that I needed more time (I felt like there was SO much more that I did not understand completely)! Even after 6 weeks of studying (with Scorebuilders & TherapyEd) and literally DAYS away from the NPTE, I could not breathe and felt a HUGE weight on my shoulders. Only DAYS away from the January exam, I rescheduled for the April date -- I felt excited, relieved, frustrated, defeated, lost and helpless ALL at the SAME time!! I could not take the same approach as before & I needed a change in my study habits or something. PT Final Exam Course was the missing link to my confidence and overall success! The material review, schedule, accountability, support system, and constant positive motivation TRANSFORMED my NPTE prep!! I was confident and looked at the test with positive aggression instead of overwhelming fear. Whether you are already confident or are far from it --- I would STRONGLY URGE anyone yearning to see that beautiful blue "PASS" circle to look no further than PT Final Exam. It will be worth every cent and so much more!! God bless & tremendous thanks to the PTFE crew!!

by Natasha on PT Final Exam
Best prep class ever

I was skeptical about doing this class, however, once I started it I realized it was exactly what I needed. Not only does it help with test taking skills, but the content review was extremely helpful! The instructors are awesome, and the content was fitting. This class changed the way I studied and in the end helped me pass the NPTE, mission accomplished!

by Angeline Petersen on PT Final Exam
The Final Hurdle ... Success!!!

This class helped me gain the confidence and knowledge needed to finally see PASSED following my 5th attempt on the NPTE. I've always been one of those poor test takers but never one to quite on my dreams. Following several attempts on the PT exam I passed the PTA exam and practiced for 2 years, thinking more clinical experience would help. My 4th attempt score was just as poor as my previous attempts, that's when I knew I needed to change my study habits ... that's when I discovered PTFE. I reached out to Will expressing my concerns on an upcoming 5h attempt and he said "try it, I know you'll like the class." Of course, he was right. I looked forward to each evening webinar session, jotting notes and asking questions along the way, along with waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings for Will's 2 hour sessions that got my brain really thinking. The knowledge and support I gained from this class is what I needed to finally get over the last hurdle on my way to achieving my dreams of being a Physical Therapist. Going in on a 5th attempt seems scary but after completing PTFE I felt more confident and way less nervous the morning of exam day! I had even changed my study habits drastically. Being a visual learner, I had construction paper taped all over my walls and door in my room with tables, diagrams, pictures, and key points that could visualize during my exam. There is nothing more satisfying than saying you conquered the NPTE and seeing PASSED!!! 🙂 I highly recommend this course to anybody who has struggled and needs that extra push to succeed, this class is exactly what I needed! Thank You to the entire PTFE team!

by Orville on PT Final Exam
Money well spent

Best review course money can buy! This course will not just teach test taking skills but also works as a refresher course for those who have been out of the "Business" for some time. After failing twice, I had to look for a course that would help answer the questions on my mind on what I missed or what I did wrong. First time you hear Will and his team through their webinars, you know you picked the right choice. I had to wait for the exam result before I left any reviews for the course to prove it works! And I wasn't even a 100% into the course since I was working during the day. All the information that comes with the course like the webinar, workbook and knowledge base topics are exactly what you need to pass the last hurdle in your PT career! Hands down the best! After reading this review, Don't waste your time on any other online course and enroll now!!!!

by Sakshi on PT Final Exam
Amazing team and content!

I missed my previous attempt narrowly by few marks and was struggling to study and form a schedule. This course not only helped me become disciplined and organized but also helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses! The team is superb and with the leader like Will the PT Final exam will go far!!! The session s were so good and everyone was so friendly and supportive.I would recommend this course to anyone who is bit clueless about "where to start studying for NPTE" and needs proper study pattern!! This course offers much more than this!! It's the best decision I took for my preparation for exam!!

