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Sample NPTE Question
A patient notes pain in the area highlighted with a star (see photograph) while grasping the thumb in ulnar deviation.

Which disorder is MOST likely present?


  1. Carpal Tunnel syndrome

  2. Ganglion Cyst pain

  3. Wartenburg’s syndrome

  4. De Quervain syndrome

The correct answer is:

  1. This would be distinguished by pain in the first three digits and would not necessarily be position dependent.

  2. This would be a localized pain that would increase with direct pressure of the cyst. This is not the MOST likely disorder.

  3. This is a superficial radial nerve entrapment that causes numbness of the anatomical snuffbox throughout the dorsum of the hand and would not be motion dependent.

  4. This is the correct answer. Eichoff’s test (pictured) will reproduce the symptoms of pain near the styloid process of the radius.


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