byMichelle onPT Final Exam
PT Final Exam

Highly recommend this program! I used this to help me study, took the state exam and passed the first time!

byLora onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course

This course really helped me in identifying easy strategies to remember commonly tested material on the NPTE! I fully believe that this is why I PASSED the FIRST time taking the test!

byCarla onPT Final Exam
PTA exam

I PASSED the state exam on my first attempt!
I highly recommended the PTA Premium Live course!
Mark, Will, and his team are great! They guide us through the entire material, keeping us focused on the main content. Their mnemonic methods saved my life!!

byAnonymous onPT Final Exam
What can I say…

Let’s start by saying you guys are so good at what you do! Literally such an amazing group of instructors! Make everything to easy to grasp and it actually sticks inside your brain. I failed the NPTE twice and was so lost and didn’t know what to do. I reached out to Will, asking for help and guidance. Explained to him this is how I was feeling and please help me pass this exam! He assured me don’t worry, we’ll get it the third try! And man oh man third try was definitely the charm!

I’m so grateful and blessed to have Will’s team as my leaders and coaches to help me pass this exam! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s planning on taking the NPTE. Whether it’s your 1st try or your 6th. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! 🙂

byNick onPT Final Exam
PTA Crash Course is LEGIT

I failed my first attempt. I didn't know what to do but knew that I enjoyed the sample PT Exam videos I found on YouTube. I joined the PTA Crash Course leading up to my second attempt and my only regret is not joining the PTA Crash Course before my first attempt. It is LEGIT. The instructors are amazing and they directed me to study what I was going to see on the exam. Questions that came up were some questions that we went over specifically and seeing that made me feel so good. I could not recommend this enough and I encourage anyone with 1% of nervousness about the test to join the Crash Course. It's a small price for a HUGE advantage.

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