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Editor’s Note:  Hey everyone!  I have had numerous requests to create a brief rehab guide to ligament healing.  In the previous post, I detailed a similar approach to tendon healing.  As always, this guide is to be included with the skilled judgment of a physical therapist.

I have noticed that many of the review guides for the NPTE do not have good explanations and definitions for the musculoskeletal interventions.  I have never been a fan of “cookbooking” a patient using a protocol.  Rather, I prefer to understand deeply the nature of the pathology and apply the physiology to the healing process.  This doesn’t mean that protocols aren’t useful and that we shouldn’t follow them–it’s just that we need to do more to make sure we know WHY we do what we do.

I sincerely hope this helps guide your ligament rehab/treatment protocols.  For the NPTE, this helps guide you to know how long it takes to return to sport and why it is up to 6 months for severe tears/repairs.

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