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User-submitted reviews.
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PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam

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PT Final Exam
Average rating:  
 582 reviews
byFeenie onPT Final Exam
Great course

I am so grateful to have received an email stating PT Final exam was offering a crash course!! Mark and Will are both so great at simplifying concepts and they both really care about us learning and going into the NPTE with as little stress as possible! Thank you two for everything!

byAnuja onPT Final Exam
Amazing crash course

I decided to enroll in the PT crash course for my second attempt on the NPTE. I had terrible circumstances during my first attempt where Prometric wrote me up for “loitering in the hallways” and I had to take more than half of the exam thinking that I had been red flagged. The incident reflected in my results and I did not pass my first attempt but for my second time, I enrolled in the crash course to help me boost my confidence! Will and Mark do an amazing job explaining concepts I had a hard time grasping in PT school. Will has an amazing way of simplifying complex topics and throughly explaining them with great visuals. During live sessions he stayed on until each and every question was answered. You can really tell he has a passion to help people pass the exam and achieve their dreams. The crash course was a great review of the big 3 and I recommend it for first time test takers, second time test takers and even if this is your 6th attempt. It is an investment that is worth every penny and one of the more economically convenient options out there that will not break the bank (gotta look out for those student loans lol). Thank you both for taking the time to teach these courses and caring about your students so much!

byWesley onPT Final Exam
The best PT final exam review course you could choose

I am a foreign-trained Physiotherapist from Australia and was seeking to become licensed as a PT in the United States. Once my education was found equivalent, I had 6-weeks until the exam to study the entire profession and also multiple topics/systems in which we do not practice in Australia so I had to learn them brand new. I started listening to the PT final exam podcast and soon after I signed up for the crash course. These guys mean business. I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time and passed the exam on my first attempt. I could not have done this without their content and definitely owe a significant portion of my success to PT Final Exam. Studying for the NPTE? Then look no further!

byAshley onPT Final Exam
PT Live Review Course

I HIGHLY recommend the Live Review Course! I was a person who did not pass the NPTE on my first attempt. Will and the PT Final Exam team gave me guidance on what areas I needed to improve in along with helping me study in an organized fashion. They also did an EXCELLENT job with explaining difficult topics and making sure everyone in the class had their questions answered. Because of the PT Final Exam team, I passed the NPTE on my second attempt with a score increase of 75 points! This team truly does care about their students and will go the extra mile to make sure you are successful on test day! If you are looking for a prep course to help you pass the NPTE, this is the one!!! Especially for those who are visual learners like myself!

byLiz onPT Final Exam
Every PT candidate needs this!

After 3 failed attempts of the NPTE, I gave up for SEVEN years. I spent the next seven years working a full-time and a part-time job, until I got the urge to try again. I juggled both jobs and still studied for the NPTE, thanks to the skills of the PT Final Exam team. I listened and participated in as many lectures and courses as I could, and they made concepts that I struggled with EASY. They were patient with me, communicated with me often, and gave me all the strategies that I needed to pass. I wish I had found them sooner!

bySara onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course

I passed with a great score on my first attempt! All the tips and mnemonics you shared were super helpful and certainly came in handy to be able to answer questions quickly when I needed to make up some time.
I had just discovered PT Final Exam the Friday before this course started and had also just completed an online self-paced study program. I just figured I would review "the big 3" on my own, but it was a bit overwhelming since there's so much info. I was very glad I found the PTA Crash Course just in time! It was extremely helpful and right on point for what I needed to finalize my studying. Thank you so much!

I highly recommend this course!!

byMegan onPT Final Exam
Definitely worth it!!!

