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The FSBPT conjectures that there will be so many students trying to take the July NPTE that it will take 2 days to accommodate the influx of candidates.  This is likely due to many schools finishing their curriculum in May and June, and gives a little time to study before July.

How do I get ready for the July 23-24 NPTE?

  1. By JUNE 17, you must Register for the exam on FSBPT and pay the $370 registration fee, as well as any jurisprudence and processing fees.
  2. By JUNE 24, you must have approval from the jurisdiction where you plan to practice.  This is done through the state websites that are listed here.
  3. By JULY 3, you must have scheduled the PROMETRIC seat.  This is done here.
  4. On JULY 31, scores will be reported to the individual state jurisdictions, and scores will be available for free for the candidates until August 7.

It is a good idea to make sure you do all of these steps WELL AHEAD of the deadlines.  It will make your test experience a whole lot smoother.

As always, check out the numerous resources on this website, as well as all of the FREE questions posted.  Let me know how I can be of assistance!  Good luck!

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1 thought on “Are you ready for the July 2013 NPTE?”

  1. Just heard from a handful that they passed the April 2013 NPTE! Congrats on all the hard work! Word is that the clinical-based questions are not insurmountable. Hope to hear from more of you!

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