by Kelsey on PT Final Exam
Amazing Review Course

I recommend this to anyone who needs help preparing for the NPTE. On my first attempt I failed and I was so confused as to what I did wrong. I then took this course and found out that I was just studying incorrectly. Instead of just reading over topics in the Scorebuilders review book, this course helped me understand topics in depth, helped me analyze things, and understand how to read questions for their content. The workbook was a great study guide for my studies, and live classes were so helpful covering topics and getting any questions I had answered in real time. Some added bonuses are a bunch of extra youtube videos by Will going over some tough topics, extra bonus classes, and the ability to contact any teacher at any time with questions. The confidence that I had going in for my second exam (and of course passing the exam!) was totally worth every penny I paid for this class. I am so glad that I found this course, the only regret is not finding this for my first attempt! Thank you so much to everyone on the PTFE team!

by David Fazulak on PT Final Exam
Absolutely The Best

The absolute best NPTE prep course there is. I've taken other courses and this is hands down above the best of them. I have had multiple NPTE failures prior to finding this course and was getting very discouraged with everything. I am so very thankful to Will Crane and his entire staff for helping me get through the toughest challenge of my life. I am a husband and father to two young children so balancing my responsibilities as a husband and a father along with studying for the NPTE was difficult. The way the course is set up and manner in which Will and all the instructors teach everything made all the difference. They explain the difficult concepts and topics in a way in which is easy to understand. I loved all the videos and fun ways they taught you how to remember things. I remember sitting in the test saying to myself "wow, this is exactly what we talked about during one of the webinars." I owe Will and his staff a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work. Thank you Will, Mark, Jonathan, Alana, Shruti, Iyke, NIrja, Arunima, and I hope I haven't missed anyone. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!!

by DPT on PT Final Exam
PTFE is worth it

PASSED on my 6th attempt!!! Talk about pressure... wish I found PTFE on my 2nd attempt! After trying it "my" way several times & other online review courses I've tried... my friend (who was also a repeater) recommended PTFE to me. You know it's worth it if you're scared of the amount of workload & commitment you need to put in!!!| W E B I N A R S |What I loved about the LIVE webinars is that they were very personal & we were able to see the staff while teaching! PTFE provides over 40 hours of webinar material with a lot of great information. It was like mini reviews of 3 years of PT school into a 40 hour bulk of webinars! Other online courses I took, was very brief with the webinars & not as extensive as this. Tip: rather than watching Netflix at night, watch a webinar!| W O R K B O O K |Overwhelming. But honestly I WANTED to do it in order to be accountable for my work. I know if I gave the workbook & assignments 100%, there is no reason for me to fail again. I felt like the assignments really helped me & gave me a different perspective on HOW to study & organize my thought process.| P T F E CREW |They are fantastic!!! They have unique & awesome study habits to help you study smarter (not HARDER) & they are available for you to contact them one-on-one which was very helpful! They all replied to my emails every time I was stuck or needed clarification on a topic. Other online courses I've taken... TOOK FOREVER FOR SOMEONE TO RESPOND TO ME, so I really appreciate the crew at PTFE for always being available!| C O N C L U S I O N |Still in happy tears from seeing the word "PASSED". All the hard work seriously paid off at the end & am very happy with my decision joining PTFE.

by Patricia on PT Final Exam
The BEST Review Course ever

It was about 3 and 1/2 month ago when I received my 2nd failed PT exam. I remember feeling devastated and disappointed in myself. After getting over the sadness I knew I had to get myself together and do something extremely different. I spoke to a former classmate of mine who told me she referred only to our core text; which initially I thought would be very difficult (those were some thick books). After talking to my classmate I started searching for review courses (sit-in courses or live courses) and thats when I came upon PT Final Exam. I was definitely skeptical but when I read the reviews and watched Will's free videos on youtube I knew this was the course. What sold me was that he mentioned 90% of how and what we would learn would come from our core PT textbook. The very interesting thing too was that I took a prep course before my first attempt and it was TERRIBLE. I felt like the lady read word for word from a script. It was not real and actually made me more nervous than I should have been for that exam. Will and his team were very encouraging and the best thing of it all was that it was LIVE. I felt like I was back in school and needed something that would keep me organized. All of the assignment, tips, practice questions, videos and practice exam helped me pass the NPTE on my 3RD ATTEMPT. It was the best feeling in the world to see the word PASSED!!! I will be forever grateful to Will and the whole PTFE team!!! WCFP!!!

by Kevin Villegas on PT Final Exam
Confidence building course!

