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 by Wes on PT Final Exam
PT Final Exam!

The premium study course was helpful in covering all the exam topics. It provided guidance and structure to my study schedule. I enjoyed the weekly live sessions because it allowed time for questions and additional review outside of the lecture videos.

 by LaQuanda on PT Final Exam

I have to say the PTA crash course was very helpful in focusing on The key points and subject areas to help pass the board exam. All of the instructors were very helpful and had their own unique way of helping you remember strategies to navigate throughout the board exam. This course was very informational and help me pass The NPTE/PTA

 by McKenna on PT Final Exam
Alex P helped me PASS!!

I started working with Alex after my first failed attempt. I needed someone to guide me in the right direction and teach me the ropes, and that he did! He was always willing to answer my questions, had a wide variety of practice questions, is very knowledgeable in all different areas and was willing to put the time and effort into you. He cares about his students and their success and was always there to listen. This was my 4th attempt and I finally passed with the help of him, I will forever be thankful to have a mentor and tutor in my corner always cheering me on! I highly recommend reaching out to Alex to help guide you in passing this beast of an exam!

 by Ana Toth on PT Final Exam
So grateful for Will and his team!

As a foreign-trained PT and a first-time mom to an almost 2-yr old boy, I needed guidance on what topics I should focus on in reviewing for the NPTE as I only had about 2-3hrs max per day to do prepare for the exam. I will forever be thankful to Will and his team for giving me and my classmates excellent service in the VIP course. Attending the lecture and being able to ask questions both in real-time and via Telegram was very helpful. The pre-recorded lectures were also amazing because they were concise and simplified which makes it so much easier for someone like me to go over the content without spending too much time on unnecessary details. Will and his team has a gift of delivering lectures in a very easy to comprehend format. He also provides notes with the annotations he does during the lecture which was extremely helpful. Will and his team were a very essential part to my success in passing the NPTE on my first attempt and I will always recommend his review course to anyone who needs guidance on NPTE preps.

Thanks, Will and everyone at PT Final Exam! Fist bumps all around!

 by Yogesh on PT Final Exam
Passed NPTE at first attempt

I qualified overseas and did not have much awareness about US health system at the beginning but PT final has helped me a lot and I would recommend VIP course. I would suggest to keep listening and repeating online lectures. Best thing for me is online availability of all lectures as I do travel a lot and always in a different time zone. Thank you Will.

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