by Nick Calderaro on PT Final Exam
The best guidance one could ask for

I began studying for the NPTE probably three weeks prior to purchasing the premium package and lets just say it was a mess. I didn't even know where to start when it came to studying and when I began looking at one topic, it just led to stress because I discovered more information that I had to study. After purchasing PT Final Exam I had help with the one thing that I believe was the hardest part when beginning studying for boards, and that was guidance. Every single week throughout this whole program I knew exactly what I was studying. The recorded lecture that Will and his team have put together was filled with information that has helpful mnemonics, and in depth explanation to certain topics, some that were not even covered in school. I not only found it to be helpful, but I actually learned a lot of new information going through this program as well! I really believe if it wasn't for PTFE I would have been a lot less confident and not had the same knowledge bank or testing strategies that I had when I sat for boards. It really is worth every penny!!

 by Abby Carpenter on PT Final Exam
Very helpful

It was more a review for me except for learning EKG and Serum levels. Could have touched more on lymphatics and positioning and what not, but other than that it was VERY helpful. The way they explain things along with giving visuals is extremely helpful! My issue was not reading the question correctly and overthinking it. I watched a YouTube video by Will that helped with that! I ended up passing my 3rd try! Definitely worth the investment. I never had to touch my board book again with this course!

 by Jacee on PT Final Exam
The best course!

I 1000% recommend this course. The whole staff is amazing and so kind. I never knew I could learn so much in 3 weeks but I’m so thankful I did. The amount of tips and tricks given to me in this program I feel like truly made such a difference in my exam success. It was also nice to be able to communicate with other students who were in the course for engorgement! Definitely worth the money, time, and hard work!

 by Pheba on PT Final Exam
Worth it

I took independent study course with pt final exam after being away from PT career for 15 years. I took exam once but didn’t pass but after doing independent study course I passed the exam second time. Will crane and his team are amazing and I also thank god who pointed me to them. I don’t think I would have passed without gods help but the course helped immensely so I recommend PT final exam to all

 by Lisa B. on PT Final Exam
Distracted student, great score!

Literally, the best $1,000 I ever spent on my PT education—and that includes my DPT tuition. I knew that I would need external structure in order to successfully prepare for the NPTE. I am hugely distractible, and when I can focus for a few hours, I tend to go down rabbit holes and get bogged down in details. I love learning, but I knew that there wasn’t time to learn everything in 3 months. I needed someone to tell me what to focus on.

ALL I ended up doing was attending all of the live VIP(T) courses, watching some of the recordings, taking a couple practice tests, and looking up a few additional things here or there. I bought all the review books—barely cracked them. I surrounded myself with my DPT textbooks—opened one…maybe once a week. I did not review my practice tests like I was supposed to. I felt guilty for not doing enough and was not in a great headspace. But I insisted on faithfully attending the VIP(T) course. Oh, and I tried to go for a walk every day.

And that was enough. I scored FAR higher than I expected. PT Final Exam has great instructors who select the most relevant material and make it digestible. I can’t recommend them enough.

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