byDanielle onPT Final Exam
100% Recommend!

PT Final Exam program was hands down some of the best money I spent in my efforts to become a physical therapist. This program helped me to organize what was an overwhelming amount of information into a format that I could manage and understand. The tips on how to remember content, as well as to how to manage the testing format were invaluable. Having Dr. Crane and the rest of the team available to clarify content and answer questions about what was not clear made a huge difference. I especially appreciate that during the stress of Covid19, Dr. Crane stepped up and made his services affordable to someone like me. During what was already a stressful time, he made the stress of the NPTE less stressful. I cannot thank him enough for his help! I would not have passed the NPTE on my first attempt without his help and his course.

bySonam onPT Final Exam
greatful to the PTFE team

I was a live course student and passed the NPTE in 1st attempt. I am thankful to Mr.Crane for his guidance and support during my journey of NPTE preparation. I really appreciate his friendly & "to the point" teaching style during the class and his prompt replies to my doubts through the email. Thanks to Ms.Arunima, who always encouraged me during the times when I felt low and anxious about the test. Also grateful to Mr. Mark, whose strategies to remember the lab values and scales are wonderful. PTFE is one of the best resources to clear NPTE. I wish all the best to the PT final exam team and the future test takers.

byKirstyn N. onPT Final Exam
Crash Course efficiently covers essential information to focus studying

I started to NPTE Crash Course program about mid-way through the course for the October 2020 exam. I had previously been studying on my own and was getting frustrated by the daunting amount of content I felt that I needed to get through and the average to mediocre results I was getting on my practice exams. Despite feeling like I had a strong base of knowledge from my independent study, I started looking into online test prep courses to supplement my work. I chose the Crash Course option because I was beginning to get short on time (a little over a month until test day) and because one of the modules offered was on Test-taking Strategies.

Thanks to the online availability of the modules that I missed, I was able to complete the entire program in 3-4 weeks. It helped a lot to condense my focus on what I really needed to know without getting too stuck in the weeds of memorizing minor details. I scored a 690 on my NPTE!

byOlivia Zaharie onPT Final Exam
Really Organized my time

The PT Final Exam course really helped me organize my study time. I feel like I got a good review every week and it helped guide my coverage of material in a timely and direct fashion. All in all, it helped me pass on my first attempt! So glad that I took advantage of it.

byAlex onPT Final Exam

Dear Future PT Final Exam students,

            I am delighted to recommend Dr. Will Crane's PT Final Exam course to all National Physical Therapy Examination candidates.  I have known Dr. Will Crane since June of 2020 since I purchased his PT Final Exam course.  In the past 3 months, Dr. Will Crane has served as my PT Final Exam instructor and private tutor in all core content that is assessed on the National Physical Therapy Licensing Exam. As a disabled veteran suffering from permanent physical and mental disabilities, Dr. Crane was able to accommodate my academic learning disabilities and provide instruction so I could comprehend, synthesize, apply and integrate the material to excel on examination questions in parallel with applying it to clinical practice.   Under Dr. Crane’s instruction, I passed every physical examination assessment tool written by the Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy and demonstrated significant improvement on each subsequent attempt.  I took a total of 4 physical examination assessment tools. In addition, I passed the National Physical Therapy Licensing Examination with flying colors on my first attempt.

            Dr. Crane is an outstanding instructor who consistently displays exemplary teaching skills and sustains superior performance within his profession in a variety of physical therapy settings.  He exhibits magnificent teaching ability with extensive knowledge in the field of physical therapy and he is, in my opinion, the best instructor on the PT Final Examination team.  Dr. Crane displays exceptional motivation and initiative, in parallel with having unlimited potential, and a desire to produce outstanding results in all of his assigned tasks.

            Dr. Crane inspires cooperation, progress and is excellent at accepting and offering student direction.  He also focuses goals and techniques for students, is an inspiring motivator and teacher, thus allowing his subordinates to reach the highest level of growth and development. Dr. Crane is an outstanding organizer of core content lectures, has great foresight, is a remarkable communicator and constantly improves the professional lives of students. Dr. Crane’s performance as a PT Final Instructor is superior to any college level university physical therapy professor I have encountered. In addition, he has consistently promoted a sense of teamwork and esprit de corp amongst students unlike any other professor I have ever had.

It is an understatement to say that Dr. Crane performed his aforementioned duties and responsibilities as a PT Final Exam instructor and content designer in an exemplary and highly professional manner at all times.  Dr. Crane always exhibited total dedication, superb teaching ability and tremendous work ethic in parallel with his uncanny ability to influence a diverse group of students internationally and nationwide to learn, work together and employ teamwork.   Dr. Crane’s charismatic teaching style coupled with his expertise in the field of physical therapy allowed him to quickly earn the trust and respect of his subordinates and of myself.  His demeanor, values and trustworthiness are above reproach and he always, in my eyes, set the standard of how an autonomous, exemplary health care practitioner should be judged.  All of his traits starting from his personal appearance to his interactions with others always set a good example for all to emulate.

            The performance of Dr. Will Crane has been nothing less than exceptional during his time as a PT Final Exam instructor.  Dr. Crane’s in-depth knowledge and untiring efforts are commendable in demonstrating total commitment to the profession of teaching and assisting students perform well on the National Physical Therapy Licensing Examination.  Dr. Crane’s exceptional professional ability, initiative, and loyal devotion to duty reflect credit upon himself and the American Association of Physical Therapy. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Dr. Crane’s PT Final Exam course to all National Physical Therapy Examination candidates enthusiastically and without reservations.

Very Respectfully,

Alex Pisanello PT, DPT, FRC

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