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Hey everybody,Physical Therapy Exam Preparation Ideas

Just wanted to remind you all of the free sample questions that are posted and downloadable under the Physical Therapy Exam Questions Archive.  This includes 25 free questions with detailed explanations that supplement your study.  It is SOO important to spend lots of time reviewing exam questions.  I’m of the opinion that you can’t get enough of them.   I have been practicing PT for 2 years, and I still like the reminder I get when I review some of my NPTE prep material.

For those of you who have successfully passed the NPTE, congratulations!  It is so cool that you have entered the DPT world.  For those who did not pass the NPTE, I sincerely hope that you have better luck next time.  Even if you failed the NPTE, it is so important to press on.  Here are a couple of tips for those that failed the NPTE:

  1. DON’T GIVE UP!  Anything worth doing in this life rarely comes easily.  Think about the patients you will be treating some day.  You’ll have to give them the same words of advice when they are feeling down.  YOU CAN DO THIS!
  2. Find your weak points and make them your strengths.  When a person fails the NPTE, it is most likely from one or more weak categories such as: test anxiety, lack of knowledge in specific categories, inability to understand test questions, etc.  Find it and strengthen it.  I would love to help out with any specific coaching by email admin@physicaltherapyexamprep.com.
  3. Prepare steadily.  Spend a designated amount of time DAILY studying for the test.  Do not try to cram!  Find someone you can teach the material to.  Teaching something makes it stick more than anything for me.
  4. Get a good study book/system, or two, or three.  Get lots of different points of view and use them all.  Check out the different study programs available here.

I really do wish you the best of luck in your studies.  If you find this useful, please do me a favor and share or like this site.  I’ve worked hard to get helpful material posted, and I really appreciate your feedback!  Don’t forget to check out the archives for other free sample questions.  Cheers!

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