This course was amazing, they say they have the most content for the cheapest price and they really do. I had plenty of material to study and the virtual classes were great. You can tell they truly care about each of their students and it makes me feel like I have an extra support system. I took the exam for the first time and passed and I know for a factI couldn’t have done it without PTFE. You guys are amazing, thanks a MILLION!!!

byMiriam onPT Final Exam

This was a great prep program! I highly recommend it to anyone studying for the NPTE. PT Final exam has developed a system that makes passing on the first attempt a reachable goal. The sheer amount of content potentially included on the exam can be daunting but they break it down and hit the important areas in a way that gives the best possible opportunity of being successful. Thank you Mark for the quirky memory gems, very helpful!

bySarah onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course!

I would highly recommend the crash course! I felt overwhelmed by the information I needed to study and the PTA crash course helped me focus on the most important aspects. The instructors had great study tips to help remember difficult concepts. The crash course helped me feel like I wasn’t tackling this alone, there were real instructors and classmates reviewing the same material as me at the same time to review things with. So so helpful!!!

byTalia Elquist onPT Final Exam

Would not have passed without this class and these people. They answer all your questions the best way possible and never make you feel like you’re asking a dumb one. Greatest class and so helpful!

byWestey onPT Final Exam

I cannot thank PT final exam more for helping me pass my test on my very FIRST attempt. I truly could not have done this without the help, support, and organization that Will & Mark provided for me. Thank you, thank you so much for getting me to this point! I very strongly recommend taking as many courses as possible, & listening to the podcast.

byKassandra McCamment onPT Final Exam
Aced it!

Really appreciate all of Mark and Wills help with my PTA exam. Their crash course and live course are great. I especially liked all of their tips and tricks for remembering things and found myself using their advice throughout my entire exam. Couldn’t have done as well on my first attempt without their help! Thank you guys!

byGab onPT Final Exam
Passed on first attempt!

I took the crash course and it was so helpful! I was very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start studying. The crash courses and practice questions helped guide me where my strengths and weaknesses were. The podcasts were great too, would listen to them on my commute during rotations.

byBrian onPT Final Exam
NPTE Bootcamp is Worth the Time!

So I went through a purpose commissioned class organized by my school through PTFinalExam, as well as the crash course. The hours of classes and lectures (including the bonus content) really boiled down the test question information so that it could be easily retained and reproduced. Massive props to Mark, Will and all the other instructors at PTFinalExam for building out great review and crash course materials for prospective PTs and PTAs! I will say that the PTFinalExam practice exams are INCREDIBLY hard when compared to the FSBPT PEATs and other boards-prep classes. If you're passing those practice tests, you're going to pass the boards.

byCalvin onPT Final Exam
Passed with crash course!

Highly recommended. Enrolled in the 3 week crash course after listening to all of the podcast episodes. I felt somewhat ready with materials from my school, but felt like I needed that extra supplemental content. I passed the NPTE the first time with a better score than all of my 8 or so practice tests! THANKS AGAIN!

byAdam Ballew onPT Final Exam
Passed the NPTE!

The crash course was EXTREMELY helpful! Not only was the content concise and easy to comprehend, but it gave an outline of study content to better organize my study plan. The other videos on the “other systems” and “non-systems” were very helpful too! GREAT CONTENT AND GREAT INSTRUCTORS!

byGibran onPT Final Exam
Exceeded my expectations

Let me first say that this was my second attempt at the NPTE and thru this program I was able to increase my score by 114 points and pass the boards easily. I took the independent study course and the supplemental videos, especially in areas I was weak in really helped. I cannot thank PT exam enough.

byMadison onPT Final Exam
Highly Recommend PT Final Exam!!!

