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 by Angeliza Arciaga on PT Final Exam
thanks so much

I couldn't have done it without PTFinalExam's help...kudos to Dr. Will Crane and the entire team. I passed today(PTA) and gained my confidence to push further. Thanks so much!

 by Tyra R. Pugh, PT, DPT on PT Final Exam
Will Crane Fist Pump!!!!!

First of all I must thank Will and his staff for all they have done for me throughout this process, without them I would not have been as prepared as I was. This was my sixth time taking the NPTE, so nervous is an understatement for how I was feeling about this exam. But Will was very patient and encouraging through the entire process. I felt that he truly cared for me as a person, and not just in it for the money. I appreciated his knowledge, from answering my questions about the material (new and old) to getting me fully prepared for the changes to the NPTE. I can not say enough about this course, coming from someone who took a different course, I didn't not get nearly as much one on one time with the professor or the amount of material that I received from PT Final Exam. I would recommend this program 10 times over to ANY and EVERYONE!!!! Especially if you are someone who has test anxiety or someone who struggles with standardized tests, PT Final Exam, more specifically PT Final Exam VIP(T) is the program that you need. (and if you couldn't tell, well worth the money)

 by Meagan Ruhl on PT Final Exam
Can't Beat the Passed Feeling!

I graduated in May of 2022 and struggled with passing boards. I did other programs and study books that were recommended but nothing was working. I signed up for Will's VIP(T) course and let me tell you, I DO NOT REGRET IT AT ALL. After seeing failed time and time again, getting to finally see passed was the best feeling! I have no words. The course is small enough that all questions get answered. The material is organized in a way that is so easy to follow and understand. I was fortunate enough to find a group of others who wanted to meet as a little study group a couple times a week outside of Will's meetings and that helped tremendously! I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I emailed Will or talked on the phone with him to ease my anxiety throughout this whole process. I promise, this program and the relationships built throughout it are so worth it and you will NOT regret it!

 by Dr. Kaylee Parfait PT, DPT on PT Final Exam
I feel like a VIP(T) after passing boards!

I cannot recommend the PT Final Exam- VIP(T) bundle enough. Although it is certainly an investment, Will Crane guided me individually and through our small group class to pass the NPTE on my second attempt. On my first attempt, I used a different prep course, but I had no strategy, I was just overwhelemed by the amount of busy work and had no one to steer me in the correct direction. Will's program was recommended to me by a Co-worker that also did not pass the NPTE on their first attempt, and they were able to pass their second attempt using him. The VIP course starts with videos on strategy and understanding the exam, this was perfect at the start of studying for my second attempt and was an extremely helpful for me to have a better understanding of the approach I needed to take this time around. In each of the 10 weeks following, twice a week, as a small group we went over practice questions pertaining to the topic of that week. During sessions Will made sure each session that every person's question was answered and that the topic at hand was understood.

Aside from the small group tutoring, power calls, and support, the VIP(T) course also comes with hundreads of practice questions and 6 practice tests. These practice questions and tests were extremely helpful in gaining endurance for the exam, testing my knowledge, and reviewing topics I didn't quite understand.

Will Crane helped me pass this exam, and he can help you too!!

 by Sophie Lee on PT Final Exam

After 4 unsuccessful attempts I finally did it!!!!
I am a 45 year old foreign trained PT, a mom and a full time PTA.
Six years ago I received eligibility to sit for NPTE from FCCPT.
I failed the test three times in almost two years without taking any classes just independently studying.
Too much concepts and a lot of things I didn’t know.
Totally disappointed, I decided to take PTA test instead and I passed the test right away.
After another 2 years of studying by myself and taking some prep courses I took the test again and I failed with the score of 576.
Though it was close but I was sad and depressed about the results.
Then I found PT Final Exam and decided to buy the VIP program.
I can’t tell how amazing this course is.
Will, the instructor, is knowledgeable, funny and so patient with the students.
There are amazing in depth courses about all PT concepts specially MSK and Neuro which are the most important parts of exam.
I was able to answer almost 90% of neuro and MSK questions just by studying his courses.
Using VIP program and taking part in live classes plus several sample tests included in this course improved my level to the point that I passed the test.
I’m so thankful to Will and his crew for their knowledge, proficiency and support for the last 3 months.
This is such a valuable achievement wouldn’t be possible without PT Final Exam.
I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the valuable lessons and education to Will and his crew.
And to those who are struggling to pass the test I would say never give up.
If I could pass the test you can do too.

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