by Richard on PT Final Exam
Great program!

This course was excelent in helping me prepare and pass the PT board exam! It provided me with valuable resources to help me stay on track and gave me guidance throughout my studying. Additionally, it provided me with many useful tricks to help me remember difficult topics.

 by Mary on PT Final Exam
My score improved 67 points!

I had failed the PTA board exam 2 times and was feeling really down and didn’t know what else to do. I ended up emailing Shellie and she recommended I take the PTA premium course. And I’m so glad I did because I PASSED on my 3rd attempt. Shellie as well as all the the instructors do a great job at preparing you for material that is on the test as well as providing really great study tips and tons of encouragement. I am so grateful for this course.

 by Regan on PT Final Exam
Perfect score!

I got an 800 on my PTA exam on the first attempt after taking the PT Final Exam course! I can’t recommend it enough. I seriously learned more in the course than I did in my program! It is well organized and you’re given so many tips and tricks to remember things! Thank you so much PTFE! ♥️

Congrats on the 800/800!!! That is fabulous!

 by Brooke Lehman on PT Final Exam
Best Exam Prep Course!

The material and the instructors from PT final are incredible! I wish I had these lectures during my first year of the PTA program. The practice exams were challenging. I passed my exam on the first try!

 by Adriana on PT Final Exam
Struggle with passing and then PASSED!!

I had troubles passing my NPTAE. Then I decided to take the premium course/crash course together. I ended up passing and I’m so glad ptfinalexam helped out a lot. I also wanted to give a big shoutout to Shellie, she was a great instructor and gave awesome tips on how to pass. I’m glad I made ptfinalexam the program to turn to to pass my exam!

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