I am foreign trained and i passed on my first attempt! The live webinars with their practice questions builds up your confidence especially with your test taking skills so you don't get rattled every time your faced with a difficult question. Mastery with the differential diagnosis on the study guide definitely boosts confidence. They whole PTFE team answers all your questions to clear any doubts in your mind. I definitely recommend this course! Thank you to everyone on the PTFE team ????

by Brianna on PT Final Exam
So helpful

I passed on my 1st attempt with help from PT Final Exam. I had no idea where to even start studying before the class. This class helped me focus on things and helped set a plan with the workbook and lectures. I spent on average 2 hours or more a day studying since I was still in clinical full time. This class also helped me learn how to take the test and how to answer the questions not just learn content in more detail. This class was well worth the money and would reccommend to anyone wanting to know how to start studying!

by Kay Kim on PT Final Exam
Wish I had found PTFE sooner

I can't say enough about how incredible this course is. don't hesitate if you want to pass the NPTE, this is the course u need to take to pass. The teachers are available if concepts are confusing and ... They have been in your shoes if it's your second , third or fourth attempt. They can empathize and help you. Will always responded to my questions within a few hours and would always simplify concepts. I learned test taking tips and ways to calm my nerves. I am a horrible test taker and went in feeling so confident and ready. I wish I had taken this course the first attempt.

by Matt on PT Final Exam
Best investment you can make!

I narrowly missed passing on my first two attempts on the NPTE. The amazing structure to this course meets your needs no matter what your learning style may be! I cannot express how much more prepared I was after going through this course. My only regret was that I didn't go through PTFE before my first attempt! Worth every penny.I thought you maybe interested in my test score results. I was able to increase my score from a 595 on my last attempt to a 638 on my recent attempt. Thanks again!

by Michelle on PT Final Exam
The Missing Puzzle Piece

I could not have passed my third attempt at the NPTE without the help of the PTFE staff. I was extremely close to passing on my first attempt, so I thought I could make it by studying harder by myself for the second time. I ended up scoring lower on my second attempt. All I can say is that I wish I found PTFE sooner. All the instructors are experienced and have great positive energy. They were always available to answer all my questions and guide me through this journey. Attending four lectures a week is tough, but they are worth more than gold. Not only did I learn a lot, I laughed a lot too.

by Lew on PT Final Exam
Wonderful Course

I have never been a good test taker and I had a very turbulent journey through Grad School, but I was recommended this course by a friend who struggles with some of the same test taking anxiety as I have. The lectures and assignments were a great way to boost my confidence and cement this knowledge into my head. I am very grateful to say I Passed my NPTE (and on the first attempt) and I don't think I would have done so without this course to help focus my studying. Thank you Will and Company!

by DPT on PT Final Exam
First Hand PT Final Exam Review

I found PT Final Exam through word of mouth and searching on the internet after my first failed attempt on the NPTE. I was depressed, sad, and embarrassed but after the first week with PT Final Exam, they helped me put that energy and focus into preparation and not to dwell on the past. My preparation during my first attempt consisted of reading a review book and mostly encompassed passive learning techniques. I did not know what to expect from this course, but what it did really well was to give the candidate structure on how you should study which combines active and passive techniques combined with numerous online lectures. Taking the live mastermind course gives you guidance and confidence every step of the way, should you need it. Admittedly, I did not reach out to my advisor as much as I probably could have, but I also did not feel the need as the course was structured in a way that I did 95% of the work on my own. This is a great course for someone who doesn't know HOW or where to start studying, and needs that structure similar to their DPT courses in order to be successful. Thanks to Will, Mark and the entire PT Final Exam staff for helping me pass!

