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NPTE Essentials | How to PASS the NPTE!

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3 Easy ways to supercharge your NPTE Study Process

Do you have what it takes to PASS the NPTE!  And not just pass the exam–but absolutely dominate?

In this NPTE Essentials Course, I’ll show you 3 easy steps to help you supercharge your NPTE study process!

The 3 steps are:

  • Clearly understanding the mechanics of the exam
  • Creating a winning study strategy
  • Dispelling myths related to the NPTE

This free course is designed to help you go from an average student to a NPTE Ninja!


When it comes to studying for the test, no one understands the process more than PT Final Exam. With our NPTE prep courses, we’ve helped thousands of NPTE candidates get through the test to the career of their dreams with simple, fun, and intuitive methods to help you retain information for test day.