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PT Final ExamHey everyone,

A few days ago, I hosted a free webinar called the 2016 NPTE: Keys to Success in which I spoke about 5 of the most important topics related to successful NPTE preparation.

To summarize, these are:

  1. Understand the Content on the Exam.  This is crucial as a person prepares for an attempt on the NPTE.  The FSBPT is very clear about what topics are tested and how each topic is represented on the exam.  Unfortunately, not every student reviews this content outline before taking the NPTE.  You can see the full FSBPT Content Outline here.  In addition, I have fleshed out the topics into a more detailed Study Outline.  You can download a FREE copy of that Study Outline here.
  2. A refresher on how the exam is created.  Highly related to #1, understanding how the exam is created and written is important to understand as you approach it.  The NPTE is written by volunteer item-writers that create questions in a uniform format.  Each question has to go through about 8 committees and editors before finally being put on the exam.
  3. Each question is written in multiple choice format.  I explain more about how the questions are graded and weighted in the video.
  4. Effective studying.  When it comes to preparation for the exam, it is critical that a student have an effective study plan so as to make the most of the time they have available.  I explain a bit about the importance of “high-density” studying and how to make sure that you’re using your time wisely.
  5. Making a plan.  If you don’t have a map of where to go, it is not very likely you’ll end up where you want to be.  Having a specific plan that takes you through the material is essential as you prepare.  I also explain a bit about my Mastermind Study Course and how it can fit into your studies.

All told, this hour-long video can clear up some of the myth and fog that can often surround a person as they prepare for the exam.


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