I highly recommend the NPTE Crash Course and the Practice Exam and Written Material Bundle. The crash course was filled with great tips on how to remember difficult content and overall was extremely helpful. The instructors have a lot of experience and are willing to work with you through any questions you may have. The practice exam questions and written material bundle were very beneficial in helping me prepare and are a great addition to the course. PT Final Exam staff you guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much for helping me pass the NPTE the first time!!!!

byYOUNG CHAN CHO onPT Final Exam

I’ve passed the board exam for physical therapist on my first attempt with PT final exams not only they have good lectures their practice exams are super helpful for preparing this exam I couldn’t have passed with out it
Thank you so much will and all pt final exam teachers!

byAshley Iliff onPT Final Exam

If you need a structured road map and routine to help prepare you prepare for the NPTE, PT Final Exam is the place to go! Will and his amazing team have been helping students successfully pass the NPTE for years. The diverse and experienced team will provide the resources, lectures, and confidence you need to get over this last hurdle! They have learning packages that accommodate a variety of learning styles and a podcast that will make traveling very productive. Highly recommend. Good luck with your future studies and your future exam.

byMeghan onPT Final Exam
NPTE Crash Course

The NPTE Crash Course and University Cohort Class were absolutely amazing! Both courses were filled with important material and gave me the information I needed exactly when I needed it. I would recommend any of the PT Final Exam courses to anyone preparing for the NPTE. Will and Mark were extremely helpful throughout the stressful studying process and were able to cover the important main points needed for test day. Thank you PT Final Exam for helping me pass the NPTE on the first try!

byDr. Megan DiCostanzo onPT Final Exam
Best Review Course! HIGHLY recommend!

The Full NPTE Live Review course was comprehensive and filled with pertinent content to the NPTE. The instructors were professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the material, making it both manageable and engaging to study. The materials included in the course in addition to the classes were extremely helpful including the practice exams, study guide, and workbook, allowing you to break down and digest the content further. One-on-one calls with Dr. Will Crane were available and encouraged in order to answer any questions or to gain confidence. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is taking the NPTE. Whether you are looking to understand any content, looking for test-taking skills, or looking to gain confidence, this course is worth every cent and allowed me to pass the NPTE with ease. Dr. Will Crane and all instructors surpassed my expectations with this course to feel prepared and confident.

bySahlee Sicat onPT Final Exam
100% RECOMMENDED and Worth every penny!!!

Guess how I found this amazing prep course? Through google! Yes, I typed in to a google search ‘best NPTE review center’ and PT Final Exam appeared number one in the search engine! Then I read most of the reviews of their previous students who could only say how awesome, amazing and excellent this prep course is that led me to register for a full live course. And they are ABSOLUTELY correct! Definitely the best decision I have ever made in my NPTE prep!

The PTFE has helped me tremendously to pass the NPTE. The teaching strategy is well- structured. They simplified and made the exam content easier to understand. For example, I read Kisner’s book several times and consulted other text books how to perform the joint mob of cervical/thoracic and I hardly understand the concept so I had to memorize which side is which and what vertebral level to apply the upglide, When Dr Will Crane explained this concept through his interactive live video, wow! I will never forget the concept of cervical/thoracic joint mobilization ever again. That’s how good this prep course is! It is worth every penny of what you paid for.

PTFE has the most comprehensive prep course. They have it all! They offer a full live course that includes one on one tutoring, four (not three!) practice exam tests, interactive small group live sessions, telegram chat, power call, and interactive live crash video courses where you can ask your questions from most complex to the simplest, and you know why ALL students are very grateful of this awesome team? It’s because they will make you feel that you are valued, they will treat you equally, whether you feel your question is ‘dumb’ or ‘doesn’t make sense’, they will answer every questions you throw to them straight from book references but already simplified! If the tutors don’t know the answer, they will research it for you and come back to your questions with answers from the reference books on the next live session. They will break down the content into easy and manageable concepts. That’s how dedicated and compassionate they are. Dr Will Crane and the rest of the team invested so much of their time and effort in helping their students get through to the hardest contents of NPTE. Oh, and ALL live video sessions are recorded so you can go through it over and over whenever you wish to. Plus you get the bonus of live videos about multiple choice questions strategies, test taking tips, how to overcome your stress & anxiety before, during and after exam. I mean, really, What else could you ask for?!!

