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Mastermind Study GroupsHey everyone!

As always, I hope that things are going well in your life.  I have to say that things have been going well for me.  I am always so energized working with students getting ready for the NPTE.  I really feel like I’m making a difference, and I hope that I can help you all in some small way.

As I do for each NPTE, I have opened enrollment for my premium Mastermind Study Group.  This is an NPTE preparation course that blows all others out of the water!  We just keep getting even more awesome, and that is true for this next class.

In the previous class, I attempted to divide the class into 2 smaller sections with some success.  The downside was that it created some redundancy, and some of the students wished that they could have attended every single lecture.

Thus, I’m excited to announce the schedule for this next class!  We have over 15 lectures planned (including some bonus lectures) covering a wide variety of the most difficult topics tested on the NPTE.  This is a huge value, and creates an awesome classroom experience!

For this July course, I have 2 awesome DPT’s helping me out.  Jonathan Brown DPT and Reema Parikh DPT are stellar clinicians who help me deliver excellent content 3 times each week of the course.

As a bonus to my blog subscribers, use the code “facebook” to get $25 off of the purchase price.  There is one condition, though.  Please post on facebook that you’re joining the course and send me a screenshot of your post to admin@ptfinalexam.com.

Home Study Bundle CoverAnother awesome update for PT Final Exam is the Home Study Bundle.  I have recently updated the files/videos for the popular Home Study Bundle with 25 HOURS of video material in addition to the review book and practice questions.  This is an excellent resource for students who don’t have time or don’t like a live classroom experience.

When you compare PT Final Exam to other online programs, you’ll notice quickly that you get the most bang for your buck with us!  Live lectures, experienced staff, and blisteringly fast response times, we help get your questions answered!

In any case, I hope that I can add some value to your life as you prepare for the NPTE.  I’m resolving to get more blog posts done in the coming months—it’s good for both you and me.  Let me know how you’re studies are going!

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