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Example questionsDominando

A 20 year old male soccer player presents with a Grade II right lateral ankle sprain upon evaluation.  What are the characteristics of a Grade II ankle sprain?

  1. Partial tear of the lateral ligament complex with mild joint instability, moderate intra-capsular swelling and tenderness, and some loss of ROM and joint function
  2. Complete rupture of the anterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, and capsule with mechanical joint instability; severe intra/extra-capsular swelling, ecchymosis, tenderness and inability to weight-bear.
  3. Stretch of the lateral ligament complex with no macroscopic tear or joint instability, little swelling or tenderness
  4. Partial tear of the syndesmosis, creating generalized swelling and tenderness throughout the ankle joint complex; inability to bear weight, severe ecchymosis, and mortise widening.


The correct answer is: ?

This question tests your basic knowledge of ankle sprains and their proper diagnoses.  This is a fairly straightforward question if you know the basics.

  1. This is the correct answer.  This describes a Grade II lateral ankle sprain.
  2. This describes a severe or Grade III lateral ankle sprain.
  3. This describes a mild or Grade I lateral ankle sprain.
  4. This describes a “high” ankle sprain, or Syndesmosis sprain.
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