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150-Question Sample Exam Hey everybody,

I know that the July exam can seem like a long time in the future, but I hope that you are steadily preparing for one of the biggest tests of your life.  In numerous other posts, I have discussed important strategies and tips to make the test a little easier.  Make sure to check out the quick summary on the NPTE as well as the FREE and DOWNLOADABLE exam question archive.

After much ado, I have released the new and improved 150-Question Sample Exam, formatted in the same style as the NPTE.  I’m super stoked to have this premium content available to anyone preparing to study for the exam.  The sample exam has a clean look to it and allows the user to take the exam and then review DETAILED answers at the end.  All told, this has over 150 PAGES of great content.

So, if you need a little extra boost while studying for the NPTE, please check out the 150-Question Sample Exam.  Don’t forget the FREE questions, too!

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