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A physical therapist is treating a patient who has suffered a stroke using primarily postural control activities, movement sequencing, and key therapeutic handling techniques.  Which of the following BEST describes the treatment model being used?

  1. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

  2. Neuro-developmental treatment

  3. Rood’s sensorimotor learning

  4. Hierarchical reflex theory

The correct answer is:  (Please LIKE for correct answer)


  • This is a technique using a balanced control of agonist and antagonist muscles.  Kobat, Knott, and Voss developed the PNF system.

  • This is the correct answer.  Karl and Berta Bobath used NDT to control initiation and sequencing control constructs.

  • Rood’s method involves sensory integration to move independent of a reflex stimulus.

  • This is the theory that all motion is hierarchical and that higher centers control or inhibit lower centers.


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