To Dr Will Crane and the entire PT FINAL EXAM team, thank you very much for all your help and support. I am forever grateful!

byNoelle Whitaker onPT Final Exam

I received my NPTE-PTA Exam score with an 800!!! I was floored! This program (the PTA Crash course & the podcast) attributed so much to the success in passing the boards (on the first attempt - yay!). Being the “Covid-Cohort” as we liked to call ourselves, getting kicked out of labs and in person class back in March made everything a hundred (a million!) times more difficult. Learning physical therapy via Zoom just isn’t how physical therapy is meant to be learned. I felt so uneasy and was experiencing bouts of anxiety as the exam got closer. I had been following the podcast for a while, and when Mark mentioned a PTA crash course I knew I had to purchase! I even missed the Black Friday sale (on accident) but knew paying more was well worth it; I appreciate the way Mark and Will explain things, with tips on remembering and breaking things down. I REALLY appreciated the Gait & prosthetics as well since I felt extremely underprepared in those areas and always found myself feeling angry and confused. After the videos it’s like it ALL CLICKED! Also, thank you for taking the time to create something for the PTAs!!! The assistants need help too; so thank you so much. So excited to have that crossed off and begin my practice!

byCynthia onPT Final Exam

I can't thank everyone at PT Final Exam enough for helping me pass the NPTE! Thanks to this incredible prep course I was able to pass the NPTE on my first try. Everyone, and I mean everyone in this prep course is invested in your success and wants to see you pass! They will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the required preparation and knowledge to succeed. I was terrified of the NPTE, but PT Final Exam really has a way of organizing the material so that you go into the test confident and ready to pass the NPTE! I highly recommend!

byMR onPT Final Exam
Highly Recommend!

My first exposure to PT Final Exam was at CSM 2019. Before attending this conference, I was unaware that organizations like this even existed - I was so naive! So I introduced myself to Will, and as I listened intently to his elevator pitch, we were interrupted by a young man who stated he "had to come over and thank this guy! He's the reason I passed the NPTE!" I couldn't stop myself from asking if he was a plant. The man assured me he had never actually met Will, saying he just recognized him from the lectures. This is what really struck me - Will conducts all the course lectures himself! I found this to be an extremely valuable component and it is what ultimately led me to register for two different crash courses. And I cannot say enough good things about the courses and the teaching strategy! Will and the team are so invested in their students' NPTE preparation, as is clear through their engagement in the live lectures, responsiveness to even the most random osteokinematic questions via email or live chat, and compassion when breaking down complex topics. I highly recommend using PTFE for your exam prep! There are so many bundle options to choose from, so it can be your primary means of studying, or a supplement to whichever program your school provides (as was the case for me). Either way, this is such an amazing study tool and is definitely worth the investment! Many thanks again to Will and the team, and best of luck to all future test takers!

byDr. Austin Alford, PT, DPT, EP-C onPT Final Exam
NPTE Success

The university that I attended gifted our cohort with PTFE and it could not have been a greater resource for us in our preparations for the NPTE! I attribute much of passing the NPTE on the first try to the guidance provided by the PTFE team. We had live lectures, access to practice tests, and even were enrolled in the crash course. Each detailed and concise interactive lecture video provided insight in making difficult topic easier to grasp with the use of mnemonics, clever phrases, and just taking the time to explain hard topics and answer questions. 10/10 would recommend to future test takers. The structure the PTFE team provides is amazing, and live interaction in real time is really such an amazing resource in learning and retaining information heading into the exam. Good luck to future test takers and don't forget to check out the NPTE podcast for when you need to be away from the books and computers for lengths of time!

byMJ onPT Final Exam

This course was well worth the investment and the full live course was very helpful at reviewing major topics in preparation for the exam. Will and the rest of the PT Final Exam staff were all supportive during this journey and quickly responded to emails and clarified topics during the power calls. I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs structure and support to ensure you pass your boards!

