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Video Questions on the NPTE

Here’s a question that I get a lot regarding the NPTE:  When will the NPTE include video items on the exam?

It’s a great question, and the answer is that the October 2022 will be the first exam with video items on the actual exam administration.  This creates a lot of questions about the actual mechanics of the video questions, so here’s a summary.

  1. Will the video questions be more difficult than regular questions?  Well, considering the breadth and scope of the material tested on the NPTE, it is likely that some of these questions will be difficult or unfamiliar, however, you should rest assured that the NPTE questions will only ask things that are relevant to the first year of PT practice and reflect entry-level skills.  
  2. What is the video player like on the NPTE?  First of all, the video has to be EXTREMELY clear.  This means that the material that is being shown has to be unambiguous and be clearly demonstrated in a very short video (<10 seconds).  On the actual exam, you will be able to loop or replay the video as many times as you would like, however, you need to be aware that the time is not exteneded for the overall exam, so you’ll still need to average <72 seconds per item.
  3. Is there a demo?  Yes, you can see a demo on the FSBPT website.
  4. Will the video items be scored on test day?  As you know, there are 50 unscored “pretest” items that you will encounter on the NPTE.  These items are randomly distributed throughout the exam and are indistinguishable from actual scored items.  Even though the video items are new, they have already been “pretested” on the PEAT exams during the summer of 2022.  Thus, you can expect at least some of the video items to be scored.
  5. How do I prepare for video items?  I talk about this a bunch more in PODCAST Episode  077–Video Questions on the NPTE Starting October 2022. This episode is all about the ways to dissect out these practice items to make them as straightforward as possible.  You’ll enjoy the way I talk through them in that podcast episode.

Generally speaking, I feel like you’ll be underwhelmed by the videos.  They will be clear, short, and very straightforward so that you can easily see what it is that is going on in the video.  I recommend reading the text and options of the question FIRST before analyzing the video.  This helps narrow your focus to help you look for just a few options rather than stare at a video (or image) with no other context.

This is the best way to set you up to PASS the NPTE!  

Check out these links to find the best ways to be prepared for the NPTE!

Podcast Episode 077–Video Questions on the NPTE Starting October 2022  LISTEN HERE

Podcast Episode 074–Long-Term Memory Aids for the NPTE LISTEN HERE


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