byFeenie onPT Final Exam
Great course

I am so grateful to have received an email stating PT Final exam was offering a crash course!! Mark and Will are both so great at simplifying concepts and they both really care about us learning and going into the NPTE with as little stress as possible! Thank you two for everything!

byAnuja onPT Final Exam
Amazing crash course

I decided to enroll in the PT crash course for my second attempt on the NPTE. I had terrible circumstances during my first attempt where Prometric wrote me up for “loitering in the hallways” and I had to take more than half of the exam thinking that I had been red flagged. The incident reflected in my results and I did not pass my first attempt but for my second time, I enrolled in the crash course to help me boost my confidence! Will and Mark do an amazing job explaining concepts I had a hard time grasping in PT school. Will has an amazing way of simplifying complex topics and throughly explaining them with great visuals. During live sessions he stayed on until each and every question was answered. You can really tell he has a passion to help people pass the exam and achieve their dreams. The crash course was a great review of the big 3 and I recommend it for first time test takers, second time test takers and even if this is your 6th attempt. It is an investment that is worth every penny and one of the more economically convenient options out there that will not break the bank (gotta look out for those student loans lol). Thank you both for taking the time to teach these courses and caring about your students so much!

byWesley onPT Final Exam
The best PT final exam review course you could choose

I am a foreign-trained Physiotherapist from Australia and was seeking to become licensed as a PT in the United States. Once my education was found equivalent, I had 6-weeks until the exam to study the entire profession and also multiple topics/systems in which we do not practice in Australia so I had to learn them brand new. I started listening to the PT final exam podcast and soon after I signed up for the crash course. These guys mean business. I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time and passed the exam on my first attempt. I could not have done this without their content and definitely owe a significant portion of my success to PT Final Exam. Studying for the NPTE? Then look no further!

byAshley onPT Final Exam
PT Live Review Course

I HIGHLY recommend the Live Review Course! I was a person who did not pass the NPTE on my first attempt. Will and the PT Final Exam team gave me guidance on what areas I needed to improve in along with helping me study in an organized fashion. They also did an EXCELLENT job with explaining difficult topics and making sure everyone in the class had their questions answered. Because of the PT Final Exam team, I passed the NPTE on my second attempt with a score increase of 75 points! This team truly does care about their students and will go the extra mile to make sure you are successful on test day! If you are looking for a prep course to help you pass the NPTE, this is the one!!! Especially for those who are visual learners like myself!

Every PT candidate needs this!

After 3 failed attempts of the NPTE, I gave up for SEVEN years. I spent the next seven years working a full-time and a part-time job, until I got the urge to try again. I juggled both jobs and still studied for the NPTE, thanks to the skills of the PT Final Exam team. I listened and participated in as many lectures and courses as I could, and they made concepts that I struggled with EASY. They were patient with me, communicated with me often, and gave me all the strategies that I needed to pass. I wish I had found them sooner!

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