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PT Final Exam has several programs that can help you achieve your goal of passing the NPTE-PTA. Which one is right for you? Use our chart to compare the features of our PTA courses to find the one that best suits your studying style and your needs. 

Still unsure which course to take? Answer these questions to see our recommendations. 

Are you an anxious test taker or someone who struggles with tests even when you know the material? Did you finish your degree a long time ago? Have you failed a previous attempt? Do you like live webinars where you can get your questions answered? Do you like a lot of structure when you study? Does filling out a workbook help keep you on task? Do you take a lot of practice exams as part of your study or to assess where to focus your studying? Do you like to watch videos to help you study? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend our Premium Course for $399.

Do you wait until the last minute to study? Do you like to cram a lot into a short amount of time right before an exam? Are you looking for a course without any of the extras like exams and workbooks? Do you feel pretty confident but you’d like a cheap and cheerful course to get you over the finish line feeling fully prepared? If you answered yes to these questions, we recommend our Crash Course for $199.

Are these courses not what you’re looking for? Maybe you just want practice exams. Maybe you just need a mini-course on Nonsystems or something else. Maybe you just want one-to-one tutoring. We have those things too.

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