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Pencil on keyboardA few important thoughts as you coast in to the last week of studying.

  1. Do you know how and when to go to the Prometric testing center?  Just imagine the angst you would have if you got lost or got stuck in traffic on the way to the test.
  2. Is all of your paperwork in order for the test?  In a previous post, I gave the checklist of what needed to happen to get ready for the test.
  3. Have you taken any sample tests?  A number of the most popular study guides have varying levels of sample tests.  Don’t forget to check out some FREE sample NPTE questions here.
  4. Have you reviewed the FSBPT content outlines?  These outlines give a pretty clear indication of what will be the most important/weighted parts of the test.
  5. Have you studied EVERYTHING?  This can be the most discouraging.  There really is just so much to study.  Keep in mind that the test is meant to see if you can reason your way through some challenging situations.  Make sure you know the reasons behind every right and wrong answer you see on practice exams.
  6. Do you know how to take a multiple choice test?  Do you REALLY know?  The multiple choice style of the NPTE is meant to be standardized and quite clear.  Typically, there will be 2 MORE right answers, from which you will have to choose the MOST CORRECT.  There will not be any “D. All of the above” type options.  Questions will pertain to examination, evaluation, and intervention.
  7. If you have studied enough, will you pass the test?  Yes!  It is just a test–you can do this!

I’m more than happy to help with any particular questions!  If you want to buy my sample questions, that would be awesome, too.  Let me know what I can do for you!


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