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PT Live Online Review Course

The live NPTE Mastermind Online Review Course is an innovative and fun review course helping PT’s pass the board exam!

Started with the thought in mind that NPTE preparation could be so much more fun that just reading books in the corner of the library, the PT Final Exam review course are a veritable karate chop to the sleepy world of online test preparation.

Founded by Will Crane DPT, PT Final Exam has risen quickly to become among the most effective and innovative courses available for the NPTE and NPTAE.

Clear explanations, tons of on-demand resources, and access to experts to get your questions answered, this is a one-stop-shop for your exam preparation.

Don’t just take our word for it–see the hundreds of real-life customer reviews (not just testimonials).  You’ll be impressed and inspired to reach to new heights.

Whether you’re taking the board exam for the first time or you’ve failed the NPTE a few times, this course will help push you over the top!

Why should you choose PT Final Exam?

With years of research and experience under our belts, we are hands down the most AWESOME NPTE prep course available!  Some of the innovative features include:

  • Out-of-this-world Customer Service!
  • Way more live lectures than any other NPTE course!
  • A no-nonsense, driven approach.
  • Become a better clinician, guaranteed!

We are also the only course offering unedited customer reviews! (Not just case studies or testimonials).  This stuff actually works, and we’re proud of it!

What’s Included:
  • 1 FREE practice examination included
  • 8-week INTENSE study course
  • Over 25 Webinars reviewing key NPTE material
  • Covers the ENTIRE content outline of the NPTE
  • Access to recordings of the study sessions
  • IN DEPTH discussions and study guides
  • COACHING available via email, phone, or skype as needed
  • DETAILED discussion of sample test questions
  • Access to recorded study sessions 24/7
  • On-demand video library of a multitude of PT topics
  • Searchable database of relevant student questions
  • Weekly assignments guide you through the entire FSBPT content outline
Live Webinars

Structured like a university course (but much more convenient and awesome), the live webinars will help guide you through the essential content of the exam.  Because the exam is clinically-based, you must have a firm grasp on how to apply your textbook knowledge into novel, clinical scenarios.

Videos, Videos, and more Videos

On-demand content covering a variety of topics, this video library is unrivaled when it comes to depth, breadth, and clarity.  We walk you through the FSBPT content outline (the blueprint of the exam).


“As I progressed through your course, I was scoring higher on practice exams than I ever had. The sense of community provided by the other students and instructors helped me to rebuild the confidence I once had. I was actually comparing and differentiating the characteristics of pathologies, practicing special tests, and reviewing textbooks unlike past attempts.

Everything about the PT Final Exam course worked for me! I improved my score of 597 on my second attempt, to 706 on my third. A 109-point improvement!”

Josh DPT

Bonuses!?  Are you serious!?


Over 300 pages with a workbook key!

Study Guide and Practice Exam

Over 400 pages of summarized content!  This is what you need to know for the exam!

Who should take the live course?

I-need-a-schedule studier

This person needs the format of a live class to keep them motivated.

The Curious

This student has questions that they want answered from a LIVE person--not just a forum.

The Gotta-Pass!

This person is anxious to get through the exam and get on with real physical therapy!

Bottom Line

Whether this is your first time on the NPTE or you’ve failed the NPTE a few times, this is the course you need to get through the board exam.

Frequently Asked Questions
What's the main difference between the INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSE and the Live Online Review COURSE?

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences:

Live Online Review Course

  • Access to live webinars
  • Access to instructors for getting your questions answered
  • Live support
  • Completed much like a university course (live lectures, homework, access to instructors)

Independent Study Course

  • Pre-recorded content from a previously recorded live class
  • Independent access to the recordings and content
  • No live or email questions
  • Completed independently
How is PT Final Exam Different From Other Test Prep Providers?

With a huge emphasis on customer service, you’ll find that the resources included are more robust than any other providers out there!

What are the computer system requirement?

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, most updated version with updated Adobe Flash Player.

What is Till-You-Pass Access?

