Slide PT final exam was an amazing program which made studying is fun! I am so grateful for the creation of this amazing
course and their team. I felt so prepared after the course and supported by the team. The course kept me organized,
made me look at subjects at different points a view and gave me wonderful ways to memorize all the information.
I was able to pass my NPTE the first time!
- Justina
Slide I am so excited to be writing this review. After 2 failed attempts, I had no idea what to do. I am not the best test taker
and I used up all my practice exams. I was recommended PT final exam and I started to consider it. After emailing
with Will, I concluded I would give it a try. I got the independent study course and it was great. I was able to watch all the
videos on my own time, which was beyond helpful. I went from 590 to 579 to 605. I am so happy I decided to go with
this course. It was the best money I ever spent. The instructors were motivating and they made topics easier to
understand. The most important part for me was that they had practice questions and they broke down how to answer
them. Thank you PT final exam crew!
- Sam
Slide When I was approved to write the NPTE, I only had 4 weeks to prepare. The last time I wrote a PT licencing exam
was 1998 in Canada. I had no idea where to start and so much had been added to the PT curriculum since my
graduation. I purchased the independent study program. Had I not had the guidance from this program, passing
the NPTE would have been impossible. The program is so well organized, I was able to settle my nerves, study
methodically and absorb most of the material in time for the NPTE.
- Bill
Slide I cannot say enough good things about PT Final Exam! It took me multiple attempts. I went from a 582 to a 650
after taking this course. I loved that the course had a fun way of reviewing topics and really helped to keep
you on track. You never felt alone and the instructors did everything in their power to continue making you feel
positive. Anyone who is questioning whether or not to take this course need to go ahead and DO IT!
- Danielle