by James on PT Final Exam
They Gave Me Back My Confidence

I failed my first NPTE (January 2017) and just didn't know what to do. It's not that I didn't take the exam seriously (okay maybe a little bit) but mainly I didn't know how to study for it. You're talking about cramming three YEARS of PT school into just a couple of weeks. I found out about PT Final Exam through a friend who also failed the NPTE multiple times but finally passed with the help of PT Final Exam. Yes this course was worth it. The PT Final Exam team is amazing. Their encouragements are sincere are heartfelt because they too understand what you went through. Will, Mark, Jonathan, Alana, Nirja, Shruti, Arumia, Lyke, Manvi, and Moira (I don't think I'm forgetting anybody) are all awesome. They gave us questions during session which slowly made me read the questions differently yet better. Their sessions reminded me of materials I should know but have forgotten about. It's worth the money. They taught me how to study efficiently and effectively. Before I was just reading the TherapyEd book (kinda like what Lyke did) and it didn't work. Believe me, the team do know what they are talking about. And they are on your side.However, there is a caveat. Similiar to real life rehabiltiation, PT Final Exam won't work if YOU DON'T DO THE WORK. How can you get better if you don't do the exercises your physical therapist gives you? I did the assignments and some part of the workbook (ran out of time), attended classes, and reviewed powerpoints. However I also made study guides from each chapter of O'Sullivan, took a sh*tload of practice questions (even if they are crap like from NPTE 4000 simulation software CD, I took them) everyday, and took multiple practice exams.

by Nikki on PT Final Exam

I was hesitant to commit to this course at first for a few reasons. This was my first attempt at taking the exam so I might do well on my own and I had felt comfortable up until now with my studying program. I finally decided to commit because I did not want to risk failing and I know my anxiety can get the best of me at the worst times possible. Before taking this exam I was trying to memorize and re-read every powerpoint I had saved. I was studying hard, but not really smart. The team who mentored us gave us amazing tools and information where I was able to actually understand information and did not have to rely on memorizing and potentially freezing the day of the exam. They went over things they felt they were underprepared for during their own examination, and they were topics I realized I had weakness in as well. This was a great course, and I would recommend this course to everyone! This course offers great test taking strategies, important content review, and if neither of those are high on your list of things to work on, this course keeps you focused right up until examination day. I felt accountable to show up and participate. I am confident that my success with this exam was largely due to this course, Will, Mark, Jonathan, Alana, and all the other amazing mentors who answered all my questions, and helped me stay focused!

by Plus Ultra on PT Final Exam

Doubt. Lost. Despair. That was how i was feeling after failing 3 times. I dont know what else to do. I signed up for a popular review group before; they handed us a thick manual to read and 2 days worth of classes. That wasn't enough. I've got loads of questions still...My rehab director pointed me to this class, saying "why don't you try this out. He's highly recommended." I looked into it and decided it was worth a shot, --i was desperate.First few sessions i was skeptical, saying, hey i know this stuff already. then a week goes by, Mark shows us an interesting video that simplified stuff that i was having a hard time wrapping my mind into. Then Jonathan follows up with more interesting topics. Then Alana throwing us good questions that makes you think harder. after a few weeks in and i was hooked. Everyday i was looking forward to their lectures and they made it so interesting that you have to get involved with the discussions.Will and his team not only encourages you to do your best but to become your best. I've learned a lot from them over these past few weeks and i would highly recommend this class to anyone. My only regret was i wish i had known them sooner...***spoiler alert***they gave us bonus lectures too. and if ever you come across a lecturer named Moira and/or Nirja, hold on to your pen and papers tight, they give one of the best lectures in class.Thanks for everything PTFE team.AA April 2017

