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153.Cardiopulmonary rehab NPTE


A patient has just undergone a procedure to remove an air pocket from the lung that has resulted from several years of COPD.  What is the term for this type of procedure?


  1. Lobectomy

  2. Pneumonectomy

  3. Sleeve lobectomy

  4. Bullectomy


The correct answer is:  [Please LIKE this post to view the answer]


  1. This is a procedure to remove an entire lobe of the lung.

  2. This is the removal of an entire lung.

  3. This is a type of lobe removal that spares the removal of the entire lobe by resecting the bronchus.

  4. This is the correct answer.  Bullae are air pockets in the lung that form from tissue destruction as a result of cancer, COPD, emphysema, etc.


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