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Top 10 NPTE TipsHey everyone!

As always, I sincerely hope that all is going well for you as you are preparing to take the NPTE. If this is your 1st time visiting my blog, I sincerely hope that you take advantage of all of the great content but I have posted to help you with your NPTE preparations. I am passionate about teaching, and I sincerely hope that my material will be useful to you as you prepare for this life-changing exam.

Free Live Webinar

I know it has been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I’m excited to have another free webinar for all students preparing for the NPTE. In this webinar on February 23, I will be discussing some of my most important tips for students as they prepare for this life-changing exam.

I was recently interviewed on the PT Pintcast podcast and was asked to share some of the most important tips that I have for students as they prepare for the exam. The response from that was very enthusiastic, and I’m excited to now present my tips in video format.

As a preview, I will be discussing these topics:

  1. Use the FSBPT resources available
  2. The Review Book myth
  3. Create your plan of attack
  4. Replicate test day
  5. Review practice exams thoroughly
  6. Think positive
  7. Focus on the “textbook answer”
  8. Create with the material
  9. Prepare for game day
  10. Keep you cool on test day

I anticipate that we will spend about 1 hour discussing all of this, and I will be taking questions live during the webinar.

You can register for the event here: Top 10 NPTE Tips

As always, I strive at PT Final Exam to create the most awesome content available for the NPTE. I have some really exciting changes coming for 2016, and I’m working like crazy to create more and lower-cost options for exam preparation.

Update:  Here is the recording!  Enjoy!

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