by Muhammad Abid on PT Final Exam
Awesome! Wahoo; WCFP

The journey to accomplish goals in life is easy only when you make it happen easy. The miracle only happen when you are motivated enough to make your dreasms come true! Believe me, NPTE is long and tiring exam but when you have extra-ordinary team of mentors in the form of PT-final exam then you have to follow what they say! I definitely, highly recommend for the online live sessions or course with Mr. Will and his team in order to make you analyze what the questions in NPTE are really asking! For this, you have to pay attention either it is a knwledgeful explanation of topics by Mr. Will or to the point approach of analyzing the questions by MR. Jonathen and Mr. Mark. In this platform you will meet mind blowing lectures and critical analysis of NPTE question by Ms. Alana and at the same time you will meet an awesome Mrs. Shruti with her fantastic way of explaining difficult topics and make them easy! Moreoever, you will be honored to meet Ms. Manvi, a very conceptual mentor and Mrs. Nirja with her fun-full tactics to make lessons and lectures very easy to understand and to memorize them for good! Besides them you will also meet Mr. lyke with his soul touching motivation and to make you think real big! And the last but not the least Mrs. Moira will surprise you with her remarkable explanation about her topics.So, In short the online course PT final exam is a real unique one and an awesome course!Muhammad Abid.April 2017.

by Licensed! on PT Final Exam

Will and his team are doing an awesome job with this PTFE. I got enrolled for their mastermind study course and believe me it was the best decision. They make it easier, simpler and cover the necessary content being asked on the test. Team members- Jonathan and Mark are well versed with every topic, very good in instilling positivity in your mind for approaching this critical exam. Nirja and Alana are excellent with their academic knowledge & the way how we should clinically reason while answering the questions on this test, I learned from their lectures. "This journey is a reward" Sweetest learning lesson by overcoming this hurdle & my sincere thanks to the whole team! Cheers

by Licensed PT on PT Final Exam
Excellent Prep Course

After a couple of failed attempts at the NPTE, it was time for me to look into a prep course to aid in my studying (of reading Scorebuilders and attempting to read the TherapyEd study books). I had two options that I found on google and unfortunately I chose the wrong prep course. After failing the NPTE again, I decided to enroll in PTFE. What a huge difference between the two! I am upset I didn't choose PTFE initially but what can you do. Will Crane and his team were there with you the entire journey of a brutal 8 weeks that you must dedicate your time into. Their webinars were coherent and did not waste your time (like having only 3 questions, or telling you to ONLY read the stem, like, seriously...) Each licensed PT's have their own unique style and study tips that are great. The one thing I did not enjoy were the early Saturday lectures and how being in a different time zone made me get up way before the birds did. This is easily resolved because you can always watch the recordings after they're done but participating in the webinars are really fun. What stuck with me throughout was that in order to change my NPTE score, I had to change and tell myself what I can do differently on a daily basis (thanks JB).If you want a structured prep course, enroll. Don't make the mistake I did.WCFP! WAHOOO! Thanks again PTFE

by Muriel on PT Final Exam
???? %sastified!

Awesome course, content, and awesome people! Thank you guys!! I passed the test in my first attempt! thanks again!!

by Irene A on PT Final Exam
This review webinar is awesome

I enrolled here last November 2016 and even I don't take my NptE yet but it gives me a lot of hope and I understand more the meaning of Being a PT . I hope I knew this place before I spend so much money in the other review center but atleast I know now and the staff is so nice and the review is really a good to begin to sharpen those rusted saw and to understand things plus a have unlimited access until April and they will give so much topic that is really awesome no need to give up your work and u work on Your own schedule keep myself in focused and I will give you guys a feedback about my exam . And hoping that I will pass it ! God bless to the staff and hoping that NPTE examinee discover this review class before you spend so much money for nothing.

by Drashti on PT Final Exam
Passing NPTE

I am a foreign PT graduate.To take my NPTE exam I went through a lot of paper work.This tends to take away time and attention one requires for actually passing the exam.That is where we exactly need PTFinal exam prep review course.Only about two months and the content of the review course covers everything that a 4 and a half years of PT graduation teaches.With lazer sharp focus and rigorous assignment work all the concepts that need to be brushed up for NPTE are revised systematically yet in an interactive way.The assignments + lectures format of the course helps recollect,retain and revise (as in notes for last moment) just everything that we need.Lectures are delivered by experienced and licensed PT's including Will Crane himself.This is just awesome!Do this course to pass the NPTE ...I made it in first attempt, you should too !Cheers.