byDevina onPT Final Exam
Passed NPTE

I used the crash course in addition to another prep course company. The course is very content heavy and I believe it served its purpose as a quick run through to give as much content as possible. I can credit the crash course to my success on my final attempt on the NPTE. The only con I had with the course was the timeframe was scheduled for an 1-1.5hrs but it would usually go over and it was late in my time zone. You can watch it as a recording but with the course being in the last 3 weeks of class, it can be overwhelming. I also used their discounted 3 exam bundle and would recommend them as well. All in all, I would recommend the services I used in preparation for my NPTE!

byBen onPT Final Exam

I would like to personally thank everyone at PT Final Exam for the guidance that they provided during my preparation for the boards. Preparing for the NPTE was not easy, but the structure that was provided was very helpful and I know that it contributed greatly to my success. I recommend PT Final Exam to everyone that requires guidance during their preparation for the NPTE like I did.

Thank you all for your help!

byPaige onPT Final Exam

PTFE was an awesome prep course! The course helps you organize and manage the amount of material needed to study. They really help you feel confident going into the exam! I highly recommend!

byJennifer onPT Final Exam
Greatest Investment for your future!!!

I don’t even know where to begin! As an NPTE “repeat offender” I tried multiple different study courses through other companies and happy to have found PT Final Exam!! The content alone is absolutely incredible, from the live courses to one on ones with the instructors, small group study sessions, the use of the class Telegram group, the practice exams, the workbook, you name it. This class cannot be beat! It took me approximately 1 live class lecture to realize I was in the right place. The attention to detail that both Will and Mark put into this course to not only teach the material but also ensure each student has found their way of learning the material and making sure it actually sticks and can be applied in context goes without saying this is the best preparation course on the market! I’ve never been a traditional student who can read textbook after textbook and this course taught me how to repurpose and refine my skills through additional methods. The outline of content alongside the presentation of material is beyond elite and the professionalism of how it is all wrapped up for you the “learner” to actually learn goes unmatched. I wholeheartedly recommend and will continue to recommend PTFE to any and all NPTE candidates who are looking for a concrete way to tune up their skills, testing strategies, and fundamental knowledge of everything this wonderful career has to offer! RUN, don’t walk to register for this course now, I promise you won’t regret it!!

byCheyenne Bowers onPT Final Exam

It was the year 2020, the year of COVID. With a lot of disorganization and kids always being home from closed daycares due to the virus, studying was quite difficult for many. However, there was this program called PT Final Exam (no, it wasn't a cure for COVID, but it did help with the organization). Their workbook was helpful for me to organize my thoughts and make them my own. The videos further explained concepts in better ways taught in most PT programs that helped for testing day. This made life all that easier while my study time was minimized with all the outside distractions. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting more in their studies. If you put forth the work with them, you will pass (even though Gandalf the gray says otherwise).

byTripp Brooks onPT Final Exam
PT Live Online Review Course

PT Final Exam was the perfect course to prepare for the NPTE! Will and the rest of the instructors were all top notch and very knowledgeable! It is well designed and structured to ensure that you stay on pace, while also offering other great study methods and tips! 100 percent recommend

byElan Fischer onPT Final Exam
PT Final Exam Review

PT Final exam was the best NPTE exam prep I have experienced...and I experienced/used two other popular companies. I found PT Final Exam the most helpful because rather than the other companies that just gave you practice questions and supplied textbooks, PT Final Exam provided live video content review. Personally I was not the student who can stick their head in a textbook and read all day, so the Live video content was super helpful for me. Live sessions provided content, interaction, and more direct attention to immediately answer questions and explain any topics that I had difficulty understanding. The platform they use allowed them to instantly share pictures, charts, tables, or even make drawings to help any student understand concepts in whichever way worked best for them. PT Final Exam was helpful in reviewing key content that I may have forgotten about, and even taught me a lot of information that I believe I never learned in PT school. I would strongly recommend PT Final Exam to any student who needs help preparing for the NPTE. Will and his team have always been quick to respond to any questions, and assist in any ways they could. There has been a tremendous amount of content added, and they have even expanded from 2 to 4 practice exams. PT Final exam has continuously grown and adapted to the times, and what students have suggested. Highly recommend!!!