Till-You-Pass Access

This is a fun one that I rolled out in 2017.  This is meant to really help students who need more time to pass the exam and who need a little more support to do so.  The increased cost represents a big investment in time/manpower to get all of your questions answered.

The FSBPT limits exam attempts to 6 in a lifetime.  Thus, in my Till-You-Pass products, you can access the material for up to 6 live course series.  Because you can take the exam up to 3 times each year, I also place a time limit of 24 months to get those 6 attempts completed.

The membership is set to auto-expire every 6 months, so you’ll need to verify your continued membership with a score report to continue your Till-You-Pass Access.  Simply email with your score report to extend your access.

I need this for state required remediation. Can I get a certificate of completion?

Absolutely.  With a good-faith effort to participate in the live online course, you can get a certificate of completion upon request.

Note:  This is only available for the live online review courses.

What is the pass-rate for participants in PT Final Exam Courses?

I’m glad you asked!  No other test-prep provider likes to talk about this one.  To summarize:

Full participators have a ~90% pass rate.  These students are the ones who honestly work hard to complete the assignments and attend the live classes.

This is an amazing pass rate when you consider a few things:

  • Many students who take my review courses do so after 1 failed attempt.  You could say that these are high-risk test takers.
  • Many students who take my course are seeking to renew their license after letting it lapse.  I’ve had many, many students who are 3,5,10, and even 25 years out of school who take this course and successfully pass the exam.
  • Many of my students are foreign-trained (which has an industry pass rate of 30%)

When you take that all together, a pass rate of 90% is awesome!

For those who are interested in my global numbers, the pass rate is ~70%.  This includes individuals who do not fully participate or who choose not to complete the assignments as indicated.

This is still pretty awesome when you consider the number of high-risk students I work with on a daily basis.

These numbers I have come from post-exam surveys that I have been giving my students for the past 5 years.

This stuff really work!  Read the reviews–you’ll love what you see!

What is your average score increase?

Related to the previous question, most students see a score increase of ~50 points from previous attempts.

My record holders increased their score >120 points!

How it works

This is a live online course that will take you through the content you need to know for the NPTE.

We cycle through all of the live content every 12 weeks (as we prepare for each exam quarterly).
Once you enroll, you’ll register for a login and be able to go immediately begin going through the supplemental course modules.  Go at your own pace, skip sections, or just save your progress.  You’ll love the video library!

You’ll also be able to access the live webinars according to the most current schedule.  Typically, we meet on 3-4 days most weeks, beginning 8 weeks before each exam date.

Please refer to this calendar to see the schedule for the current and upcoming classes.

14 DAY guarantee! No Kidding!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We know how hard you work for your money.  I want you to love this, and I’m willing to guarantee it!

If you’re not totally satisfied, you can get a full, cheerful refund within 14 days!

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Independent Study Course
$99 30-Day Access
Independent Study Course
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Live Online Review Package
$ 445 3-month access!

Access to 1 live online review course

PT Live Online Review Course
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Till-You-Pass Access (Best Deal)
$895 One-time

Till-You-Pass Access*

PT Live Online Review Course
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ZERO RISK. 14 Day Try-It-Out Guarantee

Here’s what students have to say about the live course!

This webinar program is hands down the best. I looked into a few others but this one has the best hands-on, 1 on 1 personal style teaching around.

Brian, DPT

I have no doubt that PT Final Exam played a HUGE role in my success. I’m so grateful I took this class and would HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE preparing for the NPTE!!

Alana, DPT

I improved by over 100 points from my previous attempt!  My only wish is that I knew about your course for my first exam!

Theresa, DPT

Try it Now, Risk-Free!

You’ll be glad you did!

Independent Study Course
$99 30-Day Access
Independent Study Course
Full Details
Live Online Review Package
$ 445 3-month access!

Access to 1 live online review course

PT Live Online Review Course
Full Details
Till-You-Pass Access (Best Deal)
$895 One-time

Till-You-Pass Access*

PT Live Online Review Course
Full Details
ZERO RISK. 14 Day Try-It-Out Guarantee