by Happy Customer on PT Final Exam
Great Study Aid

I took the January NPTE as my second attempt and I am proud to say that I passed! I just missed a passing score by a couple points back in October and I had such a positive improvement from my original score, 40 points!PT Final Exam was definitely a course that aided my studying, highlighting material that was important and was commonly seen on practice and NPTE exams. Things I thought were the most valuable to me as a student were the tables and charts presented during lectures as well as the breakdown of individual questions, learning how to really pick apart what the question was asking and why the correct answer was the best. Overall PT Final Exam is truly a wonderful course and extremely helpful. Thank you Will and all the PT Final Exam coaches for creating such a great course and making it so resourceful and fun!

by Lang on PT Final Exam

After two previous attempts at the NPTE (scores 587 of 594), I finally passed with a 609 in the January 2017 exam date.The webinars are helpful and provide a nice fundamental information you will need for the test. The study guides like Scorebuilders and TherapyEd give you the information but don't explain the details or the principles behind those facts. The instructors are helpful and you are able to email/skype with them if you need more details on a topic. Just as important was being able to find study partners through this course and study together over Skype.While my score increase was by only 16 pts it was 9 points more that I needed to pass so that makes me a happy customer.

by Sarah on PT Final Exam

One attempt and I passed the NPTE! I wouldn't have been able to do so if it wasn't for this course. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a structured study plan. It's lots of hard work, but the team's encouragement helps you push through. THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Thank you PTFE!

by Theresa on PT Final Exam
Improved Over 100 POINTS!

I just wanted to thank you all for these past few weeks and helping me prepare for the January NPTE! I successively passed the exam with a score of 683! For my first attempt, in October, I scored 565 so I improved by over 100 points!From the lectures, answering my questions, helpful hints, and feedback from the assignments ALL of you helped me finally reach my goal! My only wish is that I knew about your course for my first exam because going through the process a second time was not fun but you definitely made it easier.As you know preparing for this exam is stressful, there is no organization, no outline on what material to focus on, and no measurement that I was heading towards the right direction. But with the Final PT Exam Course, my scattered brain became organized and my doubts disappeared. I don't know how you do it but your outlined topics hit all of the important aspects of the NPTE.I can not thank you enough for helping me leap over this HUGE hurdle!

by Axl on PT Final Exam
Not recommended

Got this course from a family member. Disappointed in what Will provided as much of the content is copied from other sources. Some of TAs weren't prepared and the explanations weren't as clear. Too much studying from books and no real test taking strategies. The practice exam provided weren't close to the actual exam and too many errors.

Dear Axl,
I'm sorry to hear about your experience--that's very disheartening. All of my content is 100% original, including the lectures and study guides, workbook, workbook key, and practice exam. Most students say that my exam questions are very similar to the NPTE format, if not a bit more difficult.
Because we do live sessions, occasionally we get a question that we have to answer off the cuff. We spend over 40 hours talking about test content and strategy. Having served thousands of students, I know what it takes to pass the exam. I'd be happy to address any concerns you have and provide help as needed. Thank you for your honesty--that's how we continue to improve!

by Alex on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam was the best decision I could've made!

After failing the NPTE two times, first with a 598 and then with a 597, I found myself stuck without a clue how to study AGAIN for this exam. I was down, devastated and embarrassed beyond belief. After some research I came across PT Final Exam and in the end it exceeded my expectations. The staff was nothing short of amazing; they were encouraging and insightful in every way. My classmates were in my SAME shoes, I finally didn't feel alone and most of all I learned something new from EVERY class that was offered through PT Final Exam. I believe this course will help you whether you failed once, twice (or more) and even if you are preparing for your first exam attempt. I tried studying from TherapyEd the first time and then from Scorebuilders the second time but at the end of the day I was primarily JUST READING the text. PT Final Exam helps you participate in ACTIVE studying and helps you to apply the information that you learn each day. Having live sessions 3-4 times a week was awesome, I actually found myself enjoying studying. Both my classmates and the professors helped encourage me and made me believe in myself and my knowledge again. If you feel like you need help preparing for the NPTE, trust me, you will NOT regret signing up for PT Final Exam - I could have never passed this exam without them! Thank you again to the PT Final Exam staff, you rock!!

by Sam on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam helped me get over the hurdle and it can help you too!

