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The NPTE does not define you-it onlyrefines you.Hey everyone,

As always, I sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful emails I get from you, and I get a huge kick out of serving my fellow colleagues as they prepare for the NPTE.  Like most of you, life has been crazy for me as I continually seek for proper balance between my family life, my day job, and online NPTE prep.  It is a juggling act, and I often feel like I just have so many plates to balance that it is easy to lose focus on what the big picture looks like.

Whenever I feel down about life or feel like I’m not making a difference, I get a great pick-me-up by reading about student success stories.  I find these extremely inspiring, and they help push me to be a better person.

This is a success story that speaks for itself.  It was honestly my privilege to play a small part in her success.  I hope you are inspired as much as I was.


I just want to say thanks. Your course is the reason why I passed the exam, and I wanted to tell you personally how grateful I am. I was out of school for almost 3 years before I took the exam in April 2016. When I was on my last affil in the summer of 2013 (actually, 3 weeks from completing my doctorate), I found out that I had acute lymphocytic leukemia. I was fortunate enough to be able to finish my affiliation and get my doctorate without taking time off, but I spent the better part of the next 2 years in treatment.

I rushed into taking the exam immediately after I finished my last round of treatment (about 2 weeks later) in 2015, and I scored 540. I was really broken up about it. I felt like I had put my life on hold for so long and I was more than ready to start this new chapter…just to fall short. It killed my confidence. That’s when I found your course. The homework assignments and all the lectures (especially all the bonus lectures!) continued to challenge me and kept me focused. Additionally, the steady encouragement that you and every other lecturer/TA provided significantly helped to increase my confidence and make me believe that I could do it- I was smart enough to pass the second time around.

Thanks to your course and all of the help that you provided, I was able to walk into that exam confident that I would pass, despite being more than 2 years removed from PT school, and came out with a score of 748. So I wanted to say thanks. I feel like my life is finally back to where it was supposed to be before I got sick, and it’s a great feeling. I couldn’t have done it without you. 


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