byLonnie Taylor onPT Final Exam
PTA Exam

The PTA crash course is probably one of the best decisions I made when preparing for the NPTE PTA exam! I had failed the exam 2 previous times and can’t believe I wasn’t made aware of their awesome resources until my third attempt. Needless to say it was a great decision to enroll and take the course. They provide all the needed information and make it easy to understand and they go above and beyond with their free podcast as well as extra videos online. I highly recommend PT final exam!!

byGarett Mowry onPT Final Exam
Worth the money

It was a very helpful course. Mark and Will do a great job condensing a lot of material in a short amount of time but still making it easy and understandable for anyone trying to learn. I definitely would recommend  this course to anyone looking to have help prior to taking their boards exam.

byKris Grinovich onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course is SO WORTH IT!

I cannot recommend the PTA Crash Course highly enough!! I learned more in three weeks than I did during 6 months of studying from Exam books!! The practice exam questions are so helpful, as well as all of Mark's fun mnemonic devices, songs, and videos! This was truly the best money I spent out of all of my PTA Exam prep textbooks and online exams. Taking this course gave me confidence and practical study tips and tricks. I am so happy to say that I passed the PTA exam and it is absolutely thanks to PT Final Exam PTA Crash Course! Thank you, Mark and Will!!

byJasmin Mae Quiamas onPT Final Exam
PTA crash course review

This crash course was the best thing i have Ever purchased to help me prepare for my exam! I didnt Pass the first time i took my exam, so I was desperate to find something that would work for me. This course is 3 weeks, 4 Live lectures which are recorded and you could go back to watch them later as needed. Also the support that Mark and Will and others who took the course with me definitely helped! The crash course comes with extra lectures that cover other systems as well which helped me a ton! Thank you PT FINAL EXAM!

byErika onPT Final Exam
Thank you!

Hey Will and team!
Just wanted to send an overdue thank you for your program. I used the independent study program for the October exam and cannot thank you enough. Not even just for the content but the emotional support/relatability. It’s so much more than just the content and it’s important you guys know that! Thank you for helping me pass with flying colors on my first attempt! Awesome work guys!

byKaylee Soileau onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course

Passed my PTA exam on my 2nd attempt thanks to Will and Mark with the PTA crash course! I loved the zoom sessions which were 4 days a week as to they helped me to stay on track with my studying. I tried to study from Basecamp and just on my own, however shortly realized it was not working for me and when I came across this course I have no regrets! I loved attending the live lecture and then watching the recordings to make sure I didn’t miss anything or pause the video for topics I needed to review more in depth! I wish I would have known about this course my first time around as to it really helped me pass the exam with the mnemonics and other tips on how to remember medications, pathologies, etc! I can’t recommend the course enough!! Thanks Will and Mark for all you hard work to prepare us for the NPTAE!!!

byHeather R onPT Final Exam
Amazing PTA Course

Definitely one of the best courses to take in preparation for the boards. I thought taking it in January was going to be so much harder with the holidays, but having access to the live lectures, the extra lectures and the podcasts really helped me to stay on top of studying. And I will highly recommend you to future classes.

byBrad Rankin onPT Final Exam
First and Last!

Considering the amount of material covered by the NPTE attempting to self-study can be pretty daunting. I had purchased the Scorebuilders’ “PTA Exam: the complete study guide” and online access to BaseCamp. I found PTFE Crash Course to be far more valuable and user friendly. At least it was for me, which is why I am grateful to Will and Mark for the structure they provided with the PT Final Exam Crash Course. It’s still a lot of information and it will go by fast! However, it is recorded live and accessible shortly after each meeting ends.