Taking the NPTE can be a daunting task. Failing can also be hard, very hard. You worked so hard to get through school and now you can't pass that dang test. After failing 2 times, I was feeling it the wall in front of me was growing higher and higher. PT Final Exam, more specifically, the Mastermind Review Online Course was a breath of fresh air. You start to feel down after taking the exam and studying all the time. The Mastermind course was nothing but positive vibes and encouragement. After failing the first time, I tried the ACE program from Scorebuilders with no luck. After failing the second time, I thought I would give PT Final Exam a shot. BINGO! The online, live lectures keep you on track! They are always there to email or even Skype. The instructors are more than understanding and want you to pass just as much as you do. I'm very glad I signed up for the Mastermind Course! Take the Mastermind Course and get some new letter behind you name... PT!

by Bernadette Macdonald on PT Final Exam
NPTE Mastermind Review Course

As a foreign trained Scottish PT who qualified in 1989 - I was daunted by the prospect of the NPTE and how I could possibly pass this exam, having not worked or studied in some of the areas of clinical practice covered in the exam for many years.I undertook Will and team's course in April 2016 and finally sat the NPTE in January 2017 and passed first time! I still cannot believe it.The course was invaluable to plan what I needed to do, areas to focus and the depth required to pass. In addition, the positive feedback and affirmations from all the lecturers kept ringing in my ears well past July when I stopped shadowing the course; this kept me going and made me determined not to give up. Will and team answered any queries promptly and are fully committed to helping in whatever way they could.Thanks Will and all the team - you have helped me the opportunity to continue my career here in the US. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

by Rachel on PT Final Exam
Home Bundle Awesomeness!

Thankfully I WON'T be taking the April exam. Thanks to your home study bundle I was able to pass on my first try studying for 25 days leading up to the January test. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for such a great product. I wouldn't have have been able to study that huge amount of material in such a short time without that direction. Cheers!

by Heather on PT Final Exam
Home Study Bundle: My 1st step toward passing the NPTE

Without the support of Will and his team, I believe it would have taken me longer to pass this test. I tried to follow all the advice Will gave for preparation and study tactics. Will's videos that cover key topics on the exam were invaluable. His team makes every effort to teach material in a way to make it easier to remember while instilling confidence in your efforts. Their help made a big difference in my mindset and knowledge on the day of the test. I am so glad I purchased this course.

by Alex on PT Final Exam
Love the Home Study Bundle, worth every penny

The Home Study Bundle is a great resource if you need a guide to help you organize your studying while getting amazing instruction from Will Crane and his team. If you are looking for one on one tutoring or need to feel like you are a part of a group taking the test together, the Mastermind Study course I'm sure is worth the money. After failing the boards in October, I realized that I needed to take a board prep class because I felt lost while I was studying. I was running low on money, so I decided to go the cheaper route with the Home Study Bundle. Will and his team are phenomenal instructors because they explain the most difficult and most commonly tested topics very effectively. I honestly would've had a much easier time understanding the material while I was in school if they were my actual PT school professors. Passing boards is very difficult, but if you put in the work and listen to the advice of Will and his team, you will have a significantly better opportunity to pass the NPTE.

by Amanda on PT Final Exam
Answer to your prayers!

After so much doubt and worry, I finally passed the NPTE on my second attempt - thanks to Will Crane's outstanding course and crew!!! The core content review sessions were not only helpful and highly informative, but also very motivating and engaging. Will and his team help you, first and foremost, understand what the NPTE experience is like (for first timers) and emphasizes the key points to focus on with respect to preparation. I looked forward to attending the sessions and learning more about what my weak areas were so I could devise a new study plan. Despite how challenging it was to complete the weekly assignments, the hard work paid off by keeping me organized with my studies and on task! The visual aids, mneumonics, and hearing the instructors repeatedly explain concepts in alternate ways meant a great deal to me. Alana, Mark, and Jonathan always found ways to make the information stick. I am forever grateful for their efforts, precious time, and unwavering support through such a difficult time. I highly recommend signing up for this course, giving it your all for 8 weeks, and you will not regret this decision!!

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