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 by Erin Brown on PT Final Exam
Multiple Attempts for the NPTE Finally Passed!!

Alex made a HUGE difference in my understanding of both the content I learned throughout my program and the skills needed to be able to PASS this exam. I jumped up OVER 100 points thanks to his help and guidance. He gave me a foundation of knowledge that I allowed me to be successful in my test taking abilities AND that I now use in the clinic on a daily basis. I am very grateful for his mentorship and HIGHLY RECOMMEND his tutoring services to anyone looking for guidance to not only dominate the NPTE but also gain skills that you will utilize when you start practicing!!!

 by Zarine on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

PT Final Exam provided me with an abundance of resources. Between the Premium course, study guide, workbook and Brain Dump session, I was extremely pleased with the instructors guidance, strategies, and willingness to help their students understand the material. This was my second attempt taking the NPTE and I not only passed, but I went from a score of 598 to 691. I want to give a big shoutout to Dr. Will Crane, Dr. Mark Stevens, and Dr. Isabel Reinisch. I am truly grateful for PT Final Exam and cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend their courses and to utilize their resources (i.e. podcasts, bonus lectures, and study guide).

 by Claire on PT Final Exam
5th attempt pass for foreign trained PT

Alex was the difference for me passing the NPTE on my 5th attempt. As a foreign trained PT, I was finding this style of testing and exam difficult. I had taken PT final exams Individual and VIP courses for my previous attempts which was AWESOME for building a foundation of content and got me somewhat close to passing, but I wasn’t able to get that passed on my screen. Working with Alex, I enjoyed the question style, and when a weakness was identified he was able to explain it to how I understood it so I could then apply the knowledge. Alex is super approachable with questions and trust me no question is a daft question. He is very understanding of the stress of this test but his knowledge and understanding helps build your confidence of how to apply not only to the test but for future practice. The PT Final Exam courses gave me the foundation of content I needed, but if you need help with specific topics Alex will know it or know where to find it and help you understand it. If you are considering the PT final exam courses or tutoring, it’s worth every dollar, the content is explained so well, where if you need more help with areas Alex’s knowledge and support is worth it to have him working alongside you and finally getting the test behind you to start your career.

 by Kelly on PT Final Exam
128 point score increase with VIP(T) PT course

So thankful for Will and the PT FINAL EXAM team! After failing on my first attempt with self studying using common study workbooks from other brands, i knew on my second attempt i needed more structure and guidance. The VIP(T) PT course is tailored to hit the important content areas on the exam and gives you lots of practice questions to make sure you not only understand the concepts but can apply them to exam like questions correctly. I loved the live classes in which Will went over practice questions in detail and answered questions. The VIP(T) course also has a huge library of prerecorded lectures to review content for the exam, i found these were similarly structured to my school's class lectures and included a lot of mnemonics which helped refresh content areas for me. Seeing the pass screen was a huge relief and im so thankful for the work Will and the team put into the course. I improved 128 points from my first to second passing attempt and know that the large score improvement was due to the VIP(T) course! The course is well worth the money and i will recommend it to anyone who needs guidance on how to succeed on the NPTE.

 by Ashley on PT Final Exam
It's Never too Late to Pass!

After many (4) failed attempts, and a variety of different NPTE prep courses/books/materials, I chose PT Final Exam. I had always been 5-10 questions away from passing and thanks to PT Final Exam, I can finally start my career and begin to make a change in patient's lives. Between the PT Premium Course and Crash Course, they break down what you need to know into manageable chunks and makes it feel less overwhelming. I couldn't be more thankful for PT Final Exam for helping me get that PASS screen this time around!

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