The weeks are devoted to one of the three primary systems, according to the FSBPT: musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and cardiopulmonary. There were four video conferences (~70 minutes each) per week which covered: examination, evaluation, interventions, and practice questions pertinent to that system. Most of the weekly calls had 2-3 practice questions to reinforce consolidation of concepts discussed, whereas the weekend practice question session provided 8-10 questions with discussion limited to rationale for the correct answer. The strategies provided for how to study for the exam and how to address the exam questions were extremely beneficial. The mnemonics provided specifically helped with retention and memorization of dermatomes/myotomes and cardiopulmonary medications, which weren’t covered in my PTA program. There are also some additional pre-recorded lectures covering non-systems topics, I only watched the gait and gait deviations videos so I cannot speak at length on the beneficence of these video lectures. Will and Mark to be extremely helpful and promptly responsive to any questions during lecture as well as over email and Telegram.

Look forward to using the PT version in the future! 😉

byCindy onPT Final Exam
Great PTA crash course!

Passed my PTA exam on my first attempt thanks to the terrific PTA crash course! I loved the multiple weekly zoom sessions which helped me to stay on track with my studying. The material complemented my personal study plan, and I loved the ability to be able to ask questions on issues I was struggling with so close to the exam. The ability to rewatch the webinars and the additional content at any time was very helpful to really absorb the content. I can’t recommend the program enough!! Thanks Will and Mark for all you efforts and great content to help prepare me an Exam I never want to take again. 🙂

byYanet Caula onPT Final Exam
Successful first attempt

Taking the PTA crash course before my NPTE exam was key to success. The classes where a perfect complement of my study plan. I was concerned because English is my second language. But thanks to Mark and Will I made it on my first attempt. The organization of main topics to review, the resources to remember things and the Telegram chat group was a fun and great experience. Thank you!

byTonya Zimmerman onPT Final Exam

My journey to become a PTA has been frought with obstacles during this global pandemic but it has also proven to be a great year for some amazing opportunities to learn. I was trying to study on my own and felt disorganized and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, I needed to process in order to be proficient on the board exsm. I really didn't know what to do. I found PT FINAL Exam on online from a video they posted on abnormal gait patterns and it was brilliant! I enrolled in their crash course. That was the best decision ever! I am so grateful. Will Crane and Mark Stevens are master teachers ! I learned so much in a short amount of time! I am so grateful to took the course! Thank you , Will and Mark!

byDaisy onPT Final Exam
Amazing course and instructors!

Honestly I don’t think I would have passed on my first attempt without PT Final Exam. They did so great and provided the best information to wrap up before taking the NPTE. Thank you PTFE!!!

byBreanna Anderson onPT Final Exam

This course was a tremendous help as I was stumped on ways to study for the NPTAE after two previously failed attempts. I passed the exam with flying colors and it’s safe to say it was with the help of this course and the knowledge I gained from Will and Mark. This course is laid out in an organized manner to target the three main systems tested on the licensure exam with access to two great mentors to answer all questions. I wish I would have known about this course on my first attempt. 10/10 recommend this course!!

byKP onPT Final Exam
First and Last!

PTFE was great! Alana was helpful through emails and live meetings. All the pre-recorded videos were excellent and It was awesome being able to re-watch videos multiple times. When my boards date got pushed due to graduation, PTFE extended my access to all content. The exams were spot on with the difficulty when compared to the PEATs and actual NPTE. This program really helped organize all the information and gave a great layout for studying, so you knew you hit all topic areas. Well worth the money if you want to pass on the first try!

byTaylor onPT Final Exam

I was always a horrible standardized test taker, and while I was hesitant on paying for a prep course, I ultimately decided it would help at least a little bit. Everyone at PTFE was so incredibly encouraging and all served as a great resource. Not only did they help equip me with tips and tricks and help me review essential information, they also helped me improve my confidence immensely. I have dreaded the NPTE but PTFE helped me prep not only academically but personally and was able to get me to a point where I actually felt confident going into the test. Definately was one of the best decisions I could have made in my NPTE prep!

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