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20140709_215903592_iOSHey everyone,

As I’ve been working on my newest Udemy course, I’ve been realizing more and more that there is just so much to learn and know to be a proficient and well-rounded physical therapist.  I have to say that there is no way to learn better than trying to teach something.

In my interaction with my students of the Mastermind Study Group, I am frequently asked questions about prosthetics and prosthetic gait analysis.  This topic is certainly at the cutting edge of our profession and combines basic knowledge of biomechanics with the latest advancements in materials and science.  I have witnessed individuals with above knee amputations run around a clinic with literally no perceptible difference between their prosthetic limb and natural limb.  The science and availability of prostheses has dramatically improved over the recent decades.

My purpose in creating this quick guide to prosthetics is to help clear up and summarize the most pertinent information regarding lower extremity amputations.  This information is designed to help you get the key points memorized for the NPTE.

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Free Download: Prosthetics

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With time, I intend to add to my collection of brief summaries.  I encourage you to check out my other summaries which include the pertinent information required for passing the NPTE.

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