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Physical Therapy Exam Preparation Question 2013

A patient recovering from a stroke is being evaluated by a physical therapist.  The patient is able to voluntarily elevate his arm through the synergy pattern without difficulty, but is unable to move out of the synergy pattern.  Spasticity is still present.  Which of the following Brunnstrom Approach stages BEST describes this pattern?


  1. Stage 1

  2. Stage 2

  3. Stage 3

  4. Stage 4

The correct answer is:  LIKE to see the answer!


  1. Stage 1 is characterized by flaccidity and no voluntary movement on the affected side.

  2. Stage 2 is characterized by the development of spasticity and obligatory synergies that occur from the result of external stimuli.

  3. Stage 3 is characterized by continued spasticity and limited voluntary movement through the synergy pattern.

  4. This is the correct answer.  The scale continues to Stage 6 where no spasticity occurs and normal movement is reestablished.



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