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Study OutlineWith the July NPTE now safely in the rearview mirror, it is time to begin looking forward to the next exam that will be in October 2015. Those of you who just took the exam yesterday, I’m praying for you and have my fingers crossed that all goes well. If you put in the appropriate amounts of time and effort, you should have an awesome result and begin practicing in the best field ever.

For those of you that are looking forward to the October exam, I’m excited to announce that I have posted the dates for my next Mastermind Study Group. This is perhaps one of the most exciting things I do on PT Final Exam.  You can check it out here: https://ptfinalexam.com/mastermind-study-group-2/.




The mastermind study group is an awesome NPTE resource that is like no other. It is structured much like a university course where we have specific lectures on Saturdays and then have review sessions throughout most days of the week. In this way, we are able to cover massive amounts of material in a very short amount of time.

The thing that really sets PT final exam part from others in the same field is the personal touch that we have with each of our students. From emails to Skype chats, it is not uncommon for us to have tons of interaction with our students.

We make you work like none other, but that is why we are so confident in our program. I am always very proud of our pass rates which are nearly 90% for students who are fully active and participating in the study group. I’m quite proud of this number simply because almost half of the students who take my course are “repeat offenders.” This means that they have attempted the NPTE on more than one occasion.

Our program is simple. We have awesome lectures each week and then give some pretty extensive assignments for students to complete. In this way, we are able to answer your physical therapy related questions and help you get past this beast of a test.


Free Study OutlineStudy Outline Graphic

If you are not interested in being a part of a course or a review class, I do have a free resource that is available to help you. This is called the “free study outline.” This is simply a lengthy document that lists out all of the potential topics that will be tested on the NPTE. This is the outline that we use for our course and is the outline that you should use for your studies. It mirrors the fsbpt.org content outline that the NPTE is created from in 2015.

This totally free resource is available here: https://ptfinalexam.com/study-outline-for-the-npte/


In any case, he sure to subscribeto the blog so that you don’t miss any important updates. I wish you all the best in your NPTE prep!

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  1. Do you provide certification as proof that the student was indeed enrolled and had a tutorial?i am a retaker and my state is asking for a certificate in order for me to seat in the exam again.

        1. Is the certification free of charge?do you know if the exam for jan 2016 would still be the same? Or harder?planning to take on january 2016 to master everything.many thanks.

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