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200 Sample Physical Therapy Exam QuestionsFor anyone just now discovering PhysicalTherapyExamPrep.com, welcome!  I sincerely hope that you can find something that will be useful to you while you’re studying for the NPTE.  My role, along with all of the resources on this site, is to coach you through the hardest exam of your life.  You really do have to know everything.

Exciting Updates!

Physical Therapy Exam Prep is an awesome resource for those of you preparing to take the National Physical Therapy Exam.  Honestly, I felt like studying test questions was the most effective method of studying, and I’m proud to announce the great NPTE Sample Exam Giveaway!  Here’s how it works:

  1. I will give away 5 free copies of my new product The 200-Question Practice Physical Therapy Exam.
  2. The free copies will be given to 5 individuals who comment on this post AND subscribe to the blog.
  3. If over 200 people comment and subscribe, I will give away 10 copies!
  4. In your comments, share how you study and what has really helped you feel ready for the NPTE.
  5. The winners will be selected and announced on 7/16/2013.

I look forward to your comments!  As always, I wish you all the best in your studying!


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13 thoughts on “200-Question Practice Physical Therapy Exam Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for all that you are doing to make students feel more comfortable with the licensure exam. I am a professor and am enjoying your questions!

  2. I wish in my little way I would able to share some insights I never thougt Id be doing this writing because before Im the one who is reading the blogs , the tips online and wanting this advices , hoping all the best for everybody .I hope I would also be blessed to have the 200 questions give away , but aside from that Id like to thank you for your email and this website to because it is good ,enriching website .Thank you.

    Studying for the examination is often a hard task. Sometimes burdened with the amount of time which is left prior to the said test. There are occasions that I have no idea what to study first because the time is running out and we need to study a lot of things. One more thing that makes studying hard is to remain focused on the lessons that we need to evaluate. There are plenty of disruptions and keeping up with the focus on studying is a little difficult to do. What is more challenging if you are anybody reviewing for the National Physical Therapist It essensial is to get the materials and also have the right ones for reviewing.

    NPTE review 6 months prior to your target test day. I think gives lots of time planning and getting ready for your examination. I just followed the NPTE calendar I found online thinking in that way I can go over on almost everything .
    Somedays are slower and harder other days are great but the key here one needs to have a support group it doesnt matter if its close but just sometimes going thru facebook groups make one aware that you are not alone or not the only one who is going thru with it . And even in thou thru the slow days dont stop !!!because reading gives you ahead then eventually youll be able to find out your weaknesses and strengths. Things would get better . When you know what your weaknesses , target these put more concentration and work harder. Thinking having a license for this career would be rewarding in the end.

    I spend some time to get a break while studying. Tend not to pressure myself into studying. The more tension you give to yourself, the less understanding you get while reviewing. Some reviewers have relaxation techniques like how to breath so . Some breaks can be going back to my vegtable garden or some house hold chores or even cooking a good meal what is fun is also do some aerobics on U-tube which is a good physical exercise from the long hours of sitting.

    After going thru all the books comes the practice test. . There are a lot Giles , Sullivan , Blue Book, Peat, Dutton sometime I take this exam and we tend to memorize it but we still need to go thru all the choices and go thru not only on the wrong answers but also on the right ones aswell . It also helps me to see other practice test online like Physical Therapy Exam prep , Quiznet , and other sites that gives 10 to 25 items practice test . I also time myself on the test in that way I can prepare on the real one, I hope ill be set on schedule .
    There is challenge in reviewing is remaining in focus when you are already studying. Nobody said it would be easy but it sure is worth it .

    The nervousness in reviewing raises an issue too then we find inner strength , and telling ourself Ill give my best , it also help when people are there to give us support . Prayers is also the best kind of support one can find.

  3. Thank you for this resource. I am scheduled to take the July exam and am seriously considering withdrawing and taking in Oct. So confused…

  4. Studying for the boards has been quite a task as I’m sure most everyone can attest to. My studies thus far have included reading Giles, O’ Sullivan, taking multiple practice tests and studying many of my old notes and books from classes. Of all the things I’ve done to study for the boards I think the most effective thing has been studying my practice exams after I have taken them. I spend a lot of time reading over not only the correct answers but all of the answer options and reasoning through why certain answers are not correct.

    I have been subscribed to this blog for a month or two now and have really appreciated having some of the insight it provides to help me as my studies continue to increase. Thanks for all the effort put into this!

  5. This will be a good site for first time test takers. Glad you have provided a the site for practicing the real game. It will help ones confidence in taking the test and to aim high goals for a better future. Thank you again!

  6. I have been reading this blog for a few months now. The 200 questions would be great just to get used to the feel of the exam. I find that doing q and a even 25 a day helps me identify the topics that I need to study more. It keeps me on track because I tend to get overwhelmed with all the information that are presented. Good luck to everyone who are taking the boards!

  7. I appreciate your kindness for helping students like me to face NPTE. The free questions posted,helped me to get a picture of the new exam format.

  8. For me in preparing to take the NPTE, I have approached it similar to that of taking other exams during the duration of the didactic portion of my PT program. I am thoroughly assessing where my weaknesses are, and then working on them… much easier said than done!! I have recognized (and continue to do so) that much time is needed… for me I have to spend a large amount of time in one sitting to really get the most out of studying, as compared to small sessions. Also, I feel that by reading, answering, and then reviewing practice questions I have benefited greatly! All together though, knowing where I stand as far as content knowledge, I must say, has made me feel most comfortable and confident. I am preparing to take the exam in October and I began studying a month and a half ago. Best wishes to all studying for this important exam!!

  9. hey will,i tried your 150 ques exam and seriously it was great and very helpful.it helped me in clearing a few difficult concepts and definately gaining confidence just before exams.your work is appreciable.and thanks a lot for your support and guidance.the paper was really good,,,thanks a lot.hope we all come up with flying colours.

  10. Marie Anne Gabrido

    Hello Sir!!! Thank you for the 200 give away sample questions. I hope I will be one of the luckiest people you’ll choose to share this. I am happy to tell you how I study, as much as possible I do critical thinking of diseases or conditions. I am more of incorporating basic with pathology. I am ecstatic if I can simplify or know the rationale of the pathophysiology of a disease or conditions. I hope and pray that I will be able to pass NPTE….God bless us all

  11. This is great for people who are really dedicated in pursuing their career as physical therapist, yoi are one of the good people who understands the sacrifices and struggles in studying for this exam, I salute and thank you for doing this great job innhelping peolpe achieve their goal and American dream.

  12. I’m just discovering this resource. Planning to take my exam this year and I’m really grateful for what you are doing to help those in need.

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