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 by Stephanie Brown on PT Final Exam
Everything You Need To Pass

After failing the NPTE in October, I was lost but I knew I needed to find help in order to pass on my next attempt. After weeks of researching other review courses and talking to peers, I was recommended by my best friend to try PT Final Exam. I decided to enroll in the VIP(T) course, and it was exactly what I needed. From the live lectures to the one on one phone calls with Will, the practice exams, and additional content, it was well worth every penny. I have never passed a practice exam until I took this course. It showed me exactly what I needed to do to pass the NPTE and gave me that extra boost of confidence to pass the exam. I highly recommend this course!!

 by Josh Campo on PT Final Exam
Worth it!

I enrolled in the crash course leading up to the April NPTE. It was exactly what I needed to review the major content areas and refresh a lot of important information I had not reviewed in a long time. Gave me just what I needed to pass on my first attempt. If you’re feeling pretty good about your prep and you just need a little extra help, the crash course would be a good fit for you. If you feel like you need a more in depth review of everything that could potentially show up on the exam, I would opt for the VIP course. PT final exam has you covered for whatever you need! I definitely recommend!

 by Jonathan Raies on PT Final Exam
The necessary content to pass!

I am so glad I found out about this course! I enrolled in the VIP(T) course and it was extremely well organized and so helpful. They focused on topics that were most likely going to show up on the exam, the lectures are all recorded, therefore I can go back and listen to important information as many times as I needed. What was great about this course was that every week, at least 2x/week we had live lectures with Will where we completed practice questions and were able to ask questions regarding certain topics. This was particularly helpful because it held you accountable to study frequently and effectively. Also, you are able to book a phone call with Will to talk about your strengths/weaknesses, study strategies, etc. That was extremely helpful. The 6 practice exams helped tremendously since they were challenging, therefore preparing you for the exam. Finally, you also have access to the crash course which focuses on the three major subjects of the NPTE (Ortho, Neuro, Cardio) the last three weeks before the exam, that was amazing to review these subjects prior to the exam since it kept the information fresh in my head. As a foreign graduated PT, I found that this course was exactly what I needed to prepare and pass the NPTE. This course is such a great investment to officially become a licensed Physical Therapist in the United States of America!!!

 by Atra Warda on PT Final Exam
Just What You Need To Pass NPTE

I am thrilled to recommend the PT Final Exam staff who, if I had the chance, I would definitely give 10 stars. Their assistance significantly improved my scores on the practice exams and ultimately led to my passing the NPTE. I highly recommend the VIP (T) Review Course as it covers all the material that is likely to appear on the boards. The recorded lectures and PowerPoints are well-organized and structured, making studying more effective and boosting confidence, ultimately preparing you well for the NPTE. I am proud to say that I passed, thanks to the unwavering support of the PT Final Exam staff, especially Will.

 by Kendra Coleman on PT Final Exam

If you’re reading this, go all in!! I tried other programs and they didn’t work for me. One time through the VIP(T) course with Will and it was a game changer!! He focuses on the meat and potatoes and not the extra fluff that doesn’t matter for the test. It’s so organized and easy to learn. There’s a workbook to work on your weak areas and the class size is SMALL so that means everyone is getting their questions answered. If you’re hesitant, JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it! I promise this is the place to be